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Tahunanui cluster walk_through


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Tahunanui cluster walk_through

  1. 1. Welcome to Tahunanui School Cluster Wide Walk Through Thursday 14th September 2010
  2. 2. Tahunanui School Vision Mission Statement Statement To be a caring, Through high quality dynamic school teaching and community learning, foster committed to life confident, active and long learning. responsible citizens.
  3. 3. E-Learning Annual Goal: by November 2011 90% of students will often use a computer in their learning (goal was developed from our student engagement survey) e-tools are a vehicle for learning we aim for children, staff, parents & BOT to understand why they using the technology we aim to embed e-tools into the learning in our classroom programmes
  4. 4. The infrastructure journey so far... New server, securities and network fully operational Laptops for teachers Library & media spaces developed (E-Space & Eye-Box) Integration of media spaces in classroom & SEN programmes Upgrade desktop PCs in each classroom & the E-Space Digital camera for every classroom Piloting interactive whiteboard in the E-Space & in one classroom
  5. 5. The infrastructure journey so far... SMS (student management system) - MUSAC Through the SMS Tahunanui has a customized digital report Remote access for all teachers - to the server/MUSAC Member of the LOOP Trialling Google Apps & SSO (single sign on) with teachers & small number of students Moved from purchasing hard ware to leasing
  6. 6. The infrastructure journey so far... Internet access through point-to-point radio Rukus Wireless Radio SNUP ugrade ~ at the planning stage Generic image/platform for all PCs across the school Upgrading digital video cameras to flip videos Purchasing easy-speak microphones & integrated CD players
  7. 7. Tahunanui's journey on the Whakatu Cluster so far... Whakatu I.C.T. cluster in service day & cluster wide mtgs Pedagogy - identifying our teaching and learning beliefs Androgogy - developing a professional development plan Linking our school values to key competencies Essence statements for the curriculum Developing an inquiry approach within our classrooms School wide planning: key competencies - concepts - contexts
  8. 8. ICT Professional Development at Tahunanui School Wide Professional Development: In school 4 minute walk throughs Cluster wide walk throughs Techie Brekkies for all staff (teachers & teacher aides) ~ and the teachers from the local kindergarten! Tahunanui School Wiki Page Staff and students exploring Web 2.0 tools and other digital learning objects (e.g. windows movie maker) Students as teachers ~ e-learning angels supporting teachers & students learning through e-tools
  9. 9. ICT Professional Development at Tahunanui School Wide Professional Development Staff and team meetings dedicated to: pedagogy and androgogy how to embed e-learning into classroom programmes assessment for learning learning intentions and success criteria developing greater student engagement in their own learning data analysis of student engagement survey to set school wide goals
  10. 10. The Model of Professional Development at Tahunanui Personal Professional Development for individual teachers: 1:1 release with lead e-learning teacher (45 minute session x2 per term) Lead e-learning teachers to work with teachers and their class in the e-space and in the classroom Teachers developing customized action plans ~ set in 1:1 sessions in their CRT time through e-tools or professional reading
  11. 11. Web 2.0 Applications Using the computer within our classroom programmes ~ making it part of our everyday practice
  12. 12. Why use Web 2.0? Web 2.0 can... Create opportunities for students to reflect on and discuss what they are learning Practice the written expression of ideas and opinions with an authentic audience Help students explore classroom learning through what others have written Receive support and feedback on their own ideas through teacher/peer comments Learn about and practice collaboration, respect, and relating to others online Promote the overall teaching and learning goals of the classroom information from
  13. 13. Health & Safety protecting and respecting ourselves & others online
  14. 14. So far at Tahunanui we have... Created cyber safety agreements for senior & junior students which are signed by students & parents Created cyber safety agreements for staff Provided cyber information at the KOS parents evening (John Parsons from Stimulate 2 Educate) Used Web 2.0 tools to provide a safe platform for students to explore issues of cyber safety and develop a code of ethics to help them protect and respect themselves & others on line
  15. 15. Suggestions for where to next... Implement structured unit/lesson plans based around cyber safety, digital citizenship & respecting and protecting on line identities Turn our senior and junior cyber safety agreements into 'living documents' Continue to use Web 2.0 tools to provide a safe platform for students to explore issues of cyber safety and develop a code of ethics to help them protect and respect themselves & others on line Year 5/6 partake in digital health & safety, a staff meeting, parent evening with Stimulate 2 Educate
  16. 16. Where will our journey take us next? Aligning teaching & learning models with our school values Shaping our curriculum around our identifies specific learning outcomes Developing our classrooms for 21st century learning Identifying the best use and distribution of e-tools & hardware across the school and to continue to.....
  17. 17. ...reflect and adapt within our pedagogy and androgogy to enable our school community to become... ...confident, connected, actively involved and life long learners. Page 8 NZC Enjoy your walk through at Tahunanui School