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Junior student e learning agreements for home


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Junior student e learning agreements for home

  1. 1. V.1 Junior E-Learning Agreement 2010 Student & Parent All students must have a user agreement signed by their parent. Students must sign their user agreements along with their E- parents. User agreements are an essential part of our cyber safety policy. Learning Agreeme nt Please discuss this E-Learning Agreement with your child. This agreement is part of our ethics and responsibility when using technology. Sign and return to their classroom. If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher. Student name: ______________________________________________
  2. 2. Tahunanui School Junior Syndicate Student & Parent E-Learning Agreement 1. I cannot use school ICT equipment until my parent(s)/guardian(s) have signed my agreement form and the completed form has been returned to school. 2. I can only use the computers and other ICT equipment for my schoolwork and only with my teacher’s permission. 3. I can only go online or use the Internet at school when a teacher gives permission and an adult is supervising. 4. All Web 2.0 accounts (i.e. interactive websites such as Voicethread and Blogger) will be created and managed by my teacher. All usernames and passwords will use a designated school wide usernames and passwords. These will be kept in a secure database maintained by a senior manager of the school. I can view and use my account at home. 5. I understand that when I upload work, photographs and comments on Web 2.0, accounts I am creating a digital footprint. This means they can be viewed by others on the world wide web. 6. If there is something I’m not sure about I will ask my teacher. 7. I will not use the Internet, email, mobile phones or any other ICT equipment to be mean, rude, or unkind about other people.
  3. 3. 8. I will not tell anyone my password and will log off all computers when I have finished using them. 9. If I find anything that upsets me, is mean or rude, or things I know are not acceptable at our school, I will:  Not show others  Click on the Hector Safety Button  Get the teacher straight away 10.I must not connect any personal ICT equipment/devices to school equipment. This includes things like mobile phones, iPods, games, cameras, USB drives and software. 11. I will ask my teacher’s permission before I put any personal information online. Personal information includes:  Name  Address  Email address  Phone numbers  Photos 12.I will be careful and will look after all our school lCT equipment by:  Not being silly and playing around with it  Following our school e-learning and cybersafety rules  Telling a teacher about anything wrong or damaged. 13.I understand that if I break these rules the school may need
  4. 4. to tell my parent(s) and my usage of ICT tools and Web 2.0 applications at school will be restricted. I have read the above agreement with my parents and I agree to follow the E- learning Agreement at Tahunanui School. Student Signature:______________________ Date: _________________ Parent Signature:______________________ Date: __________________ This Use Agreement is based on the NetSafe® Cybersafety Use Agreement for Students © NetSafe – The Internet Safety Group Incorporated - January 2007 Adapted by Emma Watts E-learning Lead Teacher at Tahunanui School to include Web 2.0 applications - July 2009