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1st nov teachers involved mtg


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1st nov teachers involved mtg

  1. 1. Kidz Cannes Film Festival Tahunanui School 2010
  2. 2. 1st November -Workshop day 1.30pm Meet & greet 1.40pm Overview expected outcomes 1.50pm Emotive Photography -Jean Edwards 2.30pm Split into year level teams to learn tips & tricks for t format you will be using 3pm Cuppa 3.30-3.40pm Deciding on 'expert' workshops and de-brief times 3.40-4.30pm Developing an 'expert' workshop for students on Day 1 Yr 0-2 teachers 2 days until 12.30, and Thursday all day All other teachers all day for all 3 days ** New time for Festival ...Thursday5.30pm @ Tahunanui
  3. 3. Objectives To develop New Zealand Curriculum Vision of Confident, Connected, Actively involved Life- long Learners To communicate, collaborate, create and customize in teams with other students across the cluster To have rich learning conversations supported through the use of eTools To create movie making video tutorials and finished movies, present to a local audience (at the film festival) and a global audience via wikis, blogs, google apps webpage, twitter etc by using the Key Competencies of; Thinking, Managing Self, Using language, symbols & texts, Relating to others and Participating & Contributing.
  4. 4. 'Expectations' Impact -passing on the learning Binary opposites -key to developing concepts Figurative storytelling -developing emotion/ metaphor/ symbolism Deep questioning / thinking Up-skilling & making learning fun
  5. 5. safe and unsafe young and old new and old stationary vs mobile homes alone vs together high vs low created vs destroy natural vs built trash vs treasure present and future Dad vs Mum leaders vs followers authority vs anarchy communism vs capitalism chaos vs routine/order public vs private shelter vs entertainment house or home individual vs whanau simple vs complex utility vs luxury loud vs quiet macro vs micro parasite vs host clean vs dirty furnished vs not furnished with children vs without BINARY OPPOSITES
  6. 6. 'Grouping' Groups are 5 students. Most teachers will have a lead teacher to support them continually. Some teachers will share a lead teacher. Workshops will be 7-9 students (depending on junior or senior)
  7. 7. Awards Best camera angles (overall) Most unusual camera shot Best close up Best zoom or pan Best ‘music to message’ match Best use of contrasting emotions Most interesting/unusual concept Most powerful message People’s award (voted by all students) for best group work
  8. 8. 'Expert' Workshops Year 0-2 will be attending 2 'expert' workshops Storyboarding / props/costuming Camerawork / editing / audio Year 3-8 will split up into 5 'expert' workshops Storyboarding Location/props/costuming Audio/ sound effects Camera work Editing Students will then return to groups to share their expertise as the occasions arise... i.e. each will lead the group in their area of expertise
  9. 9. Criteria For Kidz selection Are strong in all areas of the Key Competencies. Some existing eLearning/computer or film ability Can problem solve and pick up new ideas quickly Can develop relationships well Can work in teams –negotiating and compromising Are articulate and can communicate well Can use their initiative, follow their ideas through & persist on a task.
  10. 10. Behaviour / Consequences Behaviour Guidelines; 1. Do the right thing at the right time 2. Respect your team mates 3. Stay in school grounds at all times 4. Respect the staff and students of Tahunanui School. Consequences; 1. Chill out -take a couple of minutes to regain self discipline 2. Time out -Teacher/adult removes student from activity or situation 3. Go home (collected by parents)
  11. 11. Transport and attendance Transport to and from Tahunanui school will be organized by the school or individual parents. Please contact one of the staff members from each school will co-ordinate this. All students will be assumed to be at the Film Festival during these times and therefore ‘present’ on the school attendance register. If a child is absent parents will let both the child’s school and Tahunanui School know as there will be attendance / safety checks at both schools.
  12. 12. Food There will be morning tea consisting of (most likely) biscuits, fruit and Milo provided Students must bring their own lunch and water each day. There will be no bought lunches available during this time. ? will junior teachers eat at school before leaving?
  13. 13. Clothing / Gear requirements Students may wear mufti for the time they are at the Film Festival All students in the Film Festival will wear the T-shirts provided to identify them Year 0-2 students may wish to wear uniform as they will be returning to school each day
  14. 14. Day One (kids) Welcome & emergency procedures Expectations Meet and Greet -Games run by Karilyn & Kellie (all) Team challenge run by Kellie & Karilyn (groups) Emotive Photography run by Jean (all?) Concept of 'home' brainstorm (groups) Workshops (individuals -groups split into expert areas) Storyboarding (group) & Planning begins (if time)