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Stereotypes of class and status


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Stereotypes of class and status

  1. 1. Stereotypes of Class and status By Emma Waite
  2. 2. Definition of Stereotypes • A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality.
  3. 3. Definition of Class • A set or category of things having some property or attribute in common and differentiated from others by kind, type, or quality.
  4. 4. Definition of Status • relative social or professional position; standing
  5. 5. Different Classes • Upper class • Meddle Class • Working Class
  6. 6. Upper Class • The upper class in modern societies is the social class composed of the wealthiest members of society, who also wield the greatest political power.
  7. 7. Stereotypes of Upper Class • • • • • • • • • Rich Well Dressed Superior Intellectual Snobby Posh Well spoken Land owners High end properties
  8. 8. Middle Class • the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business people and their families.
  9. 9. Stereotypes of Middle Class • • • • • • • • • • White collar Managerial Owns there home Plays golf Wear suits Nice car Well off Well educated Affluent Suburbia
  10. 10. Working Class • The working class (or lower class, labouring class) are those employed in lower tier, subordinate jobs
  11. 11. Stereotypes of Working Class • • • • • • • • Blue collar Factory workers Little savings Inner city Rented properties Work for people State schooling Manual work
  12. 12. Status • Stereotypically the wealthier population have a higher status then the less wealthier population. • Stereotypically people with a greater education have a higher status.