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Lord of the flies lesson 1 and 2


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Lord of the flies lesson 1 and 2

  1. 1. ‘Lord of the Flies’by WilliamGolding:Chapter 1Lesson Objectives:•To recognise thecontext of the novel•to explore characters•to identify the keyfeatures of language andexplain their effect onthe reader
  2. 2. Look at the images carefully.These all relate to the novel.How?Think for 1 minute then discusswith the person next to you.
  3. 3. Title Translation “ Beelzebub” a Hebrew word for LUCIFER However, the literal translation of “Beelzebub” into English is LORD OF THE FLIES
  4. 4. Who was William Golding? Born 19th September 1911, died 19th June 1993 ‘Lord of the Flies’ is his most famous novel He studied Natural Sciences and English Literature at Oxford University He was in the Royal Navy in WW2 and took part in the sinking of the German battleship the Bismarck After the war he was a teacher before his writing career took off.
  5. 5. As a child, Golding had witnessed WWI, which was referred to as “the war to end all wars”HOWEVER,22 years later Britain was again involved inANOTHER WAR to end all wars, which caused more devastation than was imaginable
  6. 6. On Writing Lord of the Flies“It was simply what seemed sensible for me to writeafter the war when everyone was thanking God theyweren’t Nazis. I’d seen enough to realize that everysingle one of us could be Nazis.” --William Golding
  7. 7. ‘Lord of the Flies’ ‘Lordof the Flies’ has been published in many different editions. Look at the cover you have been given and think about:  What aspect of the story do you think is emphasises?  Does it give you any clues about where and when (in history) it is set?  Does it tell you anything about the characters?
  8. 8. Chapter 1:The Sound of the Shell This is an important chapter as we …  Meet the boys  Get an idea about the island  The boys pick a leader
  9. 9. Ralph & Piggy Using chapter 1, find as many quotes as you can to describe Ralph and Piggy. Record your quotes side by side to highlight the differences between them.  Ralph:  Piggy:  “fair hair”  “knees were plump”  “bright excited eyes”  “shorter than the fair boy and very fat”
  10. 10. Ralph & Piggy: language Piggy’s working class status in comparison to Ralph’s middle class status is made clear from the start of the chapter. This is done through his incorrect use of English grammar, for example: I jus’ don’t talk “all them other kids” proper like all them other boys “We was attacked” do!”“When we was coming down I looked” “It wasn’t half dangerous with all them tree trunks falling” “Can’t catch me breath”
  11. 11. Exam style Question: What does Piggys use of language suggest about:  His status at home  His status on the island  His status amongst the other boys? Supportyour ideas with references to the text and explain your ideas fully.
  12. 12. ‘Lord of the Flies’by WilliamGolding:Chapter 1Lesson Objectives:• to identify keydescriptions ofsetting and considertheir impact on thereader•to exploresymbolism
  13. 13. The Island What are your first impressions of the island? How do the boys react to the island? Find quotes to support your ideas. Utopia? Dystopia?An ideal and perfect placeor state where everyone An imaginary place wherelives in harmony and everything is as bad as iteverything is for the best. possibly can be. Wh y int hav thi roduc e I st e erm d ?
  14. 14. ol of order s mb at pages 11-13 (in a y Look o nch is this edition ) The c  Writedown the words and phrases used to Whoeve describe it by: r has the  Piggy conch, Ral speaRalph ks ph  is the  The writer firs t to Who blows it first? ma ke How does it make him a s ou feel? nd with How does it affect the t he c on other boys? ch
  15. 15. The arrival of thechoir Lookagain at the description of the arrival of Jack and the choir, page 15 (“Within the diamond haze of the  Answer this beach …”) question as a mini-  What essay, using the impression PEE paragraph does the reader structure to get of Jack from support your this section of ideas. the novel?  Time limit: 5 minutes
  16. 16. What might happen?  Jack says he will be the leader, but the other boys choose Ralph.  What might this lead to?  Explain this scene as an example of foreshadowing in the novel, in your book.
  17. 17. Chapter 1 revision1. How is Ralph described?2. How is Jack described? Consider how this can be symbolic.3. How is Piggy described?4. How do they contrast?5. What role does the conch play?6. How is Simon introduced?7. Why is Jack reluctant to kill the pig – the deeper reason?8. *What is the effect of the dash, as used in specific instances in this chapter? (Cite at least one ex.)
  18. 18. Homework: Complete the Chapter 1 questions. Due: next lesson