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Analysis of power in Act 3 Scene 2


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Analysis of power in Act 3 Scene 2

  1. 1. Power, Hierarchy and Control Royal Court The Ship’s Crew On the island Trinculo, a jester Master, the Captain Caliban Sebastian, Alonso’s brother Boatswain, ship’s officer Ariel Adrian and Francisco – Lords Mariners Prospero Stephano, a drunken butler Miranda Alonso, King of Naples The Spirits (Iris, Juno, Ceres …) Ferdinand, Alonso’s son Antonio, Prospero’s brother, Duke of Milan Gonzalo – an honest old councillor Shakespeare’s society was strictly hierarchal and a person’s rights and even his/her language and behaviour would be regulated by their position in the hierarchy. 1. Construct a power diagram for characters from the play.
  2. 2. Wednesday, 18th December 2013 L.O: To explore the character of Caliban and how he relates to the theme of power and control.
  3. 3. STEPH: Moon-calf, speak once in thy life, if thou beest a good moon-calf.(20) CALIBAN: How does thy honour? Let me lick thy shoe. I'll not serve him; he's not valiant. TRINC: Thou liest, most ignorant monster! I am in case to jostle a constable. Why, thou debauched fish, thou, was there ever man a coward that hath drunk so much sack(25) as I to-day? Wilt thou tell a monstrous lie, being but half a fish and half a monster?  CALIBAN: [to Stephano] Lo, how he mocks me! Wilt thou let him, my lord? TRINC: ‘Lord’ quoth he! That a monster should be such a(30) natural CALIBAN: [to Stephano] Lo, lo, again! Bite him to death, I prithee. STEPH: Trinculo, keep a good tongue in your head. If you prove a mutineer, the next tree! The poor monster's my subject,(35) and he shall not suffer indignity. CALIBAN: I thank my noble lord. Wilt thou be pleased to hearken once again to the suit I made to thee? STEPH: Marry, will I. Kneel and repeat it. I will stand, and so shall Trinculo.(40)
  4. 4. Analysis   How does Caliban respond to Trinculo and Stephano?  What sort of language does he use and what does this suggest about how he is used to being treated?  How do you feel about Caliban’s behaviour here?  Do you feel he has no choice, or do you feel that he is allowing others to take advantage of him?
  5. 5. Task   Analyse Caliban’s plot to overthrow Prospero
  6. 6. Review   Who has power over Caliban?  Does he hold any power? Consider what happens with Stephano and Trinculo, who is in control here?
  7. 7. 
  8. 8. Success Criteria: 3. You MUST understand the character of Caliban and show awareness of how he relates the theme of power. (C grade description)  2. You SHOULD analyse the character of Caliban and identify and comment on how he relates to the theme of Power. (B grade description) 1. You COULD analyse and evaluate the character of Caliban and how he relates to the theme of power and wider context. (A-A* grade description)