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Magazine analysis


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Music magazine analysis Emma Reeve
  2. 2. Masthead, the f in fm is written as if it was an f for forte which links in with the music aspect of the magazine Main cover line in gold represents the gold used in the halos that are associated with angels Main image all dressed in white which is colour coding with the magazine and the colour people stereotypically associates with angels. Selling line Barcode Dateline Use of serif which is seen as a more traditional and classic and reflects the target audience . The audience are expected to know who the artists are which shows the magazine has a clear idea of who the target audience is. Picture of choir boys in black, a contrast from the white, helps them to stand out on the front cover
  3. 3. Use of house style on heading of contents page, it’s a repeat of the masthead on the front but smaller. Sticking with colour scheme from front cover. Captions anchor images straplines Sticking with house style colour scheme. footer Images sticking with classical theme of magazine. Dateline Freebies Action shots Three column layout
  4. 4. 50/50 picture to text ratio Colour scheme has changed to a mustard creamy colour with black and white images Masthead turned into logo and used consistently at bottom of page. Use of drop cap Graphical black box in bottom corner of page In keeping with house style use of serif Three column layout Grab quote used, assumption that people know what its about because it has been especially picked to grab attention Apart from two all images are action shots. Captions anchoring pictures
  5. 5. Prominent main image standing out. Partially covered masthead shows that magazine is well established. coverline strapline Barcode Dateline Red and white colour scheme Clear idea of audience, assume they know who Bruce Springsteen is because they only use his last name.
  6. 6. Prominent header on contents page Not sticking with house style Main Image in black and white Sticking with colour theme Dateline straplines Grab quote, another indication of knowing the target audience well . Grab quote will be something the target audience would understand. Use of props
  7. 7. Complete change of theme, wouldn't be able to tell it was part of mojo if it wasn't for the little mojo next to the page number. Main image Caption anchors image Use of drop caps 50/50 text to image ratio Pages in full colour unlike the contents page.
  8. 8. Two people in main image, dressed very similar with same facial expression. Masthead coverline Strapline Barcode and dateline Grab quote Header Red , white and yellow colour scheme Use of sans serif to reflect the music genre of the magazine Use of black graphical circle
  9. 9. House style sticking with the red, white and yellow colour scheme. Use of group, single and action shots Yellow graphical circle Quote from editor Red graphical circle used to catch peoples eyes Dateline
  10. 10. Small change in colour scheme, largely yellow. Drop cap Grab quote Highlighted text standing out to catch attention Red graphical box Main image takes up almost half of the page. Colour band Three column layout