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RSR001 Client Infographic


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RSR001 Client Infographic

  1. 1. Here are a few marketing and creative skills to look out for: Social media marketing Content marketing Check traditional references Check LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements Campaign management Direct / Email marketing SEO / Analytics If you’ve found talent continue to step 4… 1 in 5 employers use social networks to screen candidates of employers use Facebook 48%54% of employers use Twitter of employers use LinkedIn 64% Does their CV... Only continue to step 2 if the candidate ticks ‘YES’ to each question ..Match their LinkedIn profile? Like • Comment • 3 days ago Recommendations Type a name or @ mention someone... Have they been endorsed for their skills? Do they follow any industry groups or get involved in discussions? Groups Esther Flaggan Marketing Manager Esther Fllaggan Esther Fllaggan Use Facebook to get a good idea of their personality and their company fit! Like Comment Share Jane M. DoeCV Would they bring any special skills to your company? Does the candidate profile fit your vacancy? Does the candidate’s experience match your criteria? Do they have the qualification you require? Do they have a good following? twitter Are their updates professional and well written? Do they demonstrate interest in their #specialism? For the latest jobs and CV advice visit Sources:, REED Employment Report 2013, Recruiter Survey 2013,, Forbes - Entrepreneurial Recruiting: Staying Competitive When Staffing Top Talent Be flexible – don’t alienate candidates with certain requirements Present your company in the best light – what makes your organisation special? What are the main benefits of working for your company Offer competitive pay and benefits With 25% of marketing and creative professionals looking for work and 30% of recruiters finding it challenging to find quality candidates we show you how to find stand-out talent for your company. HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT MARKETING CANDIDATES With 25% of marketing & creative professionals not being rewarded for their hard work it’s important to be competitive to attract and retain the best talent: