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Question 1 slide show

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does yourmedia productuse, develop or challengeforms and conventions ofreal media products?
  2. 2. The masthead fills thePositioning statement whole width of the coverbelow the masthead with a bright yellowto look professional. colour and a red shadowThe main image shows effect. The font isHalle bringing bling to modern and edgy whichpop music identifying matches the targetthat she could be a audience.unique star like LadyGaga who is also pop The cover lines frame themusic. main image and only haveThe exclusive sign short key words aboutabove the main that article or consist ofcover line is unique just the artists name. Theand brings artists names also have asomething different framed box of differentto the front cover. bright colours to show it’s more pop related andThe strip along the bright.bottom is the cover lineof the DPS, I havechosen the colour to be The barcode, price andyellow to connect it to date added to the coverthe magazine title so in the bottom right tothere is yellow at the look as though itstop and bottom of the professional.cover.
  3. 3. The JPEG image at Contents title at thethe top left indicates top of the page to lookthe title of the professional.magazine with there 6 images representingbeing a print out of 6 different articles inthe front cover. the magazine however, the top andRegular and Feature bottom image weresub titles with the both taken at the samesame colour as the concert and thereforebackground strip of have the same settingthe contents title to to keep all the imageslink them together. linked and together.Articles that will Page numbers in aappear in the bright yellow colour tomagazine along with make them stand outpage numbers a on top of the imagesdifferent colour to the and also anchor thewriting of the article images to the writtentitles. contents. Purple background to show variation of colour scheme for a pop music magazine.
  4. 4. Background colour is the pink that I have Article title centred in the middleused on the contents page title strip overlapping both pages with theblock to keep them all linked and to keep writing over the images to link themthe pink in the colour scheme of the together.magazine. Both images ofBy line under the Rihanna and Katyarticle’s title Perry were takenexplaining what by myself at theirthe article is latest tours inabout and who I 2011. I usedhave these imagesinterviewed. because they work wellI have used a stand together withfirst in the article to both singerslook more turning into eachprofessional and other looking likelike a real magazine they are having aarticle and also The article is an interview with two fans of sing off which isincluded a drop both singers and I have coloured the questions what the article iscapital to compare I asked the fans in white so it’s clear to the real magazines. target audience reading the article.