Double page spread articles


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Double page spread articles

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Articles
  2. 2. Codes and conventions of DPS..• Layout is usually in columns (average 3 or 4)• One main image usually a whole page, but sometimes it can be the whole double page spread with text on top of it. Also, sometimes the image bleeds across the page divide. It’s a striking image!• Headline is the largest text and again, often bleeds across the divide commonly use puns. Title also usually on one line. They also don’t tell you what the article is about. They’re striking and grab the audiences attention.
  3. 3. • Standfirst (basically an introduction to the article) it explains what the article is about. Always positioned under the headline.• Drop capital is often used at the start of the article. Used to show where the article starts. Other techniques are also used E.g. Capitals, bold and colour for the first few words or first line.• Breaking up a page of text with inserts E.g. Quotes or pictures makes the article more attractive to read.• Sometimes quotes are laid on the picture and colourful or bold text is used to break up the text.• First paragraph is the most important because it must grab the audiences attention.
  4. 4. • Byline – Line of the text telling you who wrote the article and there is also photographer credit.• Website address is included, along with page number, title and issue date.• The strapline at the top indicating what the feature is E.g. reviews and interviews.• Images usually have the direct address.• There is a simple, consistent colour scheme.• The layout links the two pages together to create a coherent DPS.• The article is quite informal and the personality of the journalist comes through and first person is often used. (I)