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Contents page screen grab

  1. 1. Contents page screen grab
  2. 2. I chose a purple background colour for mycontents page becauseit was a popular colourwhen I got given myaudiencequestionnaires backfrom my targetaudience. The colourstands out and itshows I have used avariety of colours thatwill attract pop musicfans as I haven’t usedpurple as a main colouron the front cover orthe double pagespread.
  3. 3. Here I have added theContents title and a solidcolour backgroundbehind the writing. Thesolid colour back groundis the same colour as thedouble page spread background colour because Iwanted to link themtogether. It was also oneof my main colours thatwas on the colourscheme and I think itreally stands out on thepurple background.
  4. 4. This screen grab shows thatI have added the Regularand Feature headings ontothe contents page. I havechosen a black solidbackground colour for thestrips and then the samepink colour as the contentsback ground strip for thewording to again, link themall together and show thatthey relate to each other. Ihave kept the same font forthe headings and madesure that they had equalamounts of space aroundthem within the boxes.
  5. 5. I now added the regularcontent and the featurecontent to my work. Thepage numbers that I haveout in are the same pinkcolour to keep it matchingand connected. I then keptthe content writing in blackso that it was easy to seeon the purple backgroundand it was the opposite ofthe regular and featuretitles.
  6. 6. The images used were alltaken by myself and I hadto rearrange the pictureson the contents page untilI was happy with thelayout. I then added adifferent range of coloursas a frame around theimages to make themstand out and lookappropriate for a popmusic magazine. I had tozoom in and place theimages next to each otheraccurately with having thecoloured frames there.
  7. 7. Next I included the pagenumbers on the imagesand made them stand outby enlarging them andmaking them stand outwith a bright yellowcolour. I then also madesure they were all accurateby leaving the sameamount of space aroundthe numbers in the pictureboxes. At first I had thenumbers as differentcolours but I decided thepage looked better withthem all the same colourso I decided to keep thecolour that stands out themost which was theyellow.
  8. 8. I then added the date in awhite colour and put itunder the contents titlewhere it can clearly beseen and stand out on thepink back ground colour.It’s also more professionalto have the date aroundthe top of the page.
  9. 9. Finally, the last thing I addedto the contents page was aJPEG image of my frontcover, I placed the image ofthe front cover usuallywhere the magazine titlewould go so I have used thisimage in replacement of thetitle and placed it in the topleft hand corner where it’susually the first place thatpeople look at.