Audience feedback questionnaire


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Audience feedback questionnaire

  1. 1. Audience feedback questionnaire 1. Would you pick up this magazine if you saw it in a shop? Yes No Maybe 2. Do you like the colour scheme I have used? Yes No 3. Are the images appealing to you? Yes No 4. Do you think the cover lines stand out? Yes No 5. Does the font I have used suit the style of the magazine? Yes No 6. Do the articles in the contents page sound interesting to you? Yes No Some 7. Have I included a good range of pop artists? Yes No Some 8. Is the article one that you would be interested in reading? Yes No 9. Do the images on the DPS stand out and look good? Yes No 10. Do you like the idea of the article being about a battle between two pop artists? Yes No 11. Is there anything that you dislike about the production work? Yes No
  2. 2. 12.Do you think it is a suitable price for the magazine? Yes No 13. Would you actually buy this magazine?Yes No