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1935 PeterAllen Eyewear 2016 A4 Catalogue No prices


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1935 PeterAllen Eyewear 2016 A4 Catalogue No prices

  1. 1. Ready Readers 2016/2017
  2. 2. LOOKING FOR AN ATTRACTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL READING GLASSES? Then the practical SR3014 Magnetic Ready Readers are just for you. Manufactured using extremely strong and eco-friendly materials keeping them more robust than standard Reading Glasses. The ultra-lightweight frames will mean you won’t even notice them conveniently hanging around your neck when not required. The magnetic fastening has been designed to sit at the end of the arms reducing wear and tear on the magnet itself. An additional bonus to this new feature means you are still able to wear the glasses as if they were normal frames. Its design is a present reflection on today’s fashion trends, available in three divine colours with antique looking stencilling on the temples.
  3. 3. Red C2 Tortoiseshell C3 Blue C1 RP-3272 TZ Magnetic Reading Glasses Ready Readers +1.00 to +3.50 Magnetic Ready Readers – the arms elongates so they can be hung around the neck, and shortens to wear as reading glasses. NEW MODEL
  4. 4. Readers come with ophthalmic Super Thin and Light High Impact Polycarbonate Lenses, UV400. Model: R67456 Sprung sides, Chammy case Ready Readers +1.00 to +3.50 Model: YY201571 Sprung Sides, Vinyl case Red / Black Black / White Jelly Purple Jelly Army Jelly Brown NEW MODELS Model YY201573 Stainless Steel Front / Plastic Temples, Vinyl case Dark Blue / Light Blue Gunmetal / Black Case to match frame colour
  5. 5. Black on Beige Black on Green Silver Black Blue Gunmetal Red Gold Ready Readers +1.00 to +3.50 TOP SELLERS Model: R16810 Model: 957 Sprung Sides, Vinyl case Model: R66767 Sprung Sides, Chammy case Black Burgundy Brown Cases for R66767 Model: 371086 Sprung Sides, Vinyl case Model: 342011 Sprung Sides, Vinyl case Cases for R16810 Black on Grey
  6. 6. VALUE READY READERS Black Blue Brown Brown Black ASSORTED VINYL CASES Assorted Vinyl cases £0.40 on their own. £0.35 with value frames and included with all frames listed with vinyl cases. Brown Red Ready Readers +1.00 to +3.50 Model: 596 Sprung Sides Model: ZT1095 Sprung Sides Model: Y106 Sprung Sides Minimum order of 24 pieces applies. No colour picking.
  7. 7. Ready Readers +1.00 to +3.50 Jelly Red, matching sides Black / Black, matching sides Black/ Blue, matching sidesJelly Green, matching sides Jelly Brown, matching sides Cases for R66780 Purple Model: R18069 With vinyl case Model: R66780 Sprung sides & matching chammy case Matt Black Matt Brown Matt Burgundy Model: R67107 Sprung sides & vinyl case Pink Model: R16752 (previously SR27) Sprung sides – gold & gunmetal with metal case Yellow / Brown
  8. 8. LORGNETTE READING NECKLACE Available in +1.50 and +2.50 Originally based on the 19th century Lorgnette often seen displaying extravagant handles. Our Lorgnette is not only a beautiful Diamonté necklace with its elegant metal chain, but is also a practical folding Lorgnette, a stunning piece of jewellery for today’s modern and fashionable women. This plastic Lorgnette encrusted with Diamonté’s can be used as either a magnifying or reading glasses, it folds away neatly into an attractive pendant. It’s supplied with a luxurious Flocked Pouch free of charge, making this the perfect accessory for dinner, a night at the theatre or even as a present for your work colleagues and friends. Buy 12 pieces and receive this smart display stand FREE. Alternatively available at £12.50
  9. 9. ASSORTED COLOURS size: 34mm x 55mm x 160mm G27 size: 38mm x 65mm x 160mm G51 size: 38mm x 74mm x 155mm G45 size: 34mm x 55mm x 152mm Chrome-plated metal case size: 35mm x 65mm x 155mm G60 Large Black Cords Sports Bands Flip-up Polarized Clip-ons size: 32mm x 50mm x 149mm G2 Small size: 32mm x 62mm x 149mm G2 Medium size: 35mm x 70mm x 157mm G2 Large Large Medium Small Green Brown Grey
  10. 10. Holds 24 pieces supplied with 48 pieces Compatible with R16810 & R16752 H7cm, W22cm, D13.3cm Displays one frame 3 sides rotating. Holds 18 Frames with mirror £35 H30.8cm, W10.9cm, D10.7cm Supplied with orders over £500 All Measurements are Approximate Stand: C QUALITY READY READER STANDS FOR ALL MODELS +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 +3.50 Stand: D Holds 6 frames & cases H30.5cm, W10.6cm, D0.9cm Stand: BHolds 6 frames H30.4cm, W10.6cm, D10.3cm Supplied with orders over £100 Stand: A Holds 6 frames H40.5cm W10.7cm, D10cm Stand: E
  11. 11. PeterAllenOrderForm FreeFax:08006527497 3StJohn’sWay,Archway,London,N193QS Tel:02072722088• PowerQuantity Minimum24pieceordernocolourpicking FrameModelColourPowerQuantity Paymenttermsstrickly30daysfrominvoice. Faultygoodsmustbereportedwithin7daysofreceipt. Orderfrom AccountNo Address Postcode ContactName ContactNumber EmailAddress AccessoriesQuantity BlackCords SportsBands Flip-upPolarizedClip-ons Stands LorgnetteReadingNecklace VALUEMODELS FrameModel 596 Y106 ZT1095 Cases +1.50 +2.50
  12. 12. 3 St John’s Way, Archway, London, N19 3QS Tel: 020 7272 2088 Free Fax: 0800 652 7497 email: