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Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Male Female A equal amount of male and female have answered the questionnaire
  2. 2. Age People of the age of 16-18 are the ones that have answered the questionnaire the most .
  3. 3. Genre of music Rock, pop and alternative are the most popular genres of music, this helps me chose what genre my music magazine should be.
  4. 4. Favourite artist This shows me who people are interested in and who should maybe feature in my magazine.
  5. 5. Live music Most of the people have said that they enjoy going to concerts/festivals. In the magazine there could be some kind of coverage about the latest one and a chance to win tickets to a certain concert/festival.
  6. 6. How music is brought This shows that a lot of people now download their music instead of buying it in a store. Show a download chart in the magazine.
  7. 7. Up and coming acts Most people like to find out about new up and coming acts.
  8. 8. actsHow they find out about up and coming This shows how people find out about new up and coming acts. My magazine could have a feature of new up and coming artists to look out for.
  9. 9. How often music magazines are brought This shows that not a lot of people buy music magazines and when they do its not regularly. This could have been because of the age of people that answered the questionnaire.
  10. 10. Why people buy music magazines When people do buy music magazines it is because of the interviews in there.
  11. 11. Things wanted in a music magazine. This shows me what people would like to see in the magazine, I should take this into consideration when doing my magazine.