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  1. 1. Business Writtnig s1180122
  2. 2. OutlineDot-com bubbleCompanyImpactJapanAnd thenTimeFuture
  3. 3. Dot-com bubbleEconomic enthusiasm surrounding happenedprimarily in the U.S. around 1999-2000, the IT ?Internet-related start-up companies
  4. 4. CompanySince there were many companies that prefer touse those at the end of the domain namecorresponding to the address on the Internet,bearing the ". Com" means a commercial, toname just as it is, was called the "dot-com" .
  5. 5. ImpactIt hopes that Internet transformed the lives andbusinesses of people make a frenzy soon, tofinance huge sum just said to be associated withnet Even companies with no evidence, such asprofit and assets, a publicly traded I could.
  6. 6. JapanFor IT bubble in Japan not last long, theJapanese economy economy is weak duerecession lingering after the collapse of thebubble economy, IT-related investment was apartial impact on Japan of the collapse of the ITbubble, mainly the United States it was verylimited.
  7. 7. And thenDot-com stocks from the results are independentof the inflation peak in 1999, produced a netshare many millionaires. In early 2000, thesurvival of the fittest of Internet companiesbecome increasingly clear, no prospectivecompanies and beginning to collapse, stockmarket crash ecstatic cool, but the bubble hascollapsed.
  8. 8. TimeBetween July 1993 and April 1992, all of themajor U.S. business magazine had announcedthe main features of the "informationsuperhighway" and the new communication. It isworth to analyze these magazines and featurearticles or speaking.
  9. 9. Future Some companies have been adjusted to postdot-com reality yet. Dot com, too close to us to beable to fully understand yet. I might be seen as a major factor in the recent decline of the U.S. economy.
  10. 10. Reference 20Internet/dotcom.html bubble-burst/