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Pp on ancillary pics

  1. 1. Ancillary Planning: For our ancillary products – a poster and a magazine to promote our soap, we took photos in front of a ‘green screen’ so that the lighting was very bright and so we could easily change the background if we wanted. The final photos we chose for our ancillarys were as follows; This would be the photo on the poster. Archie the main character will be placed in front of his two girlfriends. We chose this photo as it is clear he is a ‘cheating’ type of character, by the way he has his arms folded it shows he thinks he can get away with anything. Archie is dressed casually, as his personality is quite relaxed and believes he can do anything, therefore probably isn’t too bothered about his girlfriend Bella finding out he has been cheating.
  2. 2. Ancillary Planning: More ancillary shots for the poster: The two main girls featured in the soap; Sambuca and Bella, will also be featured on the poster, they will be placed behind Archie to show he ‘rules’ them. The feather bower shows that Sambuca is a provocative character who takes pride in her appearance, she is confident by the way she is showing off her lipstick – with a pout, she is Archie’s ‘mistress’. Sambuca is also dressed in a pink/red top to show the evil side of her character. In contrast, Bella, who is shown in a natural position and an innocent, angry look shows how devastated she is about her boyfriend cheating on her. Bella is dressed in a neutral top to show her innocence and vulnerability.
  3. 3. Ancillary Planning: Ancillary shots for the poster we didn’t use: There were several shots we could have used for the poster, however the photo with Sambuca and Bella back to back shows their difference in personalities well. Possible poster photograph, the girls will then be placed behind Archie to show his how he has been leading different lives, however in the end the poster looked better when the girls were separate, also the shot of Bella looking towards Archie and Sambuca represented the anger towards them better.
  4. 4. Ancillary Planning: Final images for our poster ancillary: This shot of Sambuca was the one we used for the poster, as the audience were able to see her red lipstick which showed her provocative side, and how she was completely different to Bella who doesn’t make much of an effort. By Sambuca looking a directly at the camera shows that she doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her. This was the photo we decided to use on the poster for Bella’s individual shot, as she is looking at Sambuca and her boyfriend Archie, showing that she is angry at them both. This photo also shows her innocence and vulnerability well.