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Technofied lesson emma datu


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Technofied lesson emma datu

  1. 1. Technofied Lesson Indonesian language class Advanced Level
  2. 2. Goal: Students use the language to speak, listen, and read about travelling and environment. Session 1: News reporting Session 2: Grammar Practice, speaking, and listening Session 3: Writing and Speaking
  3. 3. Original Classroom environment: Synchronous distance learning with traditional way of teaching. SAMR Model: Some of the sessions during the day are fully technofied. Others are blended.
  4. 4. Session 1: News reporting Skill: Reading, Speaking, and Listening
  5. 5. Original activities: Students search for current news on travelling or environment and report it to the class. Other students will respond with questions and comments.
  6. 6. Technofied activity: Voicethread
  7. 7. - Students read news and look for pictures. In the Voicethread app… - They upload a title page and pictures in order. - They add their voice as they move from slide to slide. - They share through a link or imbed in blog. - Other students with access to the Voicethread will respond using microphone, webcam, phone, text, audio or video upload options to any slides in the presentation. Redifinition
  8. 8. Simply Speaking AWbw How to Xc Youtube links
  9. 9. Session 2: Grammar and Speaking
  10. 10. Grammar Original activities: Teacher presents a grammar point from a word document textbook. Students listen and later do exercise from the textbook.
  11. 11. Technofied activity: Inspiration Maps (for the teacher to explain a concept using mind mapping) Google Spreasheet (for the students to do grammar exercise)
  12. 12. Augmentation Teacher will use the textbook to create a mind map of the grammar point. Students will check their concept understanding through google spreadsheet exercise.
  13. 13. Speaking Original activities: Students use power point presentation to share about their travelling experience.
  14. 14. Technofied activity: Prezi and Camtazia
  15. 15. Modification Students make presentation using Prezi and record their voice using Camtazia.
  16. 16.  Inspiration Maps hM  Comic Life Youtube links
  17. 17. Session 3: Writing
  18. 18. Writing Original activities: Students write an opinion about environmental problems individually.
  19. 19. Technofied activity: Comic Life
  20. 20. Redefinition Using Googledocs, students create a persuasive speech about an environmental problem. Next, they create a Comic Life file for their speech. - Cause of floods, earthquakes, waste - Effects
  21. 21.  Comic Life Youtube links