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INFORGRAPHIC: TLC Marketing client feedback


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Vodafone, Bupa and Yakult are just a few of those who have recommended us for our promotion marketing campaigns on the Recommended Agency Register. Click to reveal what our other clients say about us.

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INFORGRAPHIC: TLC Marketing client feedback

  1. 1. What our clients say... Recommended services 1 3 Approachable, keen, strong ideas and concepts take the time to get to know the business and present credible ideas which fit the brief. Dedicated approach to delivery and implementation - flexible to change and really nice team to work with. 4 Very effective and very flexible with their time for the pre, post and ongoing launch of our campaign 5 I always enjoy working with TLC. They bring a high level of innovation and creative thinking as well as being great value. 6 7 If you want an agency that can deliver a strong loyalty/ CRM programme, look no further than TLC. They are highly experienced in what they do, as well as being very friendly and always easy to work with. They have spent a lot of time understanding us as a company and a brand, and so know exactly what works and doesn’t for us. They've essentially become an extra part of the team and we really enjoy working with them. Between us, we've delivered some exciting, innovative and award winning campaigns together which, have achieved excellent results, I'd have no hesitation recommending them! Fantastic agency to work with one of the best in my experience, truly different in comparison to others. { Really easy to work with! Completely engaged and great ideas. Innovative and incredibly hardworking!2 They create great unique partnerships to help increase brand loyalty and value. { Great ideas. Innovative and incredibly hardworking! { { Rated highly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total scoreLow Client service 9.3 Creativity & innovation 8.7 Effectiveness 8.6 Strategic thinking 8.7 Value for money 8.8 On time 9.1 On budget 9.4 Activation 8.4 "Great campaigns that engage the customer to interact more with the brand so we benefit from the revenue and the customer benefits from the promotion." Campaign planning 8.2 "Always well thought out and well planned. Delivered on time and to budget." "Working with TLC was easy, great project managers, delivery was on time and efficient." Copywriting 8.1 Integrated 8 Brand advertising creative 7.9 "The creative produced was exceptional and on brand, using Yakult's tone of voice. The creative worked in various media formats delivering the right message for the campaign." Web design 7.9 "The branding and mechanics worked well. The design as a stand alone website worked well. Perhaps in hindsight we could have more detail of the offer for consumers.” Loyalty programme 7.9 "Just getting underway with a new wave of activity following a successful pilot. " "TLC have spearheaded our loyalty programme for the past two years. Their knowledge in the area is outstanding and they have worked with us to develop innovative solutions that fit with our brand and benefit our customers. We have seen outstanding results from their performance and I've been very happy with the way they have worked. " "Absolutely brilliant to work with. More of a reward for joining type programme but really understood what we needed from them and what our challenges in the market were." Branding design 7.9 "Used the Yakult branding and Yakult ATL look and feel and made it work for the promotion” Web development 7.8 Email marketing 7.6 "TLC have provided consultancy services to help us deliver a CRM platform to support our loyalty programme. I've been very impressed with their work and knowledge in this area, which has been a huge help to us. " Online creative 7.6 "Always very strong and on brand. Creative is always excellent " "In keeping with the overarching campaign and easy to use. " Promotional marketing planning 8.4 Services with more than three client ratings. Awards consultancy 8 "TLC have led and supported our awards and loyalty programme. Contributing good, strong ideas that fit with our brand and have seen outstanding results. " Other related services Packaging design 7.7 "Yakult are only allowed to use a small sticker to promote any promotional offer. TLC used this to maximise the messaging well." Social media content 7 Innovation 7.7 Digital animation 7.7 Brand strategy 7.7 "TLCs work always fits well with our brand. They have worked hard to understand our brand and always develop ideas with it in mind” Innovation 7.7 Direct marketing Creative 7.6 Direct marketing Planning 7.6 Direct marketing Fulfilment 7.6 "Always supportive with a successful customer services group if anything does go wrong." Promotional marketing Trade 7.6 CRM System supplier 7.1 "The system / software is via a 3rd party but the two businesses work seamlessly together from my perspective." Retail advertising creative 7.4 Print design 7 eCRM 7.5 "Supported us to start this journey and understand the opportunities." Mobile usability 7.2 Press creative 7.2 Responsive design 7.2 Radio creative 7.1 Conversion 7.1 Online analytics/ measurables 7.1 Reports 7.1 High 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 7 9 TLC created the perfect opportunity and reward scheme to help promote our 80th anniversary in 2015. The agency is experienced and listen to brands who are looking for a unique solution. They create great unique partnerships to help increase brand loyalty and value. The execution of those plans are seamless and creative capabilities excellent. I look forward to working with the team again. 020 7725 6000