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Question 1 website


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Comparing my website to my research findings

Published in: Marketing
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Question 1 website

  1. 1. Question 1: Website In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? To evaluate the extent to which I used or challenged codes and conventions of pop websites, I will compare my research findings and my website
  2. 2. Website contents: 3/3 had a news feature 3/3 exhibited Videos and music 3/3 marketed tours 3/3 had a bio feature = CONNECTED TO AUDIENCE 3/3 had stores I included features marketing the artists videos, and music, as well as tour information as an effective way to exhibit the work of the artist to the audience. I also included a Bio feature so as to allow the audience to feel as if they know the artist well and can relate to her as a person as well as an artist. I challenged the convention of artist merchandise features as well as news as the artist is new to the industry, I feel as though she is not yet established enough to have merchandise other than her music as well as not yet having a big enough fan base to gain a news following.
  3. 3. Website contents: 3/3 were linked to Instagram accounts 3/3 were linked to Facebook accounts 3/3 were linked to twitter accounts 2/3 were linked to Youtube accounts I fulfilled the convention of linking the artists social media accounts to the website so as to present her as connected with her fans. Using the accounts we made on YouTube, twitter, Facebook and Instagram (below)
  4. 4. Website design: 2/3 used separate pages 1/3 used continuous scroll I decided to incorporate both a continuous scroll, so as to allow ease of navigation, which will allowed the audience to stay engaged with the site and find what they wanted easily, we however did not end up using separate page links as we were unable to choose both features on Wix, as far as my partner could find.
  5. 5. Website design: 2/3 used multiple pictures as a background 1/3 used one photo for all page backgrounds I decided to use a single image as the background image so as to fit with the continuous scroll, also so as to label the website as that of the artist and reinforce the image of the artist in the audience's mind, this was also seen in Jessie J’s website, (which also incorporated continuous scroll)
  6. 6. Website design: each used different numbers of fonts (Jessie J: 3, Rihanna: 2, Ella Eyre: 1) each sticks to a consistent colour scheme throughout Finally I used three different fonts, one for titles, one for subtitle and another for the larger bodies of text, this allowed the audience to differentiate the titles from one another and also be more attracted to the titles than that of the bodies of text. We also stuck to white and pink as a colour scheme so as not to differentiate from the continuous scroll and single background image.