76323 Evaluation


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76323 Evaluation

  1. 1. 76323 The Evaluation By Luke Nicholls
  2. 2. 76323 By Luke Nicholls 76323 uses the conventions of a real media product by introducing the production companies at the beginning of the sequence; Unique Name Productions and SEAL Productions , which we developed with movement and technology to present realistic institutions. Our whole opening sequence is aimed at grabbing the audiences’ attention , creating an urge to see more. We’ve included cliff-hangers and presented unanswered questions to create an exciting and thought-provoking production. Throughout our production, we’ve made use of the many varied shot types to continue to enthuse our audience, such as the initial extreme close-up of a shoe, and the aerial shot of somebody running across a field. Our opening shot is canted , to confuse the audience, and add to the overall extreme, adrenaline-fuelled, exhilaration of the production. We use three different music tracks in our opening sequence, each of which support the narrative at the point in the production; although contrapuntal music is highly effective within film, we did not feel it appropriate to put it into our opening sequence. Another effective element of our opening sequence includes the use of black and white film when credits are shown – this is for all the audience to take in the credits, which stand out white against the darker background, and also emphasises the current action on screen. We also made use of iconic locations, which will interest audiences around the world. We challenge conventions of real media products by including a huge action sequence and a flashback scene before the main titles appear, which sets up the narrative very successfully. By including a flashback scene in our opening sequence, it adds to the narrative and develops the characters for the audience. Moreover, included in our opening sequence is the apparent death of the male protagonist. This goes against conventions of a real media product, and will draw in the audience as they desire to understand what truly happened …
  3. 3. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Within our opening sequence, there are three characters shown. Of these, we wanted to present their different backgrounds and motivations , and develop the characters through the mise-en-scene within the frame. Our female protagonist was represented as very naïve and innocent, but in a positive approach. She represents purity and virtue, through her dress, make-up, and performance. She is dressed in red during the date scene, which is the colour of love and beauty . Her hair is curled, showing similarities to the purity of a child, and her make-up is plain but beautiful. The male protagonist of the production is also represented positively. Throughout the production he is wearing a shirt and suit, which demonstrates that he is powerful, professional, and, alongside his performance, in control . However, his costume is always somewhat messy or dirty, which shows that he is hardworking, and enjoys getting involved in the dirty work. Our aim was to present the male protagonist as a professional spy, similar to the likes of 007 . We presented him in a way for the audience to side with him, as he behaved fairly and somewhat pleasantly, in contrast with his opponent. The opponent in our production was dressed in black to show how mysterious and dangerous he is. He wears black leather gloves, similar to professional assassins, which would make the audience fear him somewhat. He was presented as a typical villian , to allow the audience to associate negatively with him, and give us an opportunity to twist that opinion suddenly later in the production. Our characters loosely follow Propp’s theory of characters; with a Hero , a Villain , and a Princess all featured, but not following his rules of the part each play in the narrative.
  4. 4. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Our production is an exciting , expensive , high-tech , special effects rollercoaster ride… We want to thrill and electrify the audience, while entertaining them with a high quality narrative, alongside an exceptional micro-construction. Previous to creating our opening sequence, we analysed similar productions in terms of genre and content, such as the recent C asino Royale (Martin Campbell, 2006), from which we discovered effective conventions to use within our own production. We also noticed that this production was distributed by Sony Pictures (www.sonypictures.co.uk/movies), who have enormous amounts of funding to effectively promote the film, and offer a blanket release for exhibition, allowing as much revenue as possible to be obtained. As our products are somewhat similar, we believe that by distributing through Sony Pictures, we would be able to have a worldwide release , and make huge amounts of profit and exhibiting the production multiple times each day. Sony Pictures would be able to fund the costs of each print needed for such huge distribution, which itself is highly expensive. Without a successful distribution such as the one stated, we may not be able to even get the production exhibited, unless we made use of the digital exhibition made generously possible through grants from the UK Film Council. Sony Pictures may agree to distribute our film if synergy is used within the production, advertising their latest electrical goods or products. Moreover, in order for them to agree a release worldwide – or at least in the United States where a huge audience would enjoy the production – an American, or star from another country, could be included in the production to appeal to an even wider audience.
  5. 5. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Our production, a hybrid action-thriller genre film, encompasses such a wide range of action, narrative, and characters; we aim to appeal to many varied demographics . Our narrative is constructed to include action, violence, romance, betrayal, humour, and puzzle solving, alongside attractive actors and actresses; thus appealing to a wide range of demographics. Our target audience was teenagers and middle-aged adults ; our production is not suitable for children, neither was it intended to be. It was, however, intended to include conventions such as intimate scenes and exaggerated action violence to entertainment a teen and adult audience, who would be much more responsive to it. The response we were aiming for as we created our production was a sense of excitement and enjoyment . We believe a ’ 15 ’ certificate would be suitable for the production, as this will allow a huge audience to view the production, but also should appeal to them far more than an action-thriller genre with a ’12’ certificate; the more restrictive certificate proves that there are more intense conventions and scenes within the production, thus attracting the teen to middle-aged adult audience.
  6. 6. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Our opening sequence begins suddenly , and explosively . One of our main aims in creating the production was to immediately have a fast pace to enliven the audience. The pace is set through the use of frequent cuts , handheld cameras , and intense music . The music was chose has a very fast tempo, and makes use of instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, and drums, to create a high-speed, extreme atmosphere within the production. We also included exaggerated versions of everyday activities – such as relationships, problems, and vendettas – to allow the audience to relate to the onscreen action. The characters within the narrative, and therefore featured on the marketing of the product, are portrayed as contemporary, with modern versions of traditional actions – for example, as shown in our opening sequence, our male and female protagonists are both modern, but still enjoy going on a date together. By using this technique, we aimed the production at both a middle-aged and teenage generation, of which the subjects featured within the narrative should appeal to.
  7. 7. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Previous to beginning this media project, I had had very little experience into actually executing the three stages of production: planning ; shooting ; and editing . Therefore, I also had very little experience with the hardware and software involved in it, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning how use to technology such as Adobe Premiere Pro, video cameras, and sound editing. As we was filming, I learnt the importance of constantly making use of the tripod to ensure all footage is smooth and professional . I learnt about the types of features cameras include, such as integrated lights, zoom features, and playback. I also previously didn’t know how to upload footage from a tape to a PC , and know how to do so effectively and proficiently. I have learnt much about the terminology and rules involved in filming, including the 180-degree rule. As I was learning this theory, I didn’t understand how such a seemingly unimportant rule could affect the footage so greatly, but I soon discovered the reason as I was photographing my storyboard and spotted the disorientating error. I have also learnt more about the rule of thirds , and the uses of shallow depth of field . I have learnt much about the different types of camera angles and shots, and their related meaning. I was also learning more and more about the editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 – as I was editing. I was discovering different features and effects as I needed them to enhance our production. Also, I have gained knowledge and experience into sound editing, which can also be achieved on Adobe. This is vital, and having the correct diegetic and non-diegetic sound within a production can enhance or falter it. Finally, I have also learnt about Slideshare.net , and how this is so useful in uploading powerpoint documents to the Internet, in order to add them to blogs or other Internet sites.
  8. 8. 76323 By Luke Nicholls Firstly, I have learnt just how much time , effort , and initial planning it takes to effectively and properly execute the three stages of a good production; that nothing should be left to the last minute, and everything should be constructed and framed properly. I better understand how to create meaning through editing, and the importance of sound within a production. The sound and music within a film can really change the whole feel of the film; choosing sound and music that creates the atmosphere the director wants to show is vital. Even apparently minor details, such as the font in the credits and titles, are important; absolutely everything within a production should constitute to the aims and presentation of the production.
  9. 9. 76323 By Luke Nicholls