Internet Marketing Newsletter September 2011


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This is the "Google Issue" of our monthly internet marketing newsletter. We report from our recent visit at Google and on research published by Google Australia and Deloitte on how the internet is benefiting businesses in Australia.

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Internet Marketing Newsletter September 2011

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 11 , September 2011The Google IssueBeing in the online marketing industry, there is no doubt thatGoogle is one of the core influencers for our clients and forEminent Online Marketing. News Eminent Online Marketing isSure, Google is neither the only search engine, nor the only now part of Google Engage -ainfluential tech company. But what makes Google different is that program for online marketingthey continually innovate. agencies.They innovate by creating new products. They innovate by creating Google Engage helps todiversity. They innovate by creating open dialogue. create an open dialogue between SMEs, agencies andIn Australia, the open dialogue is about including businesses and Google agencies. It’s about working together to allow AustralianSMEs to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented What does that mean for you?online. Through us, you can now getThis aligns perfectly with our mission at Eminent Online Marketing, in touch with contacts atand so we are pleased to bring you “The Google Issue” of our Google to solve yourmonthly Internet Marketing Newsletter. problems.In this issue we’re sharing some of Google’s latest research, andwhat secrets I learnt when I went to visit Google in Sydney last Podcast Seriesmonth. We’re planning a series of podcasts shortly. Our list ofAs always, if you have feedback, suggestions for future articles, or topics so far includes:want to send us any other comments, simply email • • Social Media for BusinessUntil next month, • PPC Advertising • Google Apps for BusinessJanna JungclausAnd the Eminent Online Marketing Team If you have any other topics you’d like to hear about, just let us know.
  2. 2. The Connected ContinentA recent press release announcing the join research report “The Connected Continent” byDeloitte Access Economics and Google Australia estimated that the Internet contributed $50billion, or 3.6% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product in 2010 and that contribution was primed togrow by around 7% a year to reach $70 billion by 2016. The release equaled the value of theInternet to Australian GDP to the value of iron-ore exports.The Connected Continent is a research report commissioned by Google Australia to measure the value of the digital economy in Australia. The report was researched and written independently by Deloitte Access Economics. Here we have summarized the main points that are of interest for Australian businesses:Survey Of SMEsA survey of 150 SMEs commissioned as part of the Connected Continent Report states thatalmost every Australian business is an Internet business.The Internet does not only provide increased efficiency and “Every Australianproductivity in supply management, finance, email and Business is an Internetcommunications, it also allows businesses to reach out toconsumers via new channels. business.”One of the main benefits for SMEs was the reduced cost and The Connected Continent: How the internet is transforming theimproved effectiveness of reaching customers and prospects, Australian economy, Deloitte Accessas well as managing the relationship with existing customers. Economics, August 2011One of the main areas SMEs reported the Internet providedbenefits is sales, marketing and advertising. • The majority of businesses surveyed expected that the Internet would increase their access to local and Australian markets over the next two years, while only a minority expected that access to markets overseas would change.
  3. 3. • Across all industries, primary industries – defined as agriculture and mining – reported greatest sales, marketing and advertising benefits from using the internet, with an average 70% of these businesses reporting benefits. • The manufacturing industries found the lowest benefits from the internet in the sales, marketing and advertising categories, with only around one-third of businesses reporting benefits.Increase In Online SearchesAccording to the report, the number of searches undertaken on the Internet has grown rapidly inthe past years, increasing at an annual rate of around 30%. The topics searched for online arebroad, but particular growth has been recorded for banking, retail and travel related searches.The report states that: “Consumers have been increasingly turning to the Internet to seekinformation and purchase goods and services, and the current trend suggests that theimportance of the Internet for consumers will continue to expand.”This is great news for businesses that are seeking to connect with customers and prospectsthrough the Internet as a cost-effective of marketing. With the importance of the Internet set togrow continuously the effectiveness of online marketing will grow exponentially, as the targetaudience online is growing as well.
  4. 4. Increased Internet ActivityAn increase in Internet activity is great news for businesses that are implementing onlinemarketing strategies to reach their customers. Internet activity in Australia has doubled in thepast 4 years, measured by increased access, use and expenditure.Internet access across Australia has dramatically increased through high-speed Internetconnections, the expansion of Internet access in rural areas, as well as mobile Internetconnections through smart phones.Similarly, the use of the Internet has also increased. This is evident by the increased number ofsearches (as discussed above), as well as the number of businesses that have a website and sellonline products or services.Another important measure of online activity is expenditure. According to the report, onlineexpenditure has increased for both businesses and households, whereby business expenditure ismeasured by increased online advertising spend, and household expenditure is measured bygrowing e-commerce purchases by consumers.
  5. 5. In summary, as the use of the Internet continues to grow, it provides a catalyst for further innovation in the way we use it. It also provides access to even more markets and information, for both businesses and consumers. Opportunities The report details a very positive outlook for the growth of the Internet for Australian businesses. The report found that throughout the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD) region, the Internet sector isexpected to grow faster than GDP in the medium term. This expectation is based on the fact thatbusinesses, governments and households continue to embrace new online opportunities.Improved Internet access in developing countries is also expected to produce network effectsthat increase the value of the Internet globally.In Australia, the Government’s investment in broadband infrastructure is set to increase use ofthe Internet, which will create quick growth as it allows Australians to catch up to comparablecountries. For example, e-commerce and online advertising is still smaller in Australia than incountries like the US and UK, suggesting that growth in the Index will continue to outpace growthin aggregate economic activity.3 Steps To Effective Local Places MarketingWith all that dry information about internet statics, here is a short, 3 step article so that you havethe chance to implement something new after reading the newsletter this month.Local places listings are an easy and effective way to get your online marketing started – and thebest thing is that this is something you can do yourself.The combination of setting up local places listings and optimising them is a great way to get onthe first page of Google and get started with your online marketing.First Step: Local Places ListingsThe first step is to create a list of directories or websites where youd like to be listed.
  6. 6. Here are some websites that you should include: • Google Places • Yellow Pages/ White Pages online directory – you can choose between a free or paid listing. When you decide, make sure you know what your marketing budget is and what your ideal cost-per-lead amount is. There is no point in paying for listings that won’t bring you results. • Local Directory websites, including: o o o o o • Also consider some of the bigger, international directories o Yahoo Directory o • Industry specific websites o Restaurant review websites o Travel websites o Handyman websites o Review websites for financial products o Etc.Second Step: Your DetailsThe second step to getting the most of your local places listings is to prepare the details of whatyou want to post.This should at least include the main keyword for your business, your business address andphone number, and a short description.Here are some other tips of content you can include to improve your listings: • Using categories and tags when uploading to the directory • Uploading pictures and videos • Offering a coupon or voucher as a local places marketing incentive where it’s available (for example Google Places has a section where you can offer a coupon to your prospects)Third Step: Get ReviewsMost local directories include a review functionality these days. It is not only powerful to create a“social proof” element to your listing, it also creates greater credibility for your business, and oftenresults in better rankings within a directory.
  7. 7. Be aware, that some of these listings draw on reviews that were posted on other websites. For example, your Google Places listing will automatically syndicate with any other online listing that it identifies as dealing with the same business. The main factor for this combination is the business name, address and phone number. That’s why a Google Places listing may display a review or great way to increase the number of reviews is to ask your past and current clients, strategicpartners and acquaintances to start posting. Simply write an email with a link to your main placeslisting (for example the Google Places listing) and ask them to post a review.Case StudyWe are proud to be able to showcase many happy clients who have received great results fromtheir SEO campaigns with us. We recently worked on a project with Cavalletti Communications, a communications agency based in Sydney. The website was for a client who specializes in training semi-professional and amateur athletes, particularly cyclists and triathletes. Having brought out a unique training device from Italy, the first in Australia of its kind, the business wanted to gain greater exposure online.
  8. 8. The results were encouraging and are continuing to bring new leads to the client.Main Keyword Current ranking No of Search ResultsTrainer cycling 3 20 millionCycling trainer 6 20,6 millionCycling coach 6 69,6 millionCycling program 6 96,6 millionCycling Exercise 7 64,7 millionCycling training 17 65,2 millionWhat’s next?Eminent Online Marketing is continuing to evolve.Shortly we’ll be doing a feature on our team members, and we’re also planning a series ofpodcasts to discuss all things online marketing.In the meantime, stay in touch with us through Twitter,check out our blog at and our Facebook page where we share industry news, interesting articles and success stories.Yours,Janna JungclausEminent Online Marketing 02 8580 4836Join Us on Facebook