Internet Marketing Newsletter October 2011


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Eminent Online Marketing's monthly newsletter brings you fresh stories, tips and trends on internet marketing. This month, we're showing you ways to build your profile using online marketing. Plus, a closer look at the Eminent Online Marketing team!

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Internet Marketing Newsletter October 2011

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 12 , October 2011Building Your Profile With Online MarketingIn this newsletter, we’re going to look beyond SEO online leadgeneration.SEO and SEM in a competitive environment can turn into a fight to Newssimply "outspend" the competition. Combining these strategies withother innovative, online strategies will help create an edge to get Our interest for building yourmore traffic without competing head-on. profile online has sparked action on our behalf too.So in this newsletter, we’re focusing on building your profile withonline marketing. How to extend your sphere of influence to people In addition to our Facebookyou have never met. page and Twitter account, we now also have a YouTubeWe also thought it was about time to introduce our team members more detail. The second article in this newsletter introduces fourof our main team members, complete with pictures and their You will see videos ofspecialties. presentations (for example Janna’s recent presentationThe feedback that we’re receiving is that businesses want to go at UTS), video interviews andbeyond simple lead generation and want to make use of innovative more.ideas and new platforms to make themselves known. So, when you’re next online,If you also have feedback, suggestions for future articles, or want check out our YouTubeto send us any other comments, simply email channel /EminentOnlineMktngUntil next month, Add us as a friend and subscribe!Janna JungclausAnd the Eminent Online Marketing Team
  2. 2. How To Build Your Profile With Online MarketingAny marketing, whether online or offline is designed to let more people know about yourbusiness, product or service. In other words: marketing is designed to extend your sphere ofinfluence.In this article, we’ll look at two main aspects that affect your sphere ofinfluence: • Your network “The larger your • Your credibility network, the bigger your sphere ofFor example, the larger your network is, the bigger your sphere of influence.”influence, if you have built up the credibility for others to trust youenough to take your advice (i.e. be influenced by you).Online marketing can extend your network immensely, especially if you provide great content andvalue to your network. When they receive great value, the people in your network are more likelyto introduce others to your network. As a result, extending your network and your sphere ofinfluence.Providing Value With ContentCutting through the noise of the internet is essential to build a profile for yourself. People’sattention span is getting shorter and the sheer amount of information available online means youneed to provide outstanding value so that people are willing to give you their time.Becoming a CuratorYou can provide value by sharing the latest and best information relevant to your target audience.Becoming a news aggregator for relevant news items from other sources adds value to yoursphere of influence because it allows them to save time. Instead of following all the news sourcesthey know all they need to do is to follow you and they will get the most up-to-date and relevantinformation. Of course you need to build up credibility with your audience so they start to trustyou and the information you provide. Keeping in touch with your target audience, knowing theirneeds and their “hotbuttons” will also help you determine which is the right information for them.Being a curator is especially suited for online marketing channels that are fast paced, and whichare checked by people regularly. Example of such channels are Twitter, Facebook, online forumsand social bookmarking sites.Becoming a Thought LeaderIf you have a number of ideas that would be useful for your target audience to know, and you feelthey have not yet received adequate coverage online, you can position yourself as a thought
  3. 3. leader. Writing online articles and whitepapers are great ways to share your knowledge and getyour ideas out there. You can do this through a number of article and white paper directories thatare available online.Becoming a TeacherChances are you know plenty of things that your target 3 Ways To Build Yourmarket would also like to learn. Positioning yourself as a Profile Onlineteacher online and sharing valuable knowledge and skillswill help you build your network and your credibility. • Become a Curator • Become a ThoughtYou can create tutorials, write instructions and share other Leaderideas to educate your target audience in your field. • Become a TeacherGreat channels to create tutorials are blogging and makingvideos.Extending Your AuthorityOnce you have built a basis for your sphere of influence by building your network and yourcredibility, you can extend your authority even further.Using techniques such as press releases and paid advertising extends your sphere of influenceeasily by promoting your work online. This way you reach people whom you would haveotherwise never been in contact with. However, you want to make sure that you have a basic andactive sphere of influence before you tap into these new and unknown networks – it will help toincrease your conversions dramatically.Does this work for everyone?These approaches of building your profile may not work for everyone. Firstly, it is important toconsider whether you have the resources and ability to commit to a plan that builds your profile.Writing one article or making one video won’t get you far. But if you can create an editorial planfor creating and distributing content and you stick to it, you are already well on your way.The second aspect to consider is your target audience. Some of these strategies will work betterfor some industries then for others. For example knowledge based industries are well set up for athought leadership approach, while audiences in constantly changing industries, such as theTech industry would appreciate having someone curate news and all the latest information.So, when you decide which approach you would like to take when building your profile online andextending your sphere of influence, consider your target audience and their needs, as well asyour resources and ability.
  4. 4. Introducing Our TeamYou’ve heard so much about our team over the last 12 months of this newsletter, we thought itwas time for a proper introduction.Janna Jungclaus Janna has worked with a number of Australian and international clients throughout her career. As a result, she has developed a particular focus on creating online marketing strategies that fit within a broader marketing and business strategy, where business objectives and related KPIs tie the online marketing or SEO campaign to the marketing or business strategy. Janna’s ability to bring together innovative ideas for online strategy whilstunderstanding the technical details of SEO and other tactics, allows her to facilitate between thetwo worlds.Celeste Opolentisima Celeste Opolentisima is the project manager at Eminent Online Marketing, overseeing the various SEO projects. Celeste has previously worked as an HR manager for Playtech in the Philipines and also has extensive experience as a copy writer in the advertising and media industries.Mustafa Ebrahimi Mustafa is the community manager at Eminent Online Marketing, managing all social media channels and video marketing. Mustafa lives and breathes social media, soccer and video editing – over the past couple of years he has built up an online following of over 6,000 soccer enthusiasts who know him under the nickname Milan Kaka Baros.Jairo Borinaga Jairo is the technical whizz at Eminent Online Marketing. Specialising in WordPress, one of our preferred SEO platforms, Jairo is responsible for the research and on-page optimisation phases of SEO. Jairo is currently completing his second degree to further advance his knowledge and skills in the area of computer science.
  5. 5. Case Study Eminent Online Marketing was engaged by Christie Offices to review the current AdWords campaign and develop online marketing strategies to create more effective lead generation online. The aim was to increase the number of leads coming through, to decrease the cost per lead paid through Google AdWords, and to benchmark Christie Offices against some key competitors. At the first review stage, the number ofinquiries coming through the website has increased substantially, while the cost per lead haddecreased. (Details withheld due to confidentiality reasons.)We’re now also working with Christie Offices and their designer to create an updated and SEOfriendly website to implement a long-term SEO strategy to further leverage the online leadgeneration that has already been started with the Google AdWords campaign.For more information on Christie Offices and Christie Conferences and In TouchKeep in touch with us throughout the month: check out our Facebook page where we share industry news, interesting articles and success stories,and our Twitter channel to keep up to date with online marketing and technews.Yours,Janna JungclausEminent Online Marketing 02 8580 4836