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Internet Marketing Newsletter March 2012

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 15 , March 20122012 Trends, E-Commerce And New PricingWe have worked hard in the last few months to streamline our Google SEO UpdateSEO processes to become more efficient – and you are thebeneficiaries. We are happy to announce that the resulting price In a recent announcementsaving will be past on to you, our clients. Google foreshadowed that overly optimized website will beIn the special announcement of this newsletter, you will find dropped from the search engineinformation on how the 4 month SEO packages are being rankings in the near future.phased out, the new alternatives and our special offer for April. What does that mean?The online marketing world is constantly changing – that’s why a Google is putting more emphasisnewsletter like this is useful for you to keep up with new trends on relevant content for the userand to consider what solutions might fit your business and your and less emphasis on the off-client base. page SEO factors.Last year, the article on our predictions for 2011 was very What does that mean for you?popular, so this newsletter includes an article with our We always advise our clients topredictions for the five biggest trends in 2012. Guest author keep their website visitors inChris Bryant from OPMC has written an article on the variety of mind first. To provide relevantE-commerce solutions available to businesses today, and the 3 and interesting content is the keybiggest challenges that online store owners face. for people to want to come to your website. As always, if you have any questions In past updates our clients’ about our products or services, or any websites have improved in feedback for our newsletter, we would love rankings as our SEO process to hear from you. takes steady and constant approach, rather than a “fast and All the best, furious” approach to over optimises but compromises Janna Jungclaus quality. And the Eminent Online Marketing Team If you have any questions about Mob: 0423 369 070 your website SEO and this Google update, give Janna a call on 0423 369 070.
  2. 2. EOM New pricesAt Eminent Online Marketing we are always striving for improvement and innovation. In the last 3months we have had the goal to improve and streamline our SEO process to increase itsefficiency. The cost saving achieved in the process will be passed on to you, our clients. Now theresulting monthly SEO packages are ready to be rolled out for you to receive the benefits.Previous SEO Packages No Longer AvailableThe 4 month SEO packages that we offered for the last year and a half have been phased out.After long months of testing and tracking the rankings and results, we found that monthly SEOservices over a six to eight month period achieve much better results in rankings, traffic and leadgeneration. Consistency in SEO is they key; and this approach allows business owners to spreadthe cost over a period of six months rather than four months.What Is The Alternative?The alternative is the monthly SEO service, which we recommend should be taken out for aperiod of six to eight months. This service is paid monthly in advance and we have severaloptions for differing circumstances: • Small Business or Start Ups $650/ month ex GST • SMEs in competitive markets $1,500/ month ex GST • SMEs in highly competitive markets or proven return on online marketing $2,500/ month ex GSTOf course we are happy to discuss your individual needs should you feel you don’t fit into any ofthese categories.What Are You Saving?The four month SEO package for was priced at $4,450 over a four month period. Spread over theperiod of six months, this equals $741 per month. You now have the option of choosing the $650/ month package which saves you nearly $100 per month.What’s Next?Because we are so excited to roll out the new pricing, we have decided to put together a specialoffer for you that is available until 16th April 2012. If you take up our offer of a monthly SEO package by 16th April 2012, you will receive the 7th month free plus two additional online press releases within the period of your first six month SEO contract.
  3. 3. 5 Most Important Trends For 2012As we did in previous years, we want to give you an overview of the most important trends forthis year. Not all trends may be applicable for your business and your customers. And by nomeans do we claim to specialize in each and every one of these trends. However, wecontinuously get feedback from our clients that they want to know what is happening in the onlinemarketing world – even if it is just to know what NOT to do.Here are our five most important trends for 2012.Consolidation of Discounts and CouponsThe daily deals craze has been going on for about 2 years in Australia. Consumers arecontinuing to look for discounts and coupons in nearly all industries from dining, to travel, healthand beauty and even services.StarDeals, Groupon, LivingSocial, OurDeals, JumpOnIt, Spreets… These are only a few of thedaily deals sites that some of our clients have used. We have previously written about the prosand cons of offering Daily Deals (see Newsletter August 2011 for using Daily Deals for seasonalmarketing and Newsletter May 2011 for Pros and Cons of offering discount vouchers).So, what is going to happen in the discounts and coupons industries? Our prediction is that theindustry is going to consolidate, with the bigger sites buying up the smaller players. What doesthis mean for businesses? The ongoing chance to attract new customers through deals sites, andhopefully a more regulated industry that brings about a win-win-win situation for businesses,customers and the deals sites.TargetingTargeting specific customer groups through online marketing has been on the rise for severalyears. This means displaying ads to only a specific target group identified by gender, age,income, etc. Targeting has been an increased focus for marketers and developers, especially aspeople have started to share more personal information about themselves via social networks.Facebook AdsFacebook Ads is undoubtedly the king of targeted ads at the moment. Advertisers can target theiraudience by gender, age bracket, location, job, personal interest and association to certainpages. Other social networks are looking to follow Facebook’s example and use the data thatusers share about themselves to attract advertisers.What does this mean for businesses? Marketing budgets can be invested much more specificallytargeted to the ideal customers. With the appropriate measuring and tracking techniques thisshould lead to an increased efficiency of the marketing budget.
  4. 4. However, businesses need to be careful not tooverdo it. We predict consumers are going to What Is Pinterest?get increasingly tired of being targeted by ads intheir social environment. It is also likely that Pinterest is officially the fastest ever growingconsumers are only now starting to wake up to website!the fact that they are sharing this muchinformation with advertisers and therefore Its a website where people post cool picturesremove themselves from the advertisers reach. inside specialized pages called Pinboards— topics like art, cars, tasty food, and any otherSurveying customer’s response to marketing categories you can come up with.and advertising techniques is the best way notto risk the goodwill and reputation of your Why should you pay attention?company amongst consumers. According to a social bookmarking studyGoogle AdWords online, Pinterest refers more traffic toUntil recently, Google AdWords had been publishers than YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn,targeting consumers mainly based on the MySpace or Google+ — for retailerssearches they performed. However, now especially.Google has introduced a technique called“remarketing” which allows advertisers to follow Who uses it?a visitor with their ads. Its demographics is 80% female and 55% ofHow does this work? Imagine you visit the its users are between 25 and 44 years of Company A. You are looking at theiroffer but decide not to buy. In the following days How do I start?you start to see their ads all over the internet.This may last 30 days, 60 days or even 90 days. Go to check out the pretty pictures and request an invite to startWhat happened? When you visited Company you own account and get pinning.A’s website but left without making a purchase,they tagged you as someone who is interestedin the business but did not buy. Now they are showing you banners about their businessthroughout the Google Content Network (the network of publishers that display Google Adsthroughout the web).Again, this is a highly targeted advertising campaign that can increase the exposure of abusiness in relation to their target market. Because the advertiser only pays when someoneactually clicks on their ad, this is a highly efficient way to increase the exposure of your business.Mobile MarketingMobile is booming. Last year people were still asking, do we really need a mobile website? Now ithas become clear that businesses and marketers need to keep pace if they want to reach these
  5. 5. consumers. Australia has the highest smart phone adoption rate world-wide, and thereforemobile marketing trends are increasingly important.A recent study commissioned by Google commissioned found four particular trends relating tomobile search: • Mobile users are seeking local information. • They are searching with greater urgency than desktop searchers. • They find new ways to entertain themselves • They use phones as shopping companions.So, what opportunities are there for businesses on mobile?Advertising On Mobile DevicesGoogle AdWords, one of the biggest online advertising platform last year introduced the ability foradvertisers to create campaigns specifically targeted at mobile users. These mobile campaignsonly show up when the search is performed on a mobile device. One of the advantages is the‘click to call’ functionality, which allows users to call the advertiser straight away. The advantagefor advertisers is that they essentially pay per call, instead of per click. The result is a higherconversion rate and a lower cost per click. A very efficient way to reach your target market whilethey are “on the go”.Personalised Search ResultsMany search engines are stepping up their effort to personalise search results to increase therelevancy of results for the individual user.Results can be personalised if you are logged into an account (such as a Gmail account or anyother Google account), tracked via IP address, aimed at the device you are searching from(mobile or desktop), and targeted towards your general online behaviour. For example a search engine would collect the type of websites you have visited and therefore determine whether you are male or female. Of course these assumptions are not always
  6. 6. correct, but they are used to display individualized content for male or female searchers throughplatforms such as Google AdWords. The indicators are simple. For example, looking at sportsites would more likely indicate that you are male, while looking at beauty websites wouldindicate that you are female.Personalised search results are also more likely to show you ads from websites that you havepreviously visited. Other personalised search results include sharing by yourcontacts, such as Gmail contacts, Twitter connections, etc. For example, being logged intoGoogle Account, shows you results that your contacts or connections have shared especially viaTwitter and Google Plus.Reviews and Social IndicatorsReviews and other social indicators, such as ratings, and thumbs up continue to grow inimportance. The introduction of reviews and ratings started a few years ago with onlinedirectories such as Yelp and Google Places listings. It continued to grow as people were lookingfor genuine feedback on service providers and products.In the future it is likely that reviews will be combined with paid advertising. This feature is alreadyavailable via Google AdWords in the US and likely to be introduced to Australian in 2012. Thissystem is integrated with the current Google AdWords system of bidding for your desiredkeyword. Having more reviews (apparently 20+ reviews are required to make an impact) lowersthe cost per click for the advertisers.Reviews and other social indicators are also gaining importance for organic search engineresults, as they indicate relevance and are often visited by searchers.Business owners should focus on increasing the reviews about their business online. Simpleprocedures, such as sending a link with a feedback form, or giving away prizes amongstreviewers can encourage customers and clients to post reviews.E-CommerceGuest article by Chris Bryant, OPMC. OPMC specialises in web based business solutions, in particular E-commerce,website development and maintencance, and web hosting. With the rising popularity and increased media coverage of growth in online sales, there is a fantastic opportunity for Australian
  7. 7. businesses to consider selling online - whether as a new venture or a natural extension of theirexisting business.Unfortunately its also the perfect opportunity for business owners to be taken advantage of bythose who may have just enough knowledge of setting up online stores to be dangerous, but notenough to provide long term value to business owners.An online store can exist in many different forms. It might be a completely separate website fromyour normal operations, or might be integrated in your existing website. It could be just a simple"Pay now" Paypal button, or a full customer experience with shopping cart, wishlists andredeemable coupons. Here is a quick summary of some of the options available."Click here to buy" Paypal buttonsPaypal ( allows businesses to accept payments online without needing amerchant account with the bank. With Paypal, it’s easy to sell items for a fixed amount direct onyour website with the click of a button. There is also the ability to offer product options -customers select what they want from a drop down list, and then pay with their credit card or Paypal account (which is funded from their bank account). This is most certainly the easiest way to sell online, and is very popular. However, we find one of the main issues with Paypal is it can be a barrier to selling. Many people prefer to pay using their credit card, and while Paypal allows this, they dont make it aneasy choice, which can lose sales.Paypal buttons are a great solution when youre only selling several products and are looking fora simple solution.DIY online storeThere are many free software DIY solutions out there, some of which are very good. Theseinclude: • WooCommerce - • WP e-commerce - • Shopp - http://shopplugin.netWith enough patience, research and time, you can get one of these online stores going yourself.For those on a low budget, this is a great way to start selling online for very little cost.
  8. 8. Some people prefer this option, but dont want to get into the technical jargon. Thats when youcan benefit from some professional help to get the basic technical setup done for you, and thendo the rest yourself.I would advise using a professional to get the basic installation done for you. Then you receiveaccess to the administrative area and youre on your way.This solution is great for anything from 1 - 1,000+ products.Fully customised solutionDIY free software is just that - it comes as is. When it doesnt work exactly how you want, or youwant more functionality, youll need someone to customise it for you.As your customer base and sales grow, it’s a natural step to want your online store to do morethings, look nicer and work better. With the right planning, an initial DIY solution can be upgradedas budget permits to better suit your needs.Licenced solutionA licenced solution can be a basic, low-cost $40 per month option with no up front costs, or it canbe as much as $150 per month with $20,000 worth of development costs.The main thing you need to know about licenced solutions is, that you dont own the software. Soonce youve bought into the solution, extracting yourself from it can be costly and detrimental toyour business.Generally, I don’t recommend this option, as your future needs may require abandoning yourinvestment to date.Get the right adviceThere are three areas in which we often advise businesses that approach us when they get intotrouble with their online stores. Of course we always recommend our clients implementpreventative measures to reduce their risk before these problems even occur.BackupsIf your site is not backed up regularly, and properly, if something goes wrong you will loseeverything. There is often no "safety net" for these things. You should plan for the worst, whichwill leave you best prepared.UpgradesWith many of these solutions, the simple click of a button means you can upgrade your onlinestore software automatically. But be warned: Upgrading automatically will do just that - it does not
  9. 9. take into consideration all your data like a person would. Upgrading automatically can wipe outyour online store and you can lose all your data in an instant.HackingIf your site is hacked you need to have a plan to deal with this, and you dont want to lose all yourhard earned work.In summary my recommendation is, get some good advice from a professional when embarkingon an online store for your business. Anyone can make an online store for you these days, so itsa matter of whether they will do a good job and can they provide the support you need as yourbusiness grows.Success Story Our favourite success stories are those of clients who have been with us for a long time. Wendy Mak from Smitten With Style is one of those clients; she has been using our SEO services for over 2 years. When she launched her new business Australian Institute of Styling, she asked us to also look after this website. Having worked with her website designer over the last 2 years and knowing her target market online, set us up as a well oiled machine. After only two months, her new website already has four top 5 rankings. Congratulations Wendy”Janna has been instrumental in growing my business. We have now reduced all AdWordsspending and get all our leads through SEO.“ - Wendy Mak, Smitten With Style, Australian Institute of StylingTake Up The Special OfferRemember, our special offer is available until 16th April 2012. It is a great chance to take advanteof the new and improved SEO process and get an additional two online press releases! We lookforward to hearing from you!Yours, Jungclaus Online Marketing Ph: 0423 369 070