Internet Marketing Newsletter December 2011


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This months newsletter is all about gifts, goodwill and of course, SEO. Just in time for the holidays, we're bringing over to your table a guide on DIY SEO and some pretty generous gift vouchers to the tune of $150 worth, our treat! Happy holidays, everyone!

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Internet Marketing Newsletter December 2011

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 14 , November 2012DIY SEO Issue Full of GiftsMerry Christmas To You!We only have a few weeks to go until Christmas and the Australian summer holidays, so wedecided to pack this newsletter full of gifts for you.Firstly, we have a long article on do-it-yourself SEO. It includes many tips, tricks and free tools toimprove your current website rankings and get more exposure online.We have also put together a gift voucher to the tune of $150 for all our past and current clients,and loyal newsletter readers. These vouchers are fully transferrable, if you know someone whowould benefit from an one-on-one consultation or website audit.We wish you a happy and safe New Year, – our next Newsletter will be coming out in February.All the best, Janna Jungclaus And the Eminent Online Marketing Team
  2. 2. 5 Things You Can Do To Start Your Own SEO TodaySEO has some simple core basics that business owners and digital marketers can learnthemselves if they are interested. These basics can pack a punch in non-competitive markets,and if you enjoy learning new things, applying these techniques to your website will really get yougoing.Here are our five main tips of how to get some DIY SEO results. For the best results, follow thetips in the order they are listed in.Start with some free/basic keyword researchAs we often mention in our articles and newsletters, keyword research is one of the mostimportant aspects of SEO. It is the first thing any SEO strategy will review, because it determineswhat you want to rank for, and what kind of people you will attract to your website.A great way to start is the free Google AdWords Tool. It gives you an overview of how many localand global searches there are for your keyword and how high the competition is.You can access the Google Keyword Tool at www.googleeasysearch.comSet up your Google Places listingAs we discussed in a recent newsletter and mainly online articles, creating your free GooglePlaces listings is one of the cheapest and quickest way to appear on Google’s front page. Google Places is a free service, aimed at delivering geographically relevant results for searchers, and giving business owners access to tools that help them promote their business online. When you set up your Google Places listing, you should pay particular attention to your address, the content of your listing and customer reviews.Business addressOf course your address is important for customers to find you and for the listing to be displayed topotential customers in your area. In addition, Google Places will draw on content from otherdirectories, such as based on the same address listing.
  3. 3. Content of your listingThe content of your listing is important, as it shows what kinds of products and services youprovide. Firstly, be selective when you choose your category and the keywords for your business- these are the things your ideal customers are searching for. In the listing itself you can also addpictures and videos in addition to your business description.Customer reviewsA really innovative feature of these listings is the review function. Having reviews on your GooglePlaces listings, will improve the rankings of your Places listing, and will also entice more peopleto click through to your listing, as you show more social credibility than those businesses whodon’t have any listings.Set up your Analytics accountSetting up your analytics account is a great way to track where you’re at and help you improveyour future review and optimisation process. Analytics account show you how many people cometo your website, where they came from and what keywords they used, and even what contentthey are looking at when they get to your website. As a result you can see what interests peoplemost, and you can give them even more content that is relevant to them.There are many analytics tools available on the market. Google Analytics is a free service, whichis based online and can be installed on your website in a few minutes.You can find Google Analytics at SEO contentSEO content is what gets your website “beefed up” and it’s a great way to increase your websiterankings. The more great content you have, the better you will rank – whether you focus on SEOor not. Why? Because people love good content. When your content is valuable to someone,they will pass it on to their colleagues and friends, as a result increasing your business exposure,and also your website rankings, naturally.For more information on what makes your content SEO friendly, read the article below.Bookmark And Share Your WebsiteIf your website is relevant and valuable for your target audience, it willnaturally get increased exposure through recommendations, social sharingand bookmarking. However, there are many additional benefits to bookmarking your content when it is first published. It will help your content get indexed quickly, which means
  4. 4. that it will be considered in the search results even shortly after it was first published. Moreover,any time your website gets shared or bookmarked, you build additional links that are valuable forSEO, and increase your exposure to your potential target audience.Here are some websites where you can post a link to your content: • • • • • http://www.delicious.comDIY SEO: Writing SEO ContentMany of our clients have asked how they can better create SEO-friendly content and whetherthere is something they can do for their website to contribute to SEO. And the answer is: Yes!If you’re a regular newsletter reader, you already know that there are several areas thatcontribute to your website rankings: content, page structure, sitemap, backlinks, ratings andreviews, etc. The previous article has already given you some ideas of how to improve thegeneral SEO of your website, this article focuses on SEO content.There are a few ground rules that apply to your website content.The content should be • Unique • Well-written • Frequently updatedMost importantly, it is essential to remember that any content is created for people. It should behighly relevant to your target audience and give them extraordinary value. We all know thatattention spans are short, and you should make sure that your content is the one that people lookfor.There are many different types of content that can contribute to your SEO. There are blog posts,normal websites, pdf brochures or checklists, online videos, podcasts, press releases or RSSfeeds. As long as you are giving valuable information to your target audience, it doesn’t matterwhich format you content is in. You can decide to specialise in one type of content, such asvideos or articles, or you can decide to mix it up.
  5. 5. Whatever medium you choose to deliver your content, here are some general guidelines toensure your content is optimized for search engines.MetadataYour metadata is the information that describes your content. For example information about yourwebsite, your video or podcast. This includes the title of your piece, descriptions and keywords.To optimize your metadata, ensure the following: • Use your desired keyword in the title of your piece • Use your desired keyword in the category or tag of your content • Use your desired keyword in the description, if possible toward the beginning of the sentence. Your description should not be longer than the official guidelines. For example, Google likes to read descriptions less than 160 characters. Your description should also include a call to action.ContentThese particular guidelines apply mainly to written content. For other content (such as videos orpodcasts) the metadata is even more important, as the search engines can’t read the actual file.For written content: • Include your desired keyword in heading (h1 tag) • Where possible also include keyword in a subheading (h2 or h3 tag) • Include your main keyword in approximately 2 percent of the article (2-4 mentions for a 200 word article). • Emphasise the keyword in the text by bolding, underlining or italicising once or twice throughout the article. • Include the main keyword in the first and last sentence where possible. • Include related keywords where it is appropriate for the reader.PicturesAgain, these particular guidelines apply to picture content. For written content see the guidelinesabove, for video or audio content, pay additional attention to optimising your metadata contentand reviewing and sharing your content through social networking sites.For image content • Add an alt tag with the keyword to your image. • Include the keyword in the description of the image. • If possible add a subtitle to the picture that increases the readers interest. People are drawn to read the subtitle of pictures.
  6. 6. • Where possible build 1-2 links to each image with the keyword in the anchor text. That will increase the chance of the image to rank in the Google Image search.Once again, keep in mind that the most important aspect of your content is how valuable it is toyour target audience. The more value you give them, the more likely and willing they will be toshare your content and therefore increase your exposure to a broader target market.Gift VoucherThank your for being a loyal newsletter subscriber and valued customer of Eminent OnlineMarketing.Our business wouldn’t be where it is today without you – our customers.As a thank you we would like to give you a gift voucher this year. It is a gift voucher for either anSEO analysis, or a competitor analysis, or a 1on 1 consultation. If your SEO and online marketingstrategy is already fully set-up, the voucher is transferrable to friends, family, clients orcolleagues.
  7. 7. Merry Christmas and Happy New YearThank you for being one of our valued clients in 2011. It has been an interesting year for EminentOnline Marketing – our team has grown, our client base has grown and we’re in all around goodshape for 2012.It is our hope that we can continue to provide value to you and your business, through ourproducts, services and of course our newsletter.We wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a successful and happy new year. Yours, Janna Jungclaus And the Eminent Online Marketing Team Ph: 02 8580 4836