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Internet Marketing Newsletter April 2011


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This issue is dedicated to our outcome-focused approach that's why we're sharing with you the 7 secrets to increasing the ROI of your website and how to choose the best SEO provider there is. Plus, we tell you the story of how a business, who severely reduced their advertising cost by moving their marketing budget to SEO and monitoring, testing and tracking results, achieved huge success.

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Internet Marketing Newsletter April 2011

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Newsletter Edition 6, April 2011Growing your business! NewsThe first quarter of 2011 is nearly over and the Next time you’re at the newscold, hard numbers are staring us in the face. stand, check out the April 2011How did your business or department edition of myBusiness magazine.perform? Did you hit all KPIs, met all budgetsand delivered the growth you wanted? A variation of the article “3 Steps to Starting Your FacebookOne of our key points at Eminent Online Marketing Campaign” from ourMarketing is our outcome focused perspective February newsletter was alsofor SEO and online marketing. Whether your published in this issue.strategy focuses on increased visibility foryour business, online lead generation, or Congratulations!general marketing and promotion, the key isthat it should pay off big time: creating stronggrowth for your business at a very efficient The Eminent Online Marketingprice. team is continuing to grow andIn this newsletter, we explore topics around we’re welcoming 2 new teamincreasing the return on investment (ROI) of members on board:your website and your SEO campaign. After all, Celeste Opolentisima is our newwho doesn’t want to get more growth for a more project manager, making sure alleffective cost? the bits and pieces fit together atYours, the right time and in the right way.Janna Jungclaus Jairo Borinaga is our new technical whizz who takes care of the on-page optimisation for the SEO projects. ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  2. 2. 7 Secrets to Websites That Sell • Who - are your prospects? What pain are they looking to alleviate? What pleasure are theyHaving a business website has become looking to heighten? What are they really lookingmandatory in the last few years. It has simply for? Then match up the benefits of what youbecome part of owning a business, the same way provide with the benefits your prospects rent office space. • What do you want your prospects to do? Do youUnfortunately, many business owners have the want them to order your product online? Call towrong type of websites – ones that cost them book an appointment? Submit a form asking formoney in creation and maintenance. And yet, more information?they never get a single cent back from this typeof sites. A website like this leads your website visitors to the conclusion that taking the action you wantIf you are determined to turn your website from a them to make is the most logical choice for themcostly liability into an income generating asset, to solve their problems and achieve their are the seven secrets to websites that sell: And you tell them exactly what action they must take.1. Create a Direct Response Website "Did you know that there are two different typesof websites? The “branding” and “direct Unfortunately, many businessresponse” websites. owners have the wrong type ofBranding websites try to build the “brand” of a websites - ones that cost thembusiness. They aim to “create brand awareness” money yet never make them aand “generate brand loyalty”. The theory is that if single cent "a customer sees your “brand” enough times, theywill eventually buy something -from you. Theproblem is creating a brand takes time & moneyand there are no guarantees it will actually work.Now, the other type of website is a direct 2. Collect the Name & Email Address ofresponse website. Direct response websites are Your Customerdesigned to get people to respond right away, Many business owners dream about marketingsuch as order a product, subscribe to a mailing their products and services to prospects (andlist, phone your business... and any other action customers) for free. No media costs, noyou want someone to take. They focus on gettingan action NOW. For businesses where cash flow advertising reps to deal with. The truth is you canis important, having a direct response website do it, if you make the right use of your website.can be the difference between a website that Once you have collected the contact details ofgenerates thousands of dollars every month, and your prospects and customers, you can contactone that collects cyber-dust and never makes a them any time when you want to advertise –cent. whether you are having a sale, introducing a newSo what exactly is a direct response website? product or reminding people about your services.Typically, direct response websites focus on the All you need to do is send out a simple email andprospect or customer. It speaks directly to them it instantly goes out to everyone on your mailingand lets them know that you understand their list. Not only that, you’ll also be building a verysituation and their problem – and that you have valuable asset for your business.the solution they need. It is designed and written Many business owners do not realize this, but theto elicit response from someone. Here are a real value of their business is actually the list ofcouple of questions you should answer when customers they have built up over the years. Aftercreating a direct response website: ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  3. 3. all, your customers are the lifeblood of your It’s amazing how quickly you can increase yourbusiness, and a business with a big list of revenue if your prospects saw your advertising 7customers can “tap into” that lifeblood at any times more than they do now! And the best parttime. Need to make some quick sales to hit your is you can setup an automated prospect follow-targets for the month? Just send an email to your up system. You just create one follow-upmailing list with a special offer! It requires campaign and it gets customized and sent to allnothing for you to do and is in your customers’ your other prospects 100% hands- free. So nothands in a few minutes. only are you following up more regularly and getting your advertising in front of yourAs you can imagine, capturing the name and prospects more often, you’re also doing it allemail address of everyone that visits your website automatically with no extra work at all!is a very powerful tactic. And the biggest mistakeI see most businesses make online is not doing 4. Focus on Customer Benefits Notthis. It’s very easy to do, and I’ll show you some Featureslow-cost software that will automate the whole One of the most powerful ways to increase theprocess for you – even sending emails for you response of your website is to focus yourwhile you sleep! Once you start building your advertising on the benefits your customers getmailing list and fire off your first few emails - and from your business, rather than the features ofsee the orders start coming in automatically - your business. A feature is what youryou’ll be hooked. product/service is. A benefit is what your product/service does for the customer.3. Follow Up Regularly With Your Remember, people buy things for what they do, Customers not what they are. Studies prove that your prospects need to seeyour advertising approximately 7 times before For example:they buy from you. Sure, some people may buysomething from you the very first time they hear Most mortgage brokers base their advertising onof you; and others may not buy until the 50th their “low rates”. Now, low rates are great.time. But overall, on average, it takes about 7 Everyone wants the lowest rate possible. Buttimes. Now, there may be many reasons for this: what does a low rate actually do for thebuilding up trust, familiarity and awareness are customer? Well, it might mean they can afford asome examples. Studying those reasons can give mortgage and still eat out at restaurants, go on ayou insights into how to improve the holiday, buy a new car, or any one of hundreds ofeffectiveness of your advertising. activities that many people can’t afford once they’re committed to paying their mortgage off.But the fastest and easiest way to take advantage These are the benefits people are really lookingof this knowledge is simply this: Follow up for!regularly with your prospects so you are kept ontop of their minds until you reach that critical They’re not really looking for a low rate; they’repoint for a sale much faster than you ordinarily looking for the benefits they get from paying awould have! In the past, getting your advertising low rate. It seems a simple distinction, and you7x in the hands of your prospects through might think people already know the benefits...traditional marketing methods such as media but the fact is they don’t. Different Marketingadvertising, direct mail, or flyers was not only studies concur that specifically and distinctlyexpensive, but time consuming too!. Today, spelling out the benefits of your products andThanks to internet marketing, you can market to services will get you more orders than simplyyour prospects virtually for free -- so following up listing the features. Do not make your customerswith them 7 times costs no more than following try to figure out the benefits for themselves. Youup with them once. need to be explicitly clear about the benefits they get from your products or services’ features. - ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  4. 4. 5. Grab Their Attention – Fast commercials play. They must be doing somethingDid you know that studies show you’ve got right.approximately 3 seconds to grab your prospects One thing you might have noticed is the numberattention with your website? It’s true. People of “testimonials” and “success stories” they use.make thousands of split-second decisions the These are extremely effective at bringing in sales.moment they land on your website. If you fail to People are much more likely to believegrab their attention they will click “back” and will something someone else says about you thannever be seen again. After all, people are busy. what you say about yourself. After all; you’reThey are tuned in to station WIIFM (What’s In It probably only going to say good things aboutFor Me) They don’t have time to waste on yourself! Also, no one likes a braggart -- andwebsites that don’t offer them a specific benefit. when you tell people how good you are at whatNow, the quickest and easiest way to grab you do, it can come off as bragging (even if it’sattention is with a headline. Eye studies show 100% true!). But it’s a different story when it’sthat a headline is one of the first parts of a someone else telling people how good you people read. Unfortunately, most Bottom line:business websites don’t have a headline at all! Orif they do, it’s the name of their business -- not People put a lot of weight in 3rd partyexactly “attention grabbing”. You need a headline testimonials. Yet so few businesses use them! Ithat targets your customers needs, wants, and bet you have hundreds of happy customers whodesires and highlights the benefits they get. have nothing but great things to say about you, right? Make it a habit of collecting customerFor example: success stories from everyone you deal with, andThe headline of my website is “How To Make feature them prominently on your website. NoYour Website Pull In 400% More Business Than doubt you will see an instant improvement inYour Competition -- At No Extra Charge!” your conversions.It targets the exact benefit you get by doing 7. Mix It Up With Audio and Videobusiness with me -- making more money without If you want to quickly bond with your customersspending any -- and gives you a reason to read on -- without ever having met them -- and haveand find out more. If I had just written “Kyle them trusting you, respecting you and even likingTully Consulting”, it wouldn’t have been you, then adding audio and video to your websiteanywhere near the same effect. After all, you’re is a must. For example:not looking for a consultant... you’re looking tomake more money without spending any! You can record a short audio introduction for your website, introducing yourself and the keyNow, your home page is the most important page benefits your customers get by doing businesson your website -- it is the one page nearly with you. When people visit your website theyeveryone will see. Make sure it has a headline click on the “play” button and hear your welcomethat “sells” people on reading the rest of your message. Instantly you have jumped through thewebsite. screen and grabbed their attention. They can now hear you; they know that you are real and that6. Let Other People Sing Your Praises there is a real person behind the website. It helpsHave you ever stayed up late and watched an build trust and rapport much faster than textinfomercial? I have to admit, I’m an infomercial alone. Or you could do the same thing with video.junkie. I never actually buy anything, but I find itextremely interesting (and profitable) studying The fact is, people have short attention spans.what they do -- some of these companies pull in Anything that grabs their attention and keeps itridiculous sales figures every single time their focused on you, your business, or your website is ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  5. 5. a good thing. Audio and video captivate people’s specialist that can show proven results and thatattention for minutes (sometimes hours) at a has developed a proven process to get you thetime. results you desire.Here’s another great tip: You’ve already seen the Return on Investmentpower of using customer success stories on your It’s simply not enough anymore to rank yourwebsite... well, how about audio and video website on page 1 of Google – what counts is thattestimonials? These are even more powerful than your business grows as a result of your SEOwritten testimonials! People can hear the campaign. Therefore, providers who focus on theauthenticity in the voice and see the person Return on Investment (ROI) of your SEOspeaking from the heart about how good your campaign will work with you to deliver thoseproducts and services are! It’s so much more results from start to finish.believable than a written testimonial. Long-term RelationshipAnd how about this: You can even create full- Developing and implementing an SEO campaignblown video commercials and have them blasted for your business can take anywhere from 4out all over the Internet -- for a fraction of the months upwards. While you can see great resultscost of a TV commercial! Big companies have in a few months, the real success of any onlinebeen doing this for years, but now it’s so project happens after the initial release—in theaffordable even one-person operations can’t phase where you evaluate, test, track, monitorafford NOT to have their own video commercials and improve. Therefore you’re well advised toon the Internet. choose an SEO provider you can develop a long- term relationship with. After all, they’reHow to Choose Your SEO becoming your trusted advisor to grow your business, so it’s best you get along.Provider ProfessionalFor serious business owners who want to Although the internet is famous for bringing usgenerate more growth for their business, it’s not 15 year old millionaires, that’s no excuse fora question any more of whether they should use partnering with someone who is not professional.SEO – it’s a fact. Look for someone who is committed to deadlines, delivers high quality work and keepsHowever, when choosing the right SEO specialist you involved as the project work with, you should keep a couple of thingsin mind: Your Best InterestWhen you choose the right SEO provider for your It sounds logical, but make sure you choosebusiness, you benefit from their existing someone who has your best interest at heart. Theknowledge and experience, and you even get internet marketing and advertising industry isaccess to their proven processes, proprietary full of people who are happy to take your moneytools and well trained team. whether your plan will deliver results for you or not. If you find a provider that really cares aboutWhen choosing the right expert to work with you, your business and you as a client, you can rely onhere are some key points to evaluate against their honest advice rather than feeling ripped off.when making your decision:Proven Results Success Story of the MonthUnfortunately the internet has become infamous As we have discussed in previous issues of thefor the amount of spam and deceit that is going newsletter, the benefits of SEO are manyfold.on. It is therefore most important to find an SEO ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing
  6. 6. In this success story, we’re looking at a business the long term.that severely reduced their advertising cost bymoving their marketing budget to SEO and Although the training company experiencedmonitoring, testing and tracking results. about 6 months with only a few leads per month, the long-term view of the project was to produceTraditional Advertising results after 6-9 months.The client was a training and developmentcompany that was spending a large advertising Reduction in Advertising Costbudget on magazine advertising and Google As a result of the SEO campaign, the traffic hasAdWords. increased by over 617% in 12 months and this company now receives an average of $85 leadsAfter an initial analysis, they discovered that in per month at a cost of less than $16 per lead.effect, their advertising was bringing in very fewleads, and that the cost per lead had unknowingly They have been able to employ 2 new people incrept up to $550 per lead. In fact such a high cost their individual coaching division due to theper lead was not effective for the organization at great results produced by the leads generated byall, but because nobody knew of any alternatives, their SEO campaign.they just let it slide.Initial ConsultationIn the initial consultation, the marketingmanager made it clear they actually wanted tohave 70-80 leads per month for the same budget.Introducing SEOFollowing the initial analysis, it was decided toimplement an initial SEO project that wouldreduce the cost per lead and would be scalable inReady, Steady, Go!Now that the Second Quarter of 2011 is well on it’s way, it’s time to review the advertising andmarketing goals that were set at the beginning of the year.Has your budget delivered the results you were hoping for? Are your marketing and advertisingstrategies generating leads to grow your business?If you’re on track, then congratulations – 2011 will be an exciting year of business growth for you.If not, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing. If you’re too involved in your projects, find aconsultant who can help create much needed distance and find a more effective way to meet your goals.Yours,Janna JungclausEminent Online Marketing 02 8580 4836Join Us on Facebook ©2011 Eminent Online Marketing