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Indians Invest In USA Real Estate@ 9999389911

  2. 2.  The financial crisis in the World started in the lower half of 2008 in USA. As a result of this crisis the BUBBLE real estate markets throughout the world have suffered major meltdowns. The real estate values all over the world have gone down with some advanced countries being more affected than the rest of the world. In the small world that we live in, this meltdown has created a golden opportunity for investors/individuals all over the world to invest in real estate of these advanced countries for short and long term investments. For citizens of developing countries like India this is an even better investment option as the effect of global economic meltdown is minimum here and the purchasing & investment capacity continues to grow. Even the government of these countries are supporting the overseas investments with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowing the citizens to invest up to US$ 200,000 annually overseas. With limited good real estate investment options and lack of systematic functioning of real estate in India and availability of real estate at rock bottom prices with much higher rental income and rate of return on investment overseas, the attention and direction of investors and individuals are shifting towards the overseas market.
  3. 3. OPPORTUNITY The abundance of dollar funds with the Indian Govt. and the depreciation of real estate values all over the world provide us with this unique opportunity to own our dream houses in dream locations. To turn this opportunity into reality we extensively studied the international real estate markets and discovered that the opportunities in USA are the most lucrative at the present time. The USA, being the world power, is the one of the most systematic country in terms of real estate entry & exit. It is also the most sought after destination by most foreign nationals for tourism and immigration. The lack of knowledge & management resources present a unique opportunity to our company to identify the right properties for the investors which meet/exceed the expected Return on Investments for stabilized cash flow and long & short term investment strategies. We would also identify the local property management companies and monitor the socio-economic growth to help the investors in taking appropriate decisions for long & short term goals.
  4. 4. WHY USA?
  5. 5. Lot of people ask us “Why USA and not UK, Australia or Dubai”? The reasons are numerous,however simple. Lets discuss some major ones: -1. The eco-crisis started from USA and among the worst affected countries, USA is selfsufficient to fill up the deficit, thus the first to show signs of recovery. The real estate value hasnot only stabilized but also started appreciating in some areas. We still don‟t know whenwould the real estate market in countries like UK, Dubai etc. appreciate as the values havenot yet stabilized. Australia is experiencing a downward trend in real estate values fromalmost the last 5 years.2. USA political & legal system are one of the most transparent and systematic in the wholeworld. The real estate laws in USA are straight forward and protect the owner in terms ofrental entries & evictions.3. USA is one of the most preferred countries by Indians for business, vacation, investmentand relocating purposes. Any type of investment naturally easies out the Visa norms. Also anindividual can apply for a green card after investing US$ 1 Million.4. Property ownership in USA is very transparent in the form of fee simple. Ownership incountries like UK is leasehold, with the land belonging to Govt. and the lease needs to berenewed after a specific timeframe, generally 90-99 years.
  6. 6. PROPERTY PORTFOLIO (PROPERTY CLASSES & PARAMETERS) Property Classes : – Properties in USA are generally divided into two categories : - 1. Residential (Pictures Below) –  Single/Multi Family Homes  Condominiums  Townhouses  Semi constructed & Un-constructed residential land. 2. Commercial/Mix Use –  Office Buildings  Apartment Complexes  Hotels/Motels & Restaurants  Businesses for acquisition  Mixed Use (Residential + Commercial)
  7. 7. o Single Family Home:ONE FAMILY HOME IN MIAMI, FL.
  8. 8. o 1-4/Multi Family Home:A THREE FAMILY HOME SAMPLE IN MIAMI, FL.
  10. 10. o Townhouse Sample:SAMPLE TOWNHOUSE - MIAMI
  11. 11. o Commercial Sample:THE BACARDI BUILDING - MIAMI.
  12. 12.  Property Parameters : -  PROPERTY VALUE : 1. US$ 100,000 & below – Discounted/Distressed Properties. These have very less decision time. Are high on demand & have a good appreciation factor right from the start. Has good rental returns. 2. US$ 100-250,000 – These are generally properties for personal use. Have an option to buy a two or three family home, which have higher rentals. 3. US$ 250-500,000 – These are mid-end properties in urban areas like NY, CA, FL, NV which if single family, are semi- luxury homes and if multi family, then are optimum for one unit self living and other units rental or all rental scheme. 4. US$ 500,000-1 Million – These are mostly multi family houses which have very good rental returns. Small commercial units are available for this price range. 5. US$ 1-3 Million – These are generally very high end luxury apartments or homes. Good commercial units are also available with options of mixed use properties (4 residential units and 1-4 commercial units together) in this value range. 6. US$ 3 million and above – These are super luxury apartments/homes or big commercial units. Price range can be between US$3-100 million.
  13. 13.  Property Ownership Type: 1. FEE SIMPLE – Own the land & construction on it. Tenure Objective: 1. 6 Months & below: – Acquisition, renovation & sale of property in 180 days for instant capital gain. 2. 6 months – 1 year: – Acquisition & sale of property in 180-360 days for short term capital gain. 3. 1-3 years: - Acquisition & sale of property within 3 years for rental income & long term capital gain (as per U.S. Tax Laws). 4. 3-10 years: - Acquisition & sale of property within 10 years for rental income & long term capital gain. 5. 10 years & above: - Properties purchased for self use, vacation or investment purpose with no intent of selling it for the next 10 years and/or keeping them permanently. Location: Entire U.S.A. starting with Florida.
  14. 14. UNDERWRITING PHILOSPHY & COMPONENTS  Our underwriting method consist on a reliable, conservative, sophisticated yet simple system, that creates accurate results, based on different exit strategys channels. One of the key areas is to focus on the investor‟s need for the investment term, stabilized returns and/or short term gains.  Basic Info Required: 1. Property Type & Description. 2. Purpose of Investment. 3. Market Dynamics, vacancy factor, micro & macro market. 4. Appraisal/Value. 5. Location. 6. Exit Strategy.
  15. 15.  Property Facts: 1. Stabilized/Projected NOI/ROI. 2. Adjusted Rent Roll. 3. Current Occupancy. 4. Market Occupancy. 5. Rent Roll with Roll Schedule. 6. Current average Rents on properties. 7. Current & future market rent trends. 8. Current NOI/ROI. Property Variables: 1. Rent Assumptions 2. Expense assumptions 3. Credit tenants 4. Lease terms
  16. 16. CASH FLOW STATEMENT SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE MULTI FAMILY HOUSE Costing Costing Acquisition $60,000 Acquisition $250,000 Annual Cash Flow Annual Cash Flow Particulars Outward Inward Balance Particulars Outward Inward Balance Gross Rent $14,400 $14,400 Gross Rent $43,200 $43,200 Property Taxes $1,800 $12,600 Property Taxes $6,000 $37,200 Property Insurance $1,200 $11,400 Property Insurance $3,000 $34,200Property Management $1,200 $10,200 Property Management $1,800 $32,400 Vacancy Factor $900 $9,300 Vacancy Factor $1,200 $31,200Repair & Maintainence $900 $8,400 Repair & Maintainence $1,200 $30,000 Lease Commission $1,200 $7,200 Lease Commission $1,200 $28,800Rental Rate of Return 12.00% Rental Rate of Return 11.52% Appreciation Factor 100-200% next 3 to 5 years Appreciation Factor 100-200% next 3 to 5 years
  17. 17. CONDOMINIUMS SPECULATION PROPERTY Costing Costing Acquisition $65,000 Acquisition $60,000 Rehab $30,000 Total $95,000 Annual Cash Flow Particulars Outward Inward Balance Annual Cash Flow Gross Rent $14,400 $14,400 Particulars Outward Inward Balance Property Taxes $1,200 $13,200 Association Fees $2,400 $10,800 Gross Rent $19,200 $19,200 Property Insurance $600 $10,200 Property Taxes $2,400 $16,800Property Management $1,200 $9,000 Property Insurance $1,200 $15,600 Vacancy Factor $600 $8,400 Property Management $1,200 $14,400Repair & Maintainence $900 $7,500 Vacancy Factor $800 $13,600 Lease Commission $1,200 $6,300 Repair & Maintainence $800 $12,800 Lease Commission $1,600 $11,200Rental Rate of Return 10.50% Rental Rate of Return 11.79% Appreciation Factor 100-200% next 3 to 5 years Appreciation factor 100-200% next 3 to 5 yrs
  18. 18. GOVERNMENT APPROVALS (RBI) As per 2007 update on Liberalized Remittance Scheme {A.P. (Dir Series) Circular No.9 dated September 26, 2007}, an Indian national is allowed to invest US $ 200,000 per person annually in foreign markets through automated (banking) route. The above said amount can be utilized to buy stocks, bonds, shares, immovable real estate, debt instruments &/or any other asset abroad. No prior RBI approval is required in the transactions. Your bank can perform the transaction on your behalf.
  19. 19. BUYING PROCESSWhen a Florida property has been chosen,the property both buyer and seller draw up acontract setting out the conditions of the salewhich also includes the checks and propertyinspections. Both parties are represented byagents, who act through a broker. A depositof at least 10% is paid at this point. Theproperty buyer loses this if he/she withdrawsfrom the deal, but if the property fails to meetthe conditions of the sale outlined in thecontract the deposit is refunded. Theproperty buyer and seller then both appoint asettlement company in order to complete thetransaction. The balance is paid by the buyerand both parties sign the final documents.The transfer of ownership is then registeredwith local authorities.
  20. 20. MANAGEMENT TEAM SUSHANT BAGARIA: One of the partners with Eminence Real Estate Consultants, he has been deeply involved with U.S.A. real estate facilitation & mortgage origination from the past 7 years. He is fully aware about the appraisal & facilitation factors in the U.S.A. market. Expert at identifying properties with exceptional rental returns & appreciation factors. RACHIT BAGARIA: Rachit Bagaria, the other partner with Eminence Real Estate Consultants has also been deeply involved with U.S.A. mortgage & real estate business. Rachit has been very successful in understanding the customer needs & requirements and to match them with the appropriate inventory.
  21. 21.  NICK NAMIT: Mr. Nick Namit, (President, I.M.M.S.I.), is a well known name in USA real estate & mortgage market. It is a real estate investment consultation, management & servicing firm. Based in Florida, the company identifies distressed & discounted real estate with un-matched returns for local & foreign investors. Eminence Real Estate Consultants have an exclusive contract with Mr. Namit for property identification & facilitation. 1New York Times: July 22, 1990 – “Northeast Notebook: Philadelphia; Rejuvenating Drake Tower” rejuvenating-drake-tower.html
  22. 22. CONSULTATION & FACILITATION OF DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE  Address: A 152, Block „A‟ Greenwood City, Sector 45 Gurgaon – 122001 (HR.) INDIA  Contact:  Phone: +91-124-4267922; +1516-596-8961 (U.S.A.)  Mobile: +91-9999-38-9911; +91-99900-99200;  Fax: +91-124-4267922;  Email: ;