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France by Maria


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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France by Maria

  1. 1. FRANCE
  2. 2. FRANCE France is a country of West Europe. It has a population 66.000.000 people. Its capital city is Paris. People in France speak French. Their currency is ‘Euro’.
  3. 3. WINE France is very popular for its wine which is exported in large quantities.
  4. 4. France has very popular porcelain, such as the porcelain of Limoges. PORCELAIN
  5. 5. Famous french car industries citroen renault peuget
  6. 6. Famous french aircrafts Seperat jaguar Casa aviocar Mirage Dassault Rafale Super Puma
  7. 7. Famous perfumes DIOR Famous desiners DIOR CHANEL GAULTIER
  8. 8. France is a very beautiful country with a lot of exhibits,such as: Arc de Triomphe Notre Dame Eiffel Tower
  9. 9. Thank you for watching Edith Piaf Project by: Maria Efstratiou