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FarmStacker Pitch Deck

FarmStacker is a social enterprise that connects young farmers to land and capital by creating collaboration with existing farm operations using stacked agriculture.

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FarmStacker Pitch Deck

  1. 1. FarmStacker connects young farmers to land and capital by creatingcollaboration with existing farm operations using stacked agriculture.Creating revenue streamsfrom underutilized landMatching young farmers withcompatible farm operationsConnecting young farmers tostart-up capital=++
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Farmer Kevin.I was 24, and had just finished my last apprenticeship.
  3. 3. I tried to find land to buy or lease.I didn’t have a reputation yet or enough funding.
  4. 4. I applied to FarmStacker online.FarmStacker helped me put together my business plan and gaveme some funding!
  5. 5. FarmStacker’s database connected me to a grass-fed cattle ranchthat had some unused land for my business.FarmStacker crafted a mutually beneficial lease to share the land.
  6. 6. The landowner loved the extra income and better grass for his cows.I was able to launch my farm with just $20,000.
  7. 7. I was profitable from the start!We started thinking long term.
  8. 8. FarmStacker’s network connected me with other small producers towin large supplier contracts.Farming felt like a career!
  9. 9. FarmStacker enabled the rancher to sell me his farm.He felt good about leaving it in my hands.
  10. 10. Now, FarmStacker lets me help new young farmers.Because of FarmStacker, I was able to start. And because I wasable to start, I was able to succeed.
  11. 11. FarmStacker will transform the farming profession.FarmStacker Cultivates the Next Generation of FarmersATTRACT• Lowers capital requirements• Provides support network• Creates apprenticeship model andfacilitates knowledge transferRETAIN• Helps young farmers build trustand reputation in community• Accelerates financial viability• Increases overall flexibility in thefarming professionSUSTAIN• Propagates holistic farmingpractices• Improves yield in organic farming• Provides attractive off-ramp forolder farmers to exit the marketIncubation Operation Exit