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1SE Lima Retreat Guide

How we planned a retreat for our remote company. This is the document I created for the team prior to travel!

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1SE Lima Retreat Guide

  1. 1. 2019 Lima Retreat Guide In this Guide: ! Arrival in Lima " Hotel Info # Trip Itinerary ☀ Weather and Packing % Tipping & Location/Maps ' Getting Around ( Expenses/Reimbursements ℹ Contact ! Arrival in Lima Each of you will arrive in Lima at various times over the weekend. We’ll have a driver waiting for you at the airport. They will be waiting once you exit the baggage area with your name on a sign. Look for someone wearing a orange polo shirt with “VIPAC” written on it. The drivers have your flight information, so no need to worry if there’s a delay. They’ll keep an eye on it. They will drive you to our hotel! " Hotel Info Libre Hotel Av. La Paz 730 Miraflores Gobierno Regional de Lima, LIMA 18, Peru +51 1 2090900 Checking in: Please check in under your name. If you need to make any changes to your room, let the front desk clerk know. Let Emily know if there’s any issue. Chances are a few of the team members might have arrived already. Let people know if you’d like to meet up! A Note on Breakfast:
  2. 2. The hotel provides a complimentary breakfast buffet every morning from 6:00 am to 10:00 am on weekdays and 6:00am to 11:00am on weekends. Feel free to partake or hit up another local spot. Laundry: Laundry service (regular and express) is available upon request at the hotel. Turning on the lights: Your hotel room key is your light source! Insert it into its slot on the wall when you walk in to turn on the lights. Apparently this is a big thing in Europe? Emily was thoroughly confused about this when she first arrived. She sat in the dark for a good half hour before figuring it out. Don’t be like Emily. # Trip Itinerary Please note that the times below are subject to change. The google calendar will have the most updated information and we will also notify you via google calendar. VIPAC and the hotel will also have their own notes they leave with the front desk regarding pickup times! Monday, March 25th 9:30—5pm Meetings* (see google cal for breakdown) 6:15pm Meet in Hotel lobby to take group photo 7:00pm Dinner @TBA Tuesday, March 26th 9:30—5pm Meetings* (see google cal for breakdown) FREE for dinner Wednesday, March 27th 9:30—5pm Meetings* (see google cal for breakdown) 6:15pm Meet in Hotel lobby to leave for dinner 7:00pm Dinner @TBA Thursday, March 28th FREE DAY
  3. 3. Friday, March 29th 9:30—5pm Meetings* (see google cal for breakdown) FREE for dinner Saturday, March 30th FREE during the day 7:15pm meet in hotel lobby for transport to dinner 8:00pm Dinner @ TBA Sunday, March 31st FREE DAY Overview
  4. 4. ☀ Weather and Packing The weather will be warm, so plan accordingly. It gets sort of cool at night, having a light jacket or sweater felt comfortable. Note that there are a ton of shopping in our hotel area, so don’t worry if you forget something! Potential Packing List • Sunscreen • Sturdy walking shoes • Bathing suit if you’re interested in surfing, swimming, or checking out a spa • 1SE t-shirt (optional) • Active wear if you’re wanting to workout/do more active stuff etc. Who wants to go paragliding?? • At least one “fancy” outfit. We’re not talking suit and tie, but our team dinner will be at a fairly nice restaurant. A nice collard shirt/blouse will do the trick! DM Emily if you have questions!
  5. 5. • Any work equipment you’ll need. • Laptop/device chargers % Tipping Most restaurant and bar bills include a 10% gratuity. It's customary to add an extra 10% if the service has been satisfactory. Most Peruvians only tip one or two Soles at small "mom and pop" restaurants that do not add a tip to the bill. It is true that Peruvians are not big tippers, however, tipping is a great way to show your appreciation to the people serving you and to have your dollars go straight into the pockets of the people that need it most, a 10 to 20% tip will be warmly accepted at any restaurant and will put a surprised smile on a person's face. Taxis do not expect tips. Fares are negotiated prior to initiating the trip. & Locations/Maps I’ve invited everyone to the google map. Download it to your device so you can use it offline. Here’s the link: id=1pdUrNZKKQdEPF2NAby6cYuEMSpiZfpZ4&usp=sharing Once you accept the invitation, open up your phone and open google maps. Your app will be saved under “Your Places” > “Maps”> “1SE Lima Retreat 2019”
  6. 6. Miraflores: This is the center of where we will spend most of our time. Our hotel and cowering spaces are located in this area, and you’ll see a ton of shops, and touristy zones in this area. Barranco District: This is a neighborhood a little south of where we’re staying that has a ton of cool local bars, restaurants, and shops. Definitely check it out when you have some free time! Note it’s a 15 min uber from our hotel. Coffee/Cafes: Puku Puku Café Larco (funky local chain + bakery) 10 min walk near the cliffs/beach area. No seating. Great egg salad breakfast sandwich Bicicoffee Coffetime (small cute coffee shop, 2 blocks from hotel)
  7. 7. Les gourmands cafeteria francesa - nice coffee shop with pastries. Really friendly staff. Cash and credit card accepted. Around the corner from the hotel. Kulcafé (funky lunch spot close to hotel with outdoor seating) - healthy eating and juices Restaurants: Mercado 28 - food court area with Peruvian food and bars on the second floor of area. Lunch and dinner. Sitting is limited but food is delicious. Truck Park (fun collection of food trucks + bar in a covered area - NOT walking distance) Maido (High end Japanese + Peruvian fusion - RSVP dinner spot) - two months out reservation Tanta - Larcomar (low key fun outdoor seating near the cliff beach) - great for group meal. Affordable and delicious Amaz (food from the Amazon region of Peru) Central Restaurante (fancy dinner - RSVP spot) - expensive but super unique experience El Jefe Smoked BBQ (First BBQ + Peruvian fusion)
  8. 8. Cala - Near Barrancon. Ceviche and cocktails right on the beach. Amazing views for sunset. Getting in and out can be tough with traffic. Bars / Brewery: La Emolientería - traditional peruvian tea but also serves cocktails. Little pricey but super close to hotel and a nice setup. Orient Express bar - Bar styled as a train car. Located in an alley near the hotel. Cocktails Dada Bar - In Barranco. Cocktail bar in old colonial house. Food also. Outdoor seating. Really nice area. Barranco Beer Company (craft beer with food in Barranco) XWaJ5skfjMn Treff (bar with games across the street from hotel) La Destilería (nice cocktail bar) Activities: Al Parapuerto de Miraflores -  Paragliding over the cliffs near the hotel. Walking distance. 10 minute flight for $80. ONLY WHEN IT'S WINDY! Huaca Pucllana (Beautiful museum and archeological site) 25min walk from hotel $5/adult
  9. 9. $3/kids Also a night time option and group tours. Not sure about english though Choco Museo - Workshops for kids and adults. Grind up some cacao and make your own candy, tea, and cocoa drinks Indian Market Miraflores - Bunch of outdoor markets selling trinkets and gifts. Perfect for a walk around shopping Trap Lima (escape the room + VR games) Miraflores Lighthouse -  Nice walk along the cliffs and water front. Cafe or two along the way. Grocery stores: ECO Tienda Natural - Organic Natural Market (heathy grocery store + cafe) https:// Vivanda - local healthy grocery store. Similar to whole foods. Across the main street from the hotel. Wong (grocery store walking distance) - kinda lame Public holidays (none while we'd be there): peru/2019.php
  10. 10. ' Getting Around We will be providing transportation to all company events, but in case you want to explore on your own, we recommend using Uber! ( Expenses / Reimbursements How to get reimbursed: Please keep all receipts for your work-related purchases while on the trip. Here’s a list of what’s covered by the company. We will do our best to pay for most of these with company cards (Emily, Cesar, Sami, and Schoneck all have cards) but if you go to lunch with someone on the team who doesn’t have one, just keep your receipt and Schoneck will reimburse you. Collect expenses and email with “your name + Lima Retreat Reimbursements” as the subject line. Please send 1 email for all expenses. Take pics of your receipts, or scan and include in a pdf. Please note the total amount within the email. Expect reimbursements within the 30 days. Covered by the company: Hotel accommodations while in Lima Laundry Service through hotel Flights to and from Lima Traveling fees, baggage fees, etc. Coworking fees Transportation Meals while in Lima Cash stipend given upon arrival Various company group activities ie. Escape room, chocolate museum, TBA etc. Not covered by the company: Personal purchases Expenses for those traveling to Cusco (aside from flight) Free day activities when you’re alone or with your +1