Steven tyler says mick jagger comparisons hurt


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Steven tyler says mick jagger comparisons hurt

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Steven tyler says mick jagger comparisons hurt

  1. 1. STEVEN TYLER SAYS MICK JAGGER COMPARISONS HURT Steven Tyler staying current by posing with Rocker Anand Bhatt on the GRAMMY Red Carpet (PHOTO) After 40 years with Aerosmith, Steven Tyler takes the long view on the group’s well-documented ups and downs. He’s comfortable with what the band have achieved in their career together. But that doesn’t mean the unfavorable comparisons to Mick Jagger from early in his career don’t still sting. “The ‘cheap imitation of the Rolling Stones‘ criticism was constant,” Tyler tells Rolling Stone. “And it hurt for the first couple of years. It was constantly Mick Jagger this and Mick Jagger that — that I copied him, andJanis Joplin too. Mick was the cheapest, easiest shot.” It took some time, but Aerosmith eventually proved the critics wrong. The band will receive the ASCAP Founders Award next week in Los Angeles, just after their induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. After years of personal and professional upheaval, Tyler says it’s about time his band finally received some credit. “We’ve been strung out and sober,” he muses. “We’ve sold in, and we’ve sold out. Some days we didn’t even sell at all. What matters is we’re still together as a band.”• Lizzie Gowers Top Commenter McNary High School I think Aerosmith is far better than The Rolling Stones. Reply 13 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:09pmo
  2. 2. Jaffe Avaruuslävistäjä Rautanen Top Commenter Linnankosken lukio You cant say that! Thats something everyone knows but no one says... or even thinks about consciously... Reply 2 Like Friday at 3:11pmo Lawrence Moseley Top Commenter Massey College "Better" has to be defined. Reply 1 Like Friday at 5:15pmo Joe Kroger Top Commenter Be comfortable in your mental illness. Reply 1 Like 22 hours ago• Patricia Kelly Top Commenter Mick Jagger and the Stones are a higher class above Steven Tyler and his band! Dream on Steven! Reply 6 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:50pmo Cassy McKendry Top Commenter Subsitute Ninja Turtle at New York, New York No pun intended I am assuming? (referring to the "Dream on" remark)
  3. 3. Reply Like Friday at 4:11pmo Patricia Kelly Top Commenter Dream on referrs to... Here is a quiz for you One has mega man boobage and twisted gnarly toes hint its not Mick Jagger! Reply Like Friday at 6:02pmo Eric Chenault Top Commenter Shallow....JESUS! Yeah, thats what were all talking about. Man boobs and toes. Definitely not their music. FFS! Reply Like 3 hours ago• Trudy Esper Boyd Realschule der Ursulinen Marienberg, Boppard The Stones will have their place in music history, and so will Aerosmith! There is one important difference between Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger - Steven can sing! Aerosmith all the way! Keep on rocking! Reply 5 Like Follow Post Friday at 3:11pm• Twylia Gish Beltran Follow Top Commenter Vwcc HUMMM, STEVEN TYLER OR MICK JAGGER??? IDT SO.....STEVEN TYLER, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO CONCERN YOURSELF WITH LOVE. YOU AND AEROSMITH HAVE THE WHOLE PACKAGE. ENUFF SAID........ Reply 4 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:15pm
  4. 4. • David Mantle Deptford, New Jersey In Steven Tylers book "Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?" he says he loved being compared to Mick Jagger, before he became famous he even impersonated Micks younger brother, and he cites the Stones as his biggest influence. Why the sour grapes now? Reply 3 Like Follow Post Friday at 2:21pmo Twylia Gish Beltran Follow Top Commenter Vwcc YES HE DID ADMIRE HIM WHEN HE WAS FINDING HIS PLACE AND HE WANTED TO BE AS GREAT AS MICK JAGGER AND JANIS JOPLIN.... THINK HE SUCCEEDED FAR BEYOND HIS OWN EXPECTATIONS??? JUST LOOK @ THE 2 PICTURES..... LISTEN TO THE VOICE, ITS UNLIKE ANY OTHER.... AND HIS MUSICAL ABILITIES ARE SO FAR BEYOND WHAT PEOPLE EVEN REALIZE. Reply Like Friday at 4:50pm• Jerry Homeniuk Lizzie, im sorry to say that you are wrong. Aerosmith is a decent band, but the Stones..well theyre a great band. No comparison between the two, at all. Reply 3 Like Follow Post Friday at 2:28pm• Sarah Reynolds Top Commenter Toronto, Ontario like both bands, have seen Stones live twice, and Aerosmith a few. Aerosmith far superior live. The Stones were just going through the motions. Reply 2 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:53pm
  5. 5. • Dennis N. White Jr. Encinal High School Aerosmith is Americas band! as far as Im concerned, they have rocked from the start, and have never stoped. Reply 2 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:23pm• Nick White Wigan & Leigh These days Steve bears more resemblence to Joan Rivers. Theres only one Mick Jagger Reply 1 Like Follow Post 22 hours ago• Marc Purello Top Commenter Troy, New York I mean this in a good way, I always felt that Aerosmith was Americas Rolling Stones...our very own! :) Reply 1 Like Follow Post Friday at 1:31pm