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Development Of Front Cover

  1. 1. Development of Front Cover By Emily Shufflebottom
  2. 2. First… the border I started with a complete plan canvas and decided to work my way from there. I started to think about a border and chose half of one to look like an ‘L’ shape. I then thought about what colour I would put it in. I decided to go with blue because that is one of the colours on the logo. I also decided to put an effect on the border to make it look 3D and stand out. (Bevel Boss) After that I thought about what I would put on the border. Then I looked on a prelim from last year’s work and it gave me the idea of putting images on it. I also decided to put the logo at the top of the page next to the title and some text down the side. I thought about making a slide edition to the school’s logo so I put a small star in the top right hand corner.
  3. 3. Second… the title I went through loads of different ideas for the title. I went through loads of different fonts and colours to finally get what I have on the prelim First of all, I thought of what font I would choose. I went through fonts such as Arial, Balloonist SF, Broadway etc and finally came up with Times New Roman size 59. After that I thought about what colour I wanted the title to be. I came up with ideas such as keeping plain and going with black. And then I thought about the colours on the school logo (blue, yellow, purple and white). So I decided to go with blue and yellow because it also matched the border. Once I had done my title I thought to myself that it didn’t stand out enough and you couldn't see the yellow text so I decided to put a small border around each letter (as you can see above). Now it stands out and you can see it.
  4. 4. Third… the images Before I put any effects on the images I thought about where to put them on the front cover. I looked at my cover and saw that I had a blank space under my title so I decided to put the first image there. But then I saw that I needed something else underneath that so I thought I would put another image under that and make a comment about it. For my photos I decided to use close ups on the students faces because they were having a good time you can see it on there expressions. After I had put the images in the right places I thought about what effects I would use on them. I decided that I didn’t like the background on either pictures so I got rid them and I wanted the images to stand out so decided to put a glow around them. I chose the colour blue to put around the images because it is really eye-catching and it is one of the colours of the school logo. As for the images on the bottom banner I decided that they were to plain so I put a white border around each one .
  5. 5. Fourth… the text Like before with the title, I went through loads of different ideas for the text. I wanted the text to be in an eye-catching font but then I simply decided to keep it plain but put it in red. I also decided that because of the image I had, that I would make a comment about it. I decided to use the news that Biddulph High School has had the best results in the history of the school, I would put that as the main headline and put a comment that some are happier than others (the lower image is of students not looking very happy). As well as uses headlines on the front cover I decided to put some text on the left hand banner because it looked empty. I decided to put on some things on that would be in the magazine such as ‘Exclusive Interviews’ and ‘Brand New Features’. I also decided to put a border of small stars around each headline to match the small star on the logo.
  6. 6. Final Product