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Magazine front covers powerpoint


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Magazine front covers powerpoint

  1. 1. Magazine Front Covers• What makes front covers from music magazines such as NME and Qdifferent from mine?• How can I make mine appear more professional?
  2. 2. Font colourstie in withthe Interestingred, white backgroundand black createdcolour throughscheme of lightingthe main contrasts. Theimage. bright light centred Name of the around the main cover main image is artist featured eye-catching. is as big, if not bigger, than List of the name of some of the magazine. the artists featured inside.
  3. 3. Puff to advertise promotional offer/competition. Headline is very big and takes up a lot of space – eye-catching.Interrogativecaption – capturesthe viewer’sattention, makingthem want toread on.
  4. 4. Text is in white font inVariety of redfonts and boxes, whiccolours. h is quite striking.
  5. 5. My front cover is considerably lacking all of thesethings, and therefore needs to have quite a lot addedto it to make it more professional-looking. I will try outa variety of new fonts and make the artist’s namebigger so that it takes up more space. I also quite likethe idea of having a ‘puff’, something which appearsvery often at the top of conventional front covers. Icould also try to make the fonts more colour co-ordinated with the main cover image, as most othermusic magazines seem to generally follow this rule.