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Expectations for a promotional film poster


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Expectations for a promotional film poster

  1. 1. Expectations for a promotional film poster
  2. 2. • The main character(s), a tagline of some sort like "He came from the jungle", main actors credited, the director, and in teeny tiny writing underneath; all those involved etc.• Director, actors, name, date of release, genre• Large picture of the main characters. List of actors/actresses starring in it. Movie title and catchprase. Release dates for cinema.
  3. 3. • Title, tagline, synopsis, actors, director, photo from film, something to show atmosphere/style of film.• *Title *Cast/star actors *Promotional picture *Memorable slogan/film quote.• Some indication as to the genre of the movie, as well as the leading actors names. Personally I dont really like the posters TOO cluttered.
  4. 4. • A large image, the title of the film, perhaps the starring actors, the date its released and a catchy slogan.• Title, main character, institutional info, actors (not as important) and the date its coming out, and a nice tag line.