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Digital Portfolios with Weebly


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A brief presentation on how to incorporate digital portfolios into the secondary composition classroom using Weebly.

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Digital Portfolios with Weebly

  1. 1. DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS Getting Started withWeebly
  2. 2. Topics forToday •GOAL: Basic, working-level proficiency withWeebly platform •Approach: Portfolio REMIX •Weebly best practices •Web creation tools and places for free assets •Weebly portfolio shell setup
  3. 3. Portfolio REMIX • Students take assignments (essays) they’ve already turned in and “remix” them into other forms of content. • From Katie’s Portflio REMIX assignment prompt: “Think: How can you take what you’ve written and tell it in a different way?Your Night essay could become an informative blog post, or op-ed piece.Take your narrative essay and record your story like Mike Birbiglia’s “Stranger in the Night” and post it. Make a video depicting the subject of your descriptive essay. These are just ideas … the digital world is your oyster.”
  4. 4. Ideas for Remixing • Blog posts • Speeches (performed, not written) • Digital presentation • Podcasts • Dramatic performances • Pamphlets • Digital posters • Visual art • Animated videos • Comic strips • Digital flyers • Digital newsletters • Infographics • Musical performances
  5. 5. Digital Portflio/Weebly Best Practices • Publish is the new save. • View published site for real-time visual. • Snapping isn’t always seamless. • Compose text inWord first. • Embed elements when you can.When you can’t, link with a screenshot. • Convert .doc to .pdf before embedding. • Vary page layouts to best fit content • Check viewing permissions for external links • Make sure elements are viewable/readable.
  6. 6. Resources for Remixing Bundlr Link: Digital Portfolio Resources
  7. 7. Let’sWeebly!