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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Recognize Abby Isaacs, Emily Pompelia, Tucker Hart & Aaron Avalos
  2. 2. Follow Us #Recognize
  3. 3. Team @abbisaacs BDJ and PoliSci Junior @epompelia NOJ, Policy Studies, German major Senior @tuckerhart BDJ Senior @AaronAvalos11 BDJ Junior
  4. 4. Problem/Opportunity •  How many times have you met a person and awkwardly forgotten their name? ●  Recognize allows you to impress your boss, colleagues and acquaintances by instantly remembering their name. ●  Because everyone forgets.
  5. 5. Demo
  6. 6. Why Recognize? •  Recognize solves a major problem in society: •  •  •  remembering the names of people you have already connected with on social media. Recognize auto-detects people you’re already friends with on social media. So, if you forget their name, it will pop up on the screen. No more ‘What’s your name again?’
  7. 7. Audiences •  College students •  Working professionals o  o  professors large corporations
  8. 8. Crowds ●  Recognize categorizes your social media contacts into “Crowds” ●  Interest-group Crowd v. Geo-location Crowd ○  ○  interest-groups are customized crowds ■  i.e. friends, teammates, classmates, colleagues, family, networking contacts & professionals geo-location crowds are automatic based on your current location ■  i.e. campus, work, home
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Sales and Marketing •  Recognize will allow users to add up to 3 social medias and use interest crowds ●  We will sell Recognize Pro to users who want to add more than 3 social medias and use geo-location crowds
  11. 11. Competition ●  None other than Facebook, because they already have face recognition technology ●  No current app that recognizes a moving person
  12. 12. Thank you Put a name to a face… always.