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From Content to Close: Selling Extraordinary Spaces with VR


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Hopscotch Interactive founder Emily Olman shares her insights into making Real Estate VR (Virtual Reality) content with Matterport 3D Pro, and other ways to monetize new media content for real estate marketing. This deck was presented at the Augmented World Expo Asia in Xi'an, China September 24th, 2016. She founded Hopscotch Interactive in 2015 to promote extraordinary spaces in 3D & VR.

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From Content to Close: Selling Extraordinary Spaces with VR

  1. 1. From Content to Close: Selling Extraordinary Spaces with VR Emily Olman, Founder Hopscotch Interactive
  2. 2. Emily Olman Founder, Hopscotch Interactive 15+ Years in New Media Monetization MBA, BA 1998 2015-1999 2003 2011 @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  3. 3. 2 Key Questions: 1) How can I best help someone sell spaces? 1) Can I make them more successful? @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  4. 4. Tool kit: Matterport 3D Pro • Built-in HDR, and 1920x1080 downloads • Infrared scanning technology • Captures textures and 3D mesh • Automatic stitching • Generates OBJ file of model • Proprietary editing software • Subscription cloud-based storage • Converts to VR • Many people’s first VR content @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  5. 5. @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive Market Traction
  6. 6. Extraordinary Locations Greenbaum House, Filming Location, Rancho Mirage, California
  7. 7. West Oakland Live/Work Architectural Masterpiece, Michael Tolleson, Oakland, CA Extraordinary Real Estate
  8. 8. Weddings & Corporate Events, Sonoma County, California Extraordinary Venues
  9. 9. Krewe of Kolossos, New Orleans Curated Short-term Rentals, Pop Pad Berkeley Extraordinary Visits
  10. 10. Challenges All Properties Share • Visualization is hard • Markets are seasonal • Prospect located elsewhere • Photos lack context • Fiercely competitive markets • Time is scarce • Mistakes are expensive @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  11. 11. What VR Solves • Time-shifting • Place-shifting • Relational, 360° experience • Impactful, and persuasive • 1st person experience, “I was there” • Reduces risk • Enables a decision-making environment @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  12. 12. Content’s Added-Value @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  13. 13. Case Study: California Real Estate Listing
  14. 14. Hillside Gardens Apartments El Cerrito, California Estimated $8.25 Million International marketing planned, including China@hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive 26 Units
  15. 15. Solution-Led Recommendations @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  16. 16. What I’ve Learned • Ironically, VR must be experienced • B2B clients want and need scalability • Different platforms excel with different uses: i.e. built spaces vs. new construction • Experimentation and collaboration are essential • Learning by doing is best • Successful, happy clients = repeat business @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive
  17. 17. @hopscotch_biz #hopscotchinteractive