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  1. 1. Proposal Kerry Thompson, Lauren Gorman, Emily Norman and Chloe Georgiades
  2. 2. Ideas Rejected: In our interview, we asked our audience what they thought of some of our ideas. Keeley, who is a 14 year old teenager which is the age of our target audience told us some ideas which she thought wouldn’t work: • Our original idea was too have a female as a stalker, however keeley told us that she thought this wasn’t a good idea as most people are use to men as the ‘bad’ people. We took what keeley said into account and have decided to use a male as our stalker to keep the audience engage to what they are use to seeing. • Our group discusses what the opening would be like if it started with a murder. However we all agreed that this wouldn’t be a good idea as it may give too much of the rest of the film away. The way how we are going to work around this idea is have clues of previous murders which have taken place so that it doesn’t give away too much of the story.
  3. 3. Ideas Rejected: Part of our idea for our opening scene, is to have a home made video. We are going to show this by having a screen like the picture shown. However we all decided that this would be a bad idea as we need to show the examiner that we can use other cameras using different skills.
  4. 4. Inspiration: Below our some video clips which inspired us with our idea: Cloverfield Cloverfields was one of our inspiration as they have used some home footage to film. The footage which is used still captures the audience attention which we hope ours does. zMgY
  5. 5. The saw The saw is one of our inspiration as it is a well known thriller film which has used a lot of ‘cutting out footage’ which we aim to use.
  6. 6. Paranormal activity Paranormal is another one of our inspirations as its all home footage which we will use some of.
  7. 7. Below are pictures that we found inspiring as when we came across them we thought they would work well within a thriller or horror film because they’re hidden away in places that look and seem mysterious. The road looks like a place a stalker would wait around at and the spy hole always makes thrillers more exciting!
  8. 8. Themes: Stalkers freindship
  9. 9. Dark and cold. Thriller
  10. 10. Casting For our thriller opening we have decided that myself, Lauren, Emily and Kerry will be in the video ourselves because we auditioned people to play the role for four characters but we didn’t think they were good enough, we could not find the right people to play the role of the characters. We will all be a key character and so therefore we will all be in the opening film. We will play four girls who are making a home video As our film is based on a stalker, we need someone (particularly a boy) to play the role of the stalker. Kerry’s friend Ben has volunteered to play the role of the stalker so we have decided to film him acting to see if will be the best person to act as our stalker.
  11. 11. Possible Music • Our Group have decided that we wont have music playing throughout the whole opening as there will be dialogue in the first part of the opening. However we will have music playing in the second part of the opening as the opening will be getting a lot more tensed and scary. • We have decided that we will create our own music but we have been looking at a few thriller themes and openings that interest and give us a few ideas for our music. We will be playing music at the point where the opening is getting quite dramatic and scary so we want to create music that sounds dramatic, creates tension and suspense and is a little bit scary. • Jaws - • Psycho - • Mimic -
  12. 12. Thriller Conventions • In most thriller films there is usually a crime or mystery. They often use suspense tension and excitement to make the thriller more scary and etc. Thrillers are mostly pictured by an atmosphere of menace, violence, crime and murder and are often has a dark, corrupt setting . Thriller films also create moods such as high levels of anticipation, adrenaline rush, uncertainty, anixiety and sometimes terror. • Thriller films also have a protagonist who is symatically dis-empowered and extraordinary events happeing in ordinary situations. • Our thriller opening meets the thriller conventions because it contains most of the elements a thriller is made up of. It will create uncertainty and anxiety for the audience and it will have a dark and mysterious setting. Also we will have four protagonists who are all victims in the thriller. • Our opening is actually a psychological thriller as it is about a stalker , it will contain menace, murder and violence .
  13. 13. Final idea: Our final idea for our thriller opening is; Four girls are at a sleepover, making a home video, however during the video making there is a power cut. During the power cut, the girls are confused to what's going on so go out to see what's happening, however what they don’t know is that there is an unknown man watching their every step. When the girls go back into the house to carry on filming, there is a knock, however the knock has not come from the door so the girls choose to ignore it. The knock then turns into a bang at the window, the girls go to see, however open the curtain to an unknown figure of a back of a mans head. Tagline: The known is unknown.