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Raising Awareness About Age and Ageism

This short SlideShare presentation highlights examples of how ageism manifests itself in our daily lives and impacts older adults and those who work in aging services—and ways LeadingAge members can change the conversation about aging and take steps toward eliminating ageism.

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Raising Awareness About Age and Ageism

  1. 1. By now you’ve heard that we adopted a bold new vision
  2. 2. An America freed from ageism
  3. 3. defines ageism in the following way
  4. 4. 1. discrimination against persons of a certain age group. 2. tendency to regard older person as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment.
  5. 5. While the primary focus of our work is the impact of ageism on older adults…
  6. 6. …ageism affects people of all ages
  7. 7. And we are ALL aging
  8. 8. You can already identify ageism when you see it
  9. 9. It’s in the greeting card aisle
  10. 10. It’s in the words we use
  11. 11. I’m having a senior moment!
  12. 12. It’s in advertisements
  13. 13. Research tells us that ageism has a powerful impact at the individual level
  14. 14. Older people with positive age bias are 44% more likely to recover from severe disability This Association Between Positive Age Stereotypes and Recovery from Disability in Older Persons, JMA, 2012:308 (19): 1972-1973. Levy, Slade, Murphy and Gill
  15. 15. Elders with positive self perceptions of aging live 7.5 years longer than elders with less positive self perceptions of aging Longevity Increased by Positive Self-Perceptions of Aging," Becca R. Levy and Martin D. Slade, Yale University, Suzanne Kunkel, Miami University of Ohio, and Stanislav V. Kasl, Yale University; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 83, No. 2.
  16. 16. But what about when the rubber meets the road?
  17. 17. Ageism inhibits workforce recruitment and retention
  18. 18. Ageism creates resistance to seeking services, supports, and housing
  19. 19. Ageism clouds the public view of aging services
  20. 20. Ageism inhibits philanthropy
  21. 21. Take a Stand Against Ageism Ageism creates barriers to advocacy
  22. 22. We know that elders are a dynamic resource within our society
  23. 23. So we have a unique opportunity to disrupt ageism
  24. 24. LeadingAge members are already taking steps everyday
  25. 25. Hosting community conversations with staff, elders, and boards of directors
  26. 26. Changing language • Older person • Elder • Older adult Elderly • Community • Name of the organization Facility
  27. 27. Partnering with academic institutions to conduct research
  28. 28. Infusing intergenerational connection into the daily life of organizations
  29. 29. Please join us!
  30. 30. ageism