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Love at First Profile


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Film260 Assignment 2

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Love at First Profile

  1. 1. A FLIPBOOK BY | EMILY LIU Photo source: Unsplash, by Lauren Mancke
  2. 2. Social media platforms have caused changes in several aspects of human interaction, including with those which we are romantically involved with. It has enhanced our connection with one another in all stages of our relationships; from our first impressions to the capturing our most vivid and valued memories. ENHANCE . ROMANCE Photo source: PicJumbo, “Listening to music in a bed” by Viktor Hanacek
  3. 3. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Out of 35,851,774 Canadians 7,587,028 men and 6,658,591 women are single. That’s approximately 21% and 18% respectively. [13]. Photo source: Unsplash, by Irene van der Poel
  4. 4. THE FIRST IMPRESSION We judge people based on looks, proved through our usage of apps like Tinder. A pictured profile is worth more than a thousand words. [9]. We judge one another’s personalities online, through Facebook. Less visible traits such as one’s openness is often accurately judged online. [3]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “iPhone 5 in Black and White edir” by Viktor Hanacek
  5. 5. Photo source: Unsplash, by Simon Hattinga Verschure
  6. 6. JUDGING AN ONLINE PROFILE Subtle cues such as misspellings in the online environment are important clues to one’s identity For instance, one participant said she looked for profiles that were well-written, because “I just think if they can’t spell or … formulate sentences, I would imagine that they’re not that educated.” [4]. Photo source: Unsplash, by Luke Chesser
  7. 7. ONLINE DATING • 15% of U.S adults report that they have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps • Of the 15%, 59% believe that it is a great way to meet people, as of 2015 [14]. • Online dating is most popular amongst those ages 18-24 (27%) and 35-44 (21%) [14]. • 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or a committed relationship say they met their significant other online [14]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “Business Woman Working on Laptop in Her Office” by Viktor Hanacek
  8. 8. TOP 10 DATING APPS 1. OkCupid 2. Tinder 3. Hinge 4. Coffee Meets Bagel 5. Grindr 6. 7. PlentyOfFish 8. DragonFruit 9. HowAboutWe 10. Align [2]. TOP 10 DATING sites 1. 2. PlentyOfFish 3. Zoosk 4. OkCupid 5. eHarmony 6. Badoo 7. ChristianMingle 8. OurTime 9. DateHookup 10. BlackPeopleMeet [17]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “Minimalist Evening Sea Horizon” by Viktor Hanacek
  9. 9. A CLOSER LOOK AT § 53% of Tinder’s audience is between 18 and 24. § The mobile app has grown to be the third-­‐ most popular in the United States since launching in September 2012. § The average Tinder user spends an astonishing 77 minutes a day on the app [7]. Photo source: Unsplash, by JD Mason TINDER
  10. 10. FALLING IN LOVE THROUGH TECH Experiment with 32 paired up individuals, allowing 55 minutes of conversation through text: • 81% of participants exchanged contact information at the end of the conversation [10]. • 47% said they would contact their partner [10]. • 16% reported feeling the same level of closeness to their partner as they do to the closet person in their lives [10]. 50%find it easier to discuss personal topics through text. [10]. By 2040, a projected 70% of couples will meet online [10]. Photo source: Smack Bang Designs, “The Emotional Connection” by Tess
  11. 11. GOING “FACEBOOK OFFICIAL” 40% of those in their 20’s said they wouldn’t put a relationship status on Facebook. [15]. 71% of those in relationships go Facebook official once, in the first flush of romance, until the social embarrassment of the online break-up [6]. Photo Souce: by Monisha,
  12. 12. FACEBOOK’S IMPACT ON ROMANCE Couples who post more about their relationship on Facebook report being happier and feeling more secure. The opposite is also true: less interaction online results in less closeness offline. [9]. ‘The couple who Facebooks together stays together’ Photo source: PicJumbo, “Love Heart Coffee Cups with Roses and Rose Leafs” by Viktor Hanacek
  13. 13. VIRTUAL SOCIAL CONNECTION can provide a buffer against stress and pain. SOCIAL SNACKING: the element of distance and forced imagination [8]. Photo source: Unsplash, by Tamara Menzi
  14. 14. IN A 2009 STUDY: A painful stimulus hurt less when a woman either held her boyfriend’s hand or looked at his picture; the pain-dulling effects of the picture were, in fact, twice as powerful as physical contact.[8]. Photo source: Original by Emily Liu
  15. 15. ISSUES WITH FACEBOOK There's also the problem of separation between online identity and the lives we maintain in the physical world, which is hard to bridge. Facebook posts are relentlessly cheerful.[1]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “Facebook app login slash screen on iPhone” by Viktor Hanacek
  16. 16. RISKS WITH ONLINE DATING Privacy • A high amount of personal information online. In 2012, over a million user passwords were stolen • “Young apps don’t prioritize security and safety” – Jonathan Mayer, computer scientist and lawyer affiliated with Stanford's Center for Internet and Society [12]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “Hand heart love by the sea” by Viktor Hanacek
  17. 17. RISKS (CONTINUED) THE MOTIVE • 10% of sex offenders use online dating to meet people [16]. • The FBI received 6,000 complaints about “confidence fraud and romance” from people who reported being swindled out of a total of over $82 million. [12]. Photo source: PicJumbo, “Beautiful woman enjoying Morning Relax in Bed”, by Vikor Hanacek
  18. 18. Photo source: Unsplash, by Crew 1. Be completely honest in your profile and photo, don’t lie about your personality 2. Protect your identity and anonymity, don’t provide too much personal information 3. Take your time getting to know someone on- line. Studies show that relationships develop faster online. 4. Arrange to meet in a public setting 5. Publicize the amount of your relationship on Facebook to a degree that makes you comfortable, you do not have to go “Facebook Official” to make the relationship official [11]. TIPS FOR SUCCESS
  19. 19. Social media has altered the stages of romantic relationships, from initiating to experimenting, intensifying and bonding. As emergent technologies continue to permeate our personal relationships we must recognize its role (allowing relationships to escalate, persevere or decline) as it provides access to constantly gather, interpret and evaluate information about potential, current and past romantic partners [6]. The changes in modern love Photo source: PicJumbo,"Girl blowing bubbles in the sunset evening”, by Viktor Hanacek
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