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Target Mobile

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Target Mobile

  1. 1. Target Mobile Strategy Heather Anderson, Courtney Droege, Emily Krokstrom, Lauren Morris, Tierney Rodgers
  2. 2. Target Facts ● Discount, Variety Stores, Home Goods ● 347,000 team members worldwide ● 1,795 stores across the US and Canada ● Market Capital of $38.35 Billion ● is the 6th most visited retail site in the US
  3. 3. Competitive Analysis
  4. 4. Best Buy ● Competes with Target on Technology products ● Connects to a rewards program ● Specialized product depth ● Exclusive offerings
  5. 5. Walgreens ● Competes with Target in Pharmacy ● Store maps ● Balance rewards features ● Photo and pharmacy advantages
  6. 6. EBATES ● Competes with Target on Coupons and discounts ● Maximize savings across all retailers ● Cash back shopping ● No market limitations
  7. 7. Amazon ● Online retailer ● Quick search ● Millions of items available ● One click checkout
  8. 8. Walmart ● Everyday low prices ● Savings Catcher ● Photo and pharmacy advantages
  9. 9. Key Factors ● Strong advertising and branding with a recognizable logo ● Commitment to the community ● Multiple apps with different purposes ● Red Card loyalty program ● Modern products and design partnerships ● Reputation for having higher end merchandise than competitors
  10. 10. The Consumer
  11. 11. Target Guest: In-Store ● Median age of 40 ● Median income of $64,000 ● 43% have children at home ● 57% have completed college ● Time starved (busy life) ● Cares about quality and design
  12. 12. Target Guest: Mobile ● Has a smartphone ● Most likely to be female ● 25 to 44 years old ● Use the app to: o Compare prices, find online coupons, purchase products
  13. 13. Strategic Role of Website
  14. 14. Main Role of ● Website offers more products and product details than Target’s apps ● Website focuses on displaying and selling products ○ Instead of focusing on coupons, like the Cartwheel app ● Weekly Ad: Coupon feature on the website
  15. 15. Coupon Comparison Weekly Ad on Interface of Cartwheel App
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing Tactics
  17. 17. Applications ● Target Registry: create, manage or share a Target Gift Registry ● Target Wishlist: create, share, and track holiday wish lists ● Target Healthful: Target Pharmacy now ● at your fingertips ● Target App for your phone ● Target App for your tablet ● Cartwheel: save 5-30% on hundreds of products ● Target Ticket: stream movies & TV shows at home or on the go ● In a Snap: snap with the app to shop instantly.
  18. 18. Attraction ● Ease of Use ● Brings attention to Target specific brands, Private brands ● Organization of Purchases ● Increases Savings when shopping through multiple channels ● TV and Movies on the go ● Shopping for Friends and Family
  19. 19. Engagement ● Suggestions based off of previous purchases ● Daily updates ● Rewards based on use benchmarks ● Tracking and sharing of wishlists ● Pharmacy rewards
  20. 20. Campaign Objectives ● Increase sales ● increase traffic ● increase customer satisfaction
  21. 21. Challenges ● Lack of Awareness ● Lack of incentive for continued use ● Technology issues
  22. 22. Opportunities ● Increase market share ● Driving sales ● Increased foot traffic ● Gaining loyalty ● New customer from use of app ● Increase purchases in store ● Grocery Pickup from app
  23. 23. Competitive Benchmarking
  24. 24. Competitive Benchmarking ● Greater increase in use of Target app compared to Walmart app ● Leader in coupon clipping app ● Most increase of Target online search comes from mobile ● 40% of all digital orders placed on mobile devices
  25. 25. Suggestions
  26. 26. Geolocation Coupons ● We propose: o Using geo-fencing to implement strategically timed ads ● Goal: o Increase shopping at brick-and-mortar Target stores, top of mind awareness, and brand equity
  27. 27. Geolocation Coupons ● Dovetails into successful Cartwheel campaign ● Send out geographically relevant ads to increase unplanned store visits ● Tailor marketing efforts to individual Guest IDs; ultimate customization ● Coupons are timely
  28. 28. Personalization ● We propose: o Adding list-making functions and automatic coupon application to the existing Cartwheel app. ● Goal: o Make shopping at brick-and-mortar Target stores more efficient and affordable for their guests.
  29. 29. Personalization ● Add to the Cartwheel app so guests can make shopping lists before a trip to the store. ● Cross-check their list with available coupons and automatically apply them to 10 items in their list. ● Use existing mapping technology to show guests the most efficient route around the store.
  30. 30. Tiered Loyalty Rewards ● We propose: o Adding a level between Cartwheel and RedCard ● Goal: o Turn occasional shoppers into frequent shoppers, by making their shopping experience more personal
  31. 31. Tiered Loyalty Rewards ● This level would work with the Cartwheel app ● Once Cartwheel barcode has been scanned a certain amount of times, user becomes a middle-tier rewards member ● Bigger discounts, more coupons, special notifications
  32. 32. Summary ● Geolocation Coupons: o strategically timed ads o increase unplanned store visits ● Personalization: o create and cross check shopping list o provide time efficient store map ● Tiered Loyalty Rewards: o add an additional level o exclusive offerings
  33. 33. Questions