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Hiring a Digital Asset Manager


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Questions to ask during the hiring process for a digital asset manager

Published in: Technology
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Hiring a Digital Asset Manager

  1. 1. Hiring A Digital Asset Manager (Decisions,Decisions) Tell me about some challenges & successes pertaining to prior experience working in the field of DAM What projects did you/do you have going on during prior experience working in the field of DAM? What are some of your professional goals for the next 5 to 10 years/Where do you see yourself in this field? Talk to me a bit about any experience you may have with working in groups or with vendors as it pertains to problem-solving and collaboration? Do you prefer to work within a group/team or alone? (hopefully it’s a bit of both.) What prior knowledge and/or experience do you think is going to help you the most in this role? What do you hope to learn in this role/What do you hope to improve upon in your own skillset in this role? What do you do when you are unable to solve a problem? What’s your comfort level with talking to users who don’t understand digital asset management/H ow do you communicate in a way that theydon’t lose interest? (looking for advocacy/enga gement with user groups) How do you goals relate to this position? How would it be a good fit for both you professionally and a good fit for the organizations needs? Where are you working now? How will the skills you've learned in school or on the job transfer over to this position? What experience do you have with user training and on- boarding? How did you hear about this position? What systems (or processes/workflows ) have you worked on or with? What’s your comfort level with excel-- reporting and analyzing usage statistics? What prior skills/knowledge or experience will you bring with you to this position that will help with database indexing, information search & retrieval and user interface/experi encefor portal users? Are you looking to learn other DAM Systems and can you tell me about some of the DAM systems you know of or about? Have you ever created user guides? Video tutorials? Training sessions? What successes and failures have you had with training? How often did you do training sessions for end-users? What file types are you familiar working with? Do you have any developing experience? Do you have any of the following experience that you'd like to elaborate more on: Automation? etc? html/css? metadata schema creation? project management experience? Systems integration experience? With which platforms? languages? etc. Tell me a little bit about yourself, background and how you got into or interested in digital asset management? Now you know about the types of questions to ask of your potential digital asset manager you are ready to start the interview process! Good luck! Next Steps