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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Benefit from the Big Shift in the Australian Property Market


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When investing in property, there are a small number of crucial factors that can be the difference between a profitable investment and one you could live to regret. This webinar will discuss these factors

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Benefit from the Big Shift in the Australian Property Market

  1. 1. How to Benefit from the Big Shift in the Australian Property Market Thanks for joining us… Audio has not yet commenced. Please ensure Your speakers are on, volume is up and not on mute. You can test your audio in the control panel of the Go To Meeting software, under audio preferences.
  2. 2. Maximise audio quality • Please ensure your speakers are on, volume is up and not on mute. • You can test your audio in the control panel of the Go To Meeting software, under audio preferences. • If you can’t hear us yet, please ensure your speakers are on and turned up. • TURN OFF: Outlook, Skype, online back-ups and any music or video downloads. • Faster internet = better quality audio.
  3. 3. • Head of Sales Real Estate Investar • Managing Director Builder Builder Rick Stapleton
  4. 4. • Managing Director • Mark Howard
  5. 5. Material contained in this presentation is an overview only. It should not be considered as a comprehensive statement on any matter nor relied upon as such. This presentation contains general information only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and you should consider whether the information is appropriate to you before acting on it. Before acting on any information you should consider seeking advice from a financial adviser and your accountant before making any financial decision in relation to any matters discussed in this presentation. General advice disclaimer
  6. 6. We help investors build and manage their property portfolios
  7. 7. • Guided and mentored thousands of clients to plan and purchase property since 2006 • Helped clients build wealth through properties • Provides superior real estate information • Assisted clients reduce debt and retire early • Over 260,000 members Real Estate Investar
  8. 8. ASX:REV • Heavy investment in product • Public company governance • Strong and focused board; Simon Baker – Former CEO of REA Anthony Catalano – CEO of Domain
  9. 9. In partnership with…
  10. 10. Poll: Do you have a property strategy?
  11. 11. The Big Shift in the Australian Property Market • We are experiencing the lowest interest rates in the past 50 years. Cycle ending • A large portion of Australian property has been purchased by overseas buyers • Lending institutions have tightened their lending criteria • Valuations have been driven down by oversupply concerns • We are going to see an increase in buyers failing to settle on properties • FLIGHT to Quality • Design is KEY
  12. 12. Key Characteristics of Successful Property Investors • Treat property investment as a business • Have a plan • Create a team of experts that you can trust • Research, research, research! • Set SMART short & long term goals • Maximise Depreciation benefits • Have patience – property is a long term game • Target market – try to appeal to the largest audience • Location is key • Regularly review your portfolio
  13. 13. Common Mistakes to Avoid • Purchasing in the wrong investment structure • Not structuring the loan correctly • Not doing your due diligence • Not having a buffer • Not having an exit strategy • Not having the right support network • Trying to do everything by yourself
  14. 14. What is an Off-the-Plan property? • Entering into a contract to buy a property before or during its construction • Typically includes Apartments & Townhouses • Can view the design and building plans but you won’t be able to physically inspect the finished product until construction is complete • People buy off-the-plan as they anticipate the value will be worth more once completed
  15. 15. Poll: When are you looking to purchase a property? 0-3mths 3-6mths 6-12mths 12 or longer
  16. 16. Pros & Cons of Purchasing Off-the-Plan Pros • Better price – developers will start with lower prices when offering new project • Tax Benefits – higher depreciation • Secure property at today’s prices • Government Incentives – for e.g. stamp duty concessions • Time – longer settlements allow more time to save more money Cons • Falling property market • Development Delays • Expected finance may not be available • Rising interest rates • Final product is unknown – can’t physically see it • Complexity of documents • Settlement date can be unknown
  17. 17. Tips for buying Off-the-Plan • Research the Developer • Seek legal advice on contract • Adequate plan disclosure – always check the plans carefully before signing • Check for defects – contracts usually gives the buyer the right to pre-inspect the property prior to settlement • Research the property and its suburb
  18. 18. History of Howard Group • Founded in 1992 by Mark Howard • Early Career • Getting into the property ladder – Mark’s story • Subsidiary business • Finance companies
  19. 19. Howard Group • Into a visionary leading edge business • Started with passion and drive • Joined the property ladder and never looked back • We have delivered over $800m worth of property • Recently Completed: Rhapsody & Brooklyn
  20. 20. St Raphael on Stanhill – Chevron Island (2001)
  21. 21. Vogue on Broadbeach – Broadbeach (2003)
  22. 22. The Pinnacle – Surfers Paradise (2003)
  23. 23. Harbour Heights – Rosslyn Bay (2007)
  24. 24. Sphere 300 units – Southport (2012)
  25. 25. Howard Group – Recently Completed Rhapsody – Surfers North Brooklyn – Varsity Lakes
  26. 26. Rhapsody – Surfers North
  27. 27. Brooklyn – Varsity Lakes RENDER off the plan
  28. 28. Brooklyn – Varsity Lakes ACTUAL – real image
  29. 29. Brooklyn – Varsity Lakes
  30. 30. Howard Group – some Past Projects • St Raphael on Stanhill – Chevron Island (2001) • Vogue on Broadbeach – Broadbeach (2003) • The Pinnacle – Surfers Paradise (2003) • Harbour Heights – Rosslyn Bay (2007) • Sphere – Southport (2012)
  31. 31. What makes the Howard Group different? • Design Principles • Giving back to the client • Future proofing the building through design
  32. 32. How do Valuers work? • Design reflects valuations • Valuations reflect finance and LVR • Design means its hot property • Hot property means demand • Demand means value increase • Value for owner occupiers • Value for investors with rental return • We have perfected the art • We deliver great living spaces
  34. 34. Within the suburb Atmosphere Ashmore DESIGN
  35. 35. Atmosphere Ashmore - Facilites
  36. 36. Atmosphere Ashmore - Finishes
  37. 37. Atmosphere Ashmore • Stage 1 Unit Example
  38. 38. Atmosphere Ashmore • Stage 1 Unit Example
  39. 39. Atmosphere Ashmore • Stage 1 Unit Example
  41. 41. Atmosphere Ashmore - STAGED
  42. 42. Atmosphere Ashmore • Stage 2 Release • USE IMAGE FROM STAGE 2
  43. 43. Poll: Do you prefer; DIY OR Guidance?
  44. 44. Things to consider – do you have? • A well-defined strategy in place? • An acquisition plan to find and research your next properties? • Time? • Knowledge to implement your chosen strategy? • Experience? • Ability to identify potential issues if you are not aware of the signs?
  45. 45. Five step, strategic approach
  46. 46. Guidance Advantages • Personalised Property Strategy • Simple planning throughout the whole process – timelines • Full turn key packages – every dollar accounted for • All planning & council approvals included in turn key costs • 100% money back if you are unable to obtain finance pre- approval • Leverage our experience, professional ties – gain multiple quotes • Receive a $5,000 cash rebate on settlement for New • Exclusive access to off the market and pre-release stock • Completely transparent learning as you go • A team to work with you – Strategist, Agent & Contracts Manager
  47. 47. Poll: What investment stock are you looking for? Townhouses Units House and Land?
  48. 48. Questions? Thank you & good luck on your investing journey