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Blogging for retailers


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Published in: Technology
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Blogging for retailers

  1. 1. How can blogging work for your retail business? Spring Fair International 5th February 2014
  2. 2. About Me • Set up Write My Site in 2006: • A lot has changed … • … but some things have stayed the same @emilyhill1982 @writemysite
  3. 3. Contents • • • • • • • • The case for blogging What to write? Blogging and social media Reaching out to other bloggers Case study: Kaleidoscope Crunching the numbers Conclusion Q&A
  4. 4. The case for blogging There are two reasons why every e-Commerce website should integrate a blog: 1) Search engines love blogs 2) People love blogs
  5. 5. Search engines love blogs • Great opportunity to use long-tail keywords (e.g. ‘Green Radley handbags’) • Visibility for your products • Extra pages for your website • Bonus links and traffic from other websites
  6. 6. People love blogs • • • • No corporate-ese Free advice Stuff to share Sign me up!
  7. 7. What to write? “I’m a retailer: I’ll blog about my products!”
  8. 8. Content for your blog Yes Tips and advice Exciting updates Opinion pieces Multimedia No Sales copy Boring “news” Bad-mouthing competitors Plain text Remember: Make it interesting!
  9. 9. Blogging and social media • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbl r and YouTube all offer opportunities for retailers. • Use your blog to tie them all together.
  10. 10. My blog about this presentation
  11. 11. Reaching out to other bloggers 1. Make your own blog really awesome 2. Follow other bloggers on Twitter 3. Start talking!
  12. 12. Case study: Kaleidoscope
  13. 13. Our brief To bring more traffic to Kaleidoscope’s e-Commerce website and improve brand visibility overall.
  14. 14. Guest articles written for …
  15. 15. Kaleidoscope’s blog: • Brought an extra 2,500 unique monthly visitors to the website • Drove traffic to the brand’s Facebook page (and vice versa) • Created opportunities for PR within leading industry publications
  16. 16. Crunching the numbers Websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than static websites. They also get: • 97% more inbound links • 434% more indexed pages (Figures from Hubspot)
  17. 17. And yet ... 80% of company blogs are abandoned after fewer than 5 posts (Figures from IBM)
  18. 18. Conclusion Running a blog is: • Great for SEO • Great for PR • … but you’ve got to keep it updated!
  19. 19. Emily Hill, CEO, Write My Site Thanks for listening! @emilyhill1982 @writemysite