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AG Recommendation Letter


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Utah's attorney general supports iKeepSafe's privacy training course.

Published in: Education
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AG Recommendation Letter

  1. 1. STATE OF U TA H OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL SEAN D. REYES ATTORNEY GENERALSpencer E. Austin Chief Criminal Deputy Ric Cantrell Chief of Staff Tyler R. Green Solicitor General Bridget K. Romano Chief Civil Deputy Subject: "Educator Privacy Training" To All Educators & Parents: As Attorney General ofUtah, I have a duty to actively promote online safety and the well-being of youth. Education is being greatly enhanced by technology in the classroom and at home. As digital learning expands in our schools, we must be all the more vigilant in protecting student information. Currently, the education sector is found to be the most vulnerable to ransomware attacks and data misuse among a number of critical industries. Educators should be empowered to understand and be equipped to fulfill their responsibilities when it comes to data protection. Their attention to the issue of privacy will greatly impact our ability to secure the identity and safety of all our children . This requires that all educators receive training to insure they are actively defending student data. Parents have the right to be assured that their child's privacy is protected. Among many tools and programs my team and I have seen to enhance digital security, the "Educators Privacy Training Course," created by privacy experts at the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (, is an effective tool to help schools comply with Utah law. It is a free, downloadable resource on their website-giving essential skills to teachers to navigate their classroom's educational technology safely and successfully . The course includes videos, a facilitator guide and effective educator resources which are highly recommended. This instruction identifies misuse of data and demonstrates how Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) can be protected. You can download the Educator Training Course here: Together we can keep our children's privacy protected. This is a standard disclaimer for any letter of supportfrom the Office of the UtahAttorney General. We do not endorse the businesspractices or viability of any company, organization or venture. No one should rely on this letterfor making an investment decision. Potential investors should conduct appropriate due diligence and not rely on this letter as an endorsement of thefinancial stability, profitability or viability of any entity referenced herein. Sean D. Reyes Utah Attorney General Utah State Capito l • 350 North State Street, Suite 230 • P.O. Box 142320 • Salt Lake City, Utah 841 14-2320 Telephone: (80 1) 538-9600 • Fax: (801) 538-112 1