Emily challinor evaluation questions


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Emily challinor evaluation questions

  1. 1. AS-A2 POWERPOINTMAKE YOUR OWN COPY PLEASE• What is the best way to arrange a powerpoint? IPC do it really well; this presentation also has some brilliant ideas for advertising and question 3 below….http://www.ipcadvertising.com/resource /oeot8416br6hdvtw9vm0riu8.ppt
  2. 2. AS to A2: your evaluationquestion powerpoint for G324 For AS Media coursework you had to answer 7 evaluation questions. At A2 Media there are FOUR questions and you will be able to develop some good answers here even after 3 weeks from the end of your AS course. Much more will need to be added next term. Try to make all your slides here contain images and clear graphics. Save all this very carefully please.
  3. 3. 1.What have you learnt from similarmedia products? 1.Take at least 4 screenshots from your chosen trailer then place them on slides with 4 stills from your completed animations to describe the conventions of this format. 2.Take a screen shot of your Magazine Front Cover draft and compare it with a similar magazine to describe the conventions 3.Use the following terms to help you create some annotations eg
  4. 4. Stereotypes and types. •Mise en scene as significant•Realism and authentic representations andperformances and motivation
  5. 5. Question 1: conventions of TV soap – learning from real media texts• Enigmas and genres and parallel narratives invite audiences• Trailer conventions; use of media languages; montage editing• Representations of time; past, present and parallel; see “previously on” trailers• Genres represented; melodrama, crime, romantic, horror, documentary (or hybrid)• Stereotypes and types. Small scale and complex “heroes and villains”• Title sequences and title cards – representations and repetitions• Brand or channel graphics e.g. “SKINS” or “E4” logo• Media languages – camera (shots and movement), editing and sound are constantly active; use of montages and 2 shot + MCU + CU and reverse angle edits
  6. 6. Question 1: conventions of TV soap – learning from real media texts• Music as subtext- lyrics and/or genre are relevant.• Multiple POVs. Audience POV; open and closed narratives (when the actors know less than the audience or when the audience is not given key information)• Representations, gender, race, class, region and other demographic types• Media debates reflected in trailer and ancillary print products. A media debate is a current news topic that is very popular in news media especially tabloids• Mise en scene as significant• Realism and authentic representations and performances and motivation• Narrative coherence; it makes sense
  7. 7. Please try to make at least 5 pointsthat illustrate the links between your finished animation and draft front cover. ALWAYS use print screens to help you. Add some comment from the two slides of comments below
  8. 8. Question 2: effective links between soap trailer and 2 ancillaries• Genre defined by all 3; familiar and new• Brand constructed by all 3; channel + representations consistent in all• Ancillaries as synthesis; conflict , enigma, interrogation or illustration• Synergy; shared content and ideas across all 3 products• Icons and signs; BRAND recognition• Codes; connotations• Use of star, regional or genre representation• Message stated; challenging audiences; questions and sub questions; media debates evoked; media debates unify all 3
  9. 9. Question 2: effective links between soap trailer and 2 ancillaries• Mode of address declared; cultural level; popular, niche, ethnic• POV described• Repetition of key themes and representations• Audience pleasures anticipated• Reality represented• Postmodern representations; ironic use of familiar media clichés• Channels and schedules are all important as links between these products
  10. 10. 3.How many ways can you getaudiences to look at and comment on your animation? How did you record their responses? Eg via classroom demo, blog, your website, Facebook, Twitter link, YouTube, phone link, email or print questionnaire?
  11. 11. 4.What did you learn about the possibilities andlimitations of the digital technologies you used?For example; stills digital cameras and their settings, focus and zoom, savingjpegs, Powerpoint tools on PCs, use of blogs to teach you, starting your own G mail and BLOGGER blog site, your use of the posting and sharing, did quality of the image suffer? Were there other animation building sites you tried? How well did they work?
  12. 12. Holiday homework; please save one of these into your favourites to continue to find an example to base your work on next yaer EITHER: SOAP TRAILER http://holysoap.channel5.com/ OR: FILM TRAILERS http://trailers.apple.com/
  13. 13. How did you use your CREATIVITY here?This refers to your work to CREATING and SOLVING PROBLEMS in the cardboard cutting as much as the digital stages
  14. 14. How can you describe your CREATIVE WORK since Mon 13 June?
  15. 15. BLOGS for AS –A2 Media; these will give you an idea about the importance of planning• Our central blog•• http://a2media-aquinas.blogspot.com/•• Kane’s music video blog•• http://kanemedia.blogspot.com/•• Georgie Hutton’s soap blog•• http://georgiestardust.blogspot.com/