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Physician Matters Spring 2012


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Physician Matters Spring 2012

  1. 1. Physician MattersA Publication for the Medical Staff A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of Medicine Advancing OneVision A Blueprint for Baton Rouge General’s Future One Mission. One Vision. One BR General. What’s Inside OneVision 3 Mid City Moving Forward 4-5 MD Spotlight 7 Research 8
  2. 2. Physician Matters – page 2 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineA Message FromBill Holman, President and CEO In the last issue, we introduced OneVision, first Seniors ER. Our robust medical education program at Mid City Baton Rouge General’s blueprint to continue continues to grow through our partnership with Tulane School of Medicine our mission of improving and strengthening and our students are performing at the top of their class. lives in our community by providing exceptional While these are just a few of the highlights of OneVision, we pledge to keep healthcare. Our people are at the heart of you informed about this initiative and our hospital’s strategic direction as OneVision, and we thank you, our medical we move forward, and we invite you to visit, our staff, for working day-in and day-out to microsite outlining the history, features, and timeline of the initiative. provide exceptional care to our patients and for your continual leadership as we embrace a As the healthcare environment continues to change, our vision for Batonreinvigorated sense of direction for Baton Rouge General. Rouge General remains steady. OneVision will drive our responses to the healthcare climate and the needs of our patients and physicians. AsOneVision highlights the exciting advances in care that are underway members of our medical staff, you are critical to our team and to the futureat both Baton Rouge General campuses and is focused on enhancing of our hospital. We look forward to your continual collaboration to createour facilities and specialized programs, medical education, health visionary solutions that will enhance care and services for the Greater Batoninformation technology and accountable care concepts. Some of the Rouge community.current highlights of OneVision include daVinci, our minimally invasiverobotics technology. We are looking forward to our fall groundbreaking Thank you for your dedication and service to our hospital and our patients.of a multimillion dollar physician-guided expansion project on the As always, my door remains open.Bluebonnet campus that will include a state-of-the-art medical office Sincerely,building and new surgical space, equipped with hybrid suite technology. BillAt Mid City, we have expanded our behavioral health program andenhanced care for our senior patients with the addition of the region’s Bluebonnet Physicians Lounge Join us for Lunch! 2nd Thursday of each month Grab a bite, and get to know Baton Rouge General’s executive leadership team! Noon – 1 p.m. Members of our executive leadership team are visiting the physicians’ lounge monthly from noon – 1 Mid City Physicians Lounge p.m. to answer questions or receive feedback on how our team can improve your experience as well as 3rd Wednesday of each month your patients while in our hospital. Noon – 1 p.m.OneVision Website LaunchesAs we continue to move our OneVision initiative forward, theOneVision website is one way that we are keeping our physicians andstakeholders informed about our progress. The site allows you toexplore our blueprint for Baton Rouge General’s future in a morein-depth and interactive way. Features include expansion projectplans, details about our specialized programs including PenningtonCancer Center, Womack Heart Center, Mid City’s Burn Center, medicaleducation, our growing physician network, new investments in HITand medical technologies, and more. Visit www.BRGOneVision.orgtoday to learn more about our vision for the future. One Mission. One Vision. One BR General.
  3. 3. Physician Matters – page 3 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of Medicine One Mission. One Vision. One BR General.UpdatesGood things are happening at Baton Rouge General, and thanks to our medicalstaff’s input and guidance, plans are taking shape!OR Expansion OR Expansion Timeline February 2012 OR expansion equipment and systems purchased March 2012 OR expansion construction documents complete; Bidding process begins April 2012 OR expansion construction begins October 2012 OR expansion scheduled completionHybrid Coming Soon! Drs. Floyd Roberts and Andrew Olinde review preconstruction documents with Bill Holman,Physicians, staff, architects and engineers have invested considerable time and President and into making Baton Rouge General’s hybrid build-out, an innovativecomponent to the OR expansion, a success. Thanks to the medical staff leadership, Medical Office Buildingthe hybrid project is proving to be an exciting advancement for our cardiovascular The medical office building project is well underway with final design andand cardiac anesthesia specialists: construction document completion fast approaching. Physicians haveDr. Stan Bienasz, fellowship-trained in cardiac begun expressing interest in space, and interest meetings are currentlyanesthesia comments, “I’m enthusiastic about available for scheduling.the progress in the General’s hybrid OR planning,particularly as it pertains to anesthesia. It has been a Medical Office Building (MOB) Timelinepleasure working with the physician steering team to February 2012 90% completion of MOB construction documentsensure leading edge technology is delivered to patients Interior finishes, atrium gallery and retail area in designin our community, with safety, quality and efficiency Tenant interest meetings underwayas our primary focal points.” Stan Bienasz, MD Phase 1 – parking lot adjacent Picardy Plaza out for bidDr. Antoine Keller, BRG Chief of Cardiothoracic April-May 2012 Phase 1 construction to beginSurgery, adds that, “Collaboration has been, and Year End 2013 MOB construction projected completionalways will be a key element in developing theGeneral’s minimally-invasive surgical program. Ofutmost importance is developing a comprehensive,multidisciplinary program that can accommodate allthe amazing technology we will soon have access to, sothat this community may remain at the leading edgeof the treatment of cardiovascular disease for decadesto come.” Antoine Keller, MD Dr. Mike Davis, vascular surgeon at CVT, notes,“The hybrid room holds promise for the treatmentof patients with thoracic and abdominal aorticaneurysms, particularly as it pertains to stent grafting.Furthermore, future hybrid capabilities in the therapyof carotid and peripheral arterial disease is exciting.As a vascular specialist, the ergonomics of the space is For more details on ourparticularly appealing, and we are looking forward to Medical Office Building visitthe completion in October when we can begin seeing orthe fruits of our planning.” contact Dionne Viator, Mike Davis, MD Executive Vice President, at (225) 237-1541.
  4. 4. Physician Matters – page 4 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineMid City Moving ForwardPalliative Care Services Enhance Mid City Behavioral Health Expands, Enhances ECTSeniors ER ServicesAs the baby boomer population in our community continues The Behavioral Health Inpatient Services at Mid City recentlyto age, BRG has expanded programs and services for seniors, expanded from 31 to 50 beds to better serve the community.including our palliative care program and our new Seniors The new Behavioral Wellness Unit, located on 4NE, is a 19 bedER, to enhance the continuum of care for this population. unit focused on treating patients suffering from depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and also offers specialized“Palliative care is an important piece of geriatric care. It gives treatment for dual-diagnosis (psychiatric illness and substance Charles Mason, MDthe patient and family a voice in their care, considering their abuse disorders). Behavioral Health Inpatient Services arepsychosocial and spiritual needs, their options for symptom management, especially appropriate for patients with psychiatric diagnoses whenwith chronic diseases, with a focus on maintaining quality of life based on the there is a reasonable expectation of improvement as a resultfeedback from the patient and family,” said Dr. Charles Mason, Medical Director of of treatment in an acute inpatient psychiatric setting. PatientSupportive and Palliative Care. treatments include individual, family and group psychotherapy, “t’s important to note that while the palliative care program I recreational therapy, pharmacological management, and We undoubtedly complements our seniors care model, it can also be helpful for patients of any age experiencing ve Loour diagnostic services provided within a structured therapeutic setting. chronic illness, pain or other health conditions.” Seniors! The Behavioral Wellness Center on North Boulevard alsoSince its opening in December 2011, the Seniors ER, housed expanded its outpatient services to include a Partial Hospital Day program designed for patients needing a more intense levelin the Mid City Emergency Department, has been a success. of treatment not offered in a standard outpatient setting.We have begun collecting data for patients 65 years of ageand older in the Mid City ED to provide insight that will help In addition to the facility expansion, BRG’s Behavioral Healthus continuously enhance the Seniors ER program. Areas of Services now include inpatient and outpatient Electroconvulsivemeasurement include patient satisfaction, length of stay for Therapy (ECT). ECT is a safe and effective therapy option discharged patients, returns within 72 hours, for psychiatric disorders and is often an effective therapy average daily census of medicine patients and alternative when other treatments are unsuccessful. John Jones, MD the number and profitability of cases in the “ECT is the most effective, fastest, and safest acute treatment Emergency Department. for major depression with remission occurring in 70-90% of all patients. ECT “Mid City is positioned well to focus on the needs of the aging is ideal for the elderly, pregnant women, population. And with a revitalized commitment to these patients and patients who have limited tolerance and their caregivers, we envision becoming the destination of to some psychiatric medications,” choice for geriatric patients in our community,” notes Dr. John states Dr. Venugopal Vatsavayi, Medical Jones, Medical Director of Baton Rouge General’s Emergency Director for ECT and Psychiatric ER, Department. and Associate Medical Director for the Seniors ER recently featured in the Advocate’s People Section Behavioral Wellness Center. Venugopal Vatsavayi, MD .Top Talent Green Wave at Baton Rouge GeneralHeartfelt thanks to the entire Baton Rouge General/Tulane School of Medicinesatellite campus faculty and staff! Because of your commitment and dedicationto these exceptional students, we are proud to announce that 5 of our 10 medicalstudents finished in the top 15% of the Tulane class of 180 students on theTOSCE! The Team Observed Structured Clinical Encounter (TOSCE) is a requiredformative assessment of medical students evaluating clinical skills.“The performance of our students on this exam is a testament to the quality oftheir clinical training,” said Dr. Floyd Roberts, Chief Medical Officer and regionaldean for the BRG Tulane satellite campus. Pictured left to right, Wendy Wong, Kenneth Perry, Marc Quinlan, Vaughn Alexis, Shai Rosenfeld
  5. 5. Physician Matters – page 5 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineSenator Vitter, RepresentativeCassidy Visit Mid CityMid City was front and center this winter with Senator David Vitter,Representative Bill Cassidy and his senior health care aide, Courtney Austin,all making visits to the campus in December and January.Senator Vitter and Ms. Austin toured the hospital with Bill Holman, Presidentand CEO; Dionne Viator, Executive Vice President of Business Development;Dr. Floyd Roberts, Chief Medical Officer and Dean of the Tulane School ofMedicine satellite campus, and other Baton Rouge General medical staffleadership.Representative Cassidy along with Dr. Fred Cerise, LSU System Vice President Pictured above from left: Dr. Floyd Roberts,for Health Affairs and Medical Education and Dr. Evelyn Hayes, Vice Chair Senator David Vitter, Dionne Viator andof General Health System Board, made a special visit to speak to the BRG/ Bill HolmanTulane medical students in late January. Pictured art right, Dr. Floyd Roberts, Dionne Viator and Courtney AustinKey stops on Senator Vitter and Ms. Austin’s hospital tours included MidCity’s comprehensive burn center, our medical education offices and theEmergency Department and the new Seniors ER. Both Senator Vitter andMs. Austin spent considerable time with BRG leadership discussing timelylegislative issues that impact our medical staff, as well as some of the uniquechallenges facing our Mid City hospital and the local health care community. physician leaders in our careers,” said Chris Terndrup, 3rd year BRG/Discussions included the need to find a long term repair to the Medicare Tulane LEAD medical student.Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and sustainable cost solutions for long- BRG leadership is committed to working with our congressional leadersterm care. The important role that BRG’s partnership with Tulane University on continuously improving health care for the patients and communitiesSchool of Medicine plays in enhancing medical education opportunities we Baton Rouge and encouraging these new physicians to practice in ourcommunity was another topic of interest. “The Mid City campus continues to be an integral component“I really enjoyed seeing the training program – that is very unique for of Baton Rouge’s healthcare fabric. The new Seniors ER and thestudents to have their own space in the hospital,” said Austin. growing BRG/Tulane medical education program as well as other enhancementsRepresentative Cassidy, Dr. Cerise and Dr. Hayes discussed the importance exemplify the General’s commitment to theof physician leadership and involvement in advocacy surrounding evolvinghealth care policies during their presentation to the medical students. evolving healthcare needs of the Mid City community,” noted Perry Franklin, General“This was a unique opportunity for us to hear about the different paths Health System Board Member.Rep. Cassidy, Dr. Cerise and Dr. Hayes took from medical students to theirleadership positions and it opened us up to seeing ourselves as future Perry FranklinNew Members Appointed to Baton Rouge General’s Board of TrusteesThree new members were recently appointed to General Health System/Baton They join current members of the Baton Rouge General Board of Trustees: DavidRouge General’s Board of Trustees. The following Board members began their term Pitts, Chairman; Evelyn Hayes, MD, Vice Chairman; Venkat Banda, MD; Peter January: Bostick, MD; Gregory Bowser; Sue Anne Cox; Perry Franklin; Gary Graphia; Leslie Herpin Marx; Margaret Hart; William R. Holman; Roy Kadair, MD; Nanette Noland; Andrew Olinde, MD; Janice Pellar; Charles “Buddy” Roemer; and Ed Starns, CPA.James L. Llorens, PhD Patricia J. Tyson Rev. Ronnie L. WilliamsChancellor of Southern Teacher, East Baton Rouge Founder and President ofUniversity and AM College Parish School System Camelot College
  6. 6. Physician Matters – page 6 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineBRG Committed to General include national quality and patient General. These efforts, though, do not supplant safety projects such as lowering readmissions, our commitment to the delivery of basic goodContinuous Quality improving surgical care (SCIP), preventing medical care.”Improvement CAUTI and CLABSI, addressing patient In addition to quality and patient safety medical satisfaction (HCAHPS) and implementing director, Dr. Kenney serves as the Director ofJust ask Dr. Robert Kenney. As Medical Director electronic health record systems. Medical Education and is a Tulane Universityfor Quality Care and Patient Safety, Dr. Kenneyprovides medical leadership for clinical quality “The General’s level of commitment to quality School of Medicine satellite campus facultyand patient safety initiatives as part of the and patient safety is reflected by the fact that member for the internalGeneral’s Quality and Patient Safety Department. Wanda Hughes, RN, PhD, and I have been medicine residency selected as Patient Safety Fellows along with program based at BRGIn this role, Dr. Kenney collaborates with just 30 others from across the nation as part of Mid City. A Board Certifiedinterdisciplinary teams including physicians, the American Hospital Association’s National Nephrologist, Dr. Kenneypharmacists, nurses, other clinical staff and Patient Safety Fellowship program,” said Dr. specialized in kidneyhealth care organizations in our community to Kenney. “This year-long fellowship provides us disease and practiced inimprove quality and patient safety, streamline with networking and learning opportunities that Baton Rouge for 26 yearsprocesses and enhance communication allow us to bring a national perspective back to before taking his current Robert Kenney, MD Medical Directoracross the continuum of care with the aim of our community and enhance the quality and position. Quality Care and Patientimproving outcomes. Current initiatives at the Safety patient safety endeavors being undertaken at the CongratulationsWhy HCAHPS is Important for Patient Care to our physicians andCMS measures patient satisfaction with their healthcare experiences through the Hospital Consumer surgeons who achieved 100%Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), a standardized mail survey whose results will on key CMS quality measures foraffect hospital reimbursement. Some of the key areas of physician care measured are responsiveness while in their patients for CY2011!the hospital, discharge instructions and discussion about home help following discharge.We appreciate your leadership and feedback as we continue to raise the bar! We caught up with a few SCIPphysicians to learn more about why HCAHPS is important for patient care. Albert D. Sam, MD Carlton H. Sheely, MD“It is essential to ensure that we R. Bryan Griffith, MDcommunicate enough information James A. Froelich, MDto our patients such that they better William M.Boedefeld, MDunderstand what is happening to Walter L. Bringaze, MDthem and what they need to do Heart Failureafter discharge to complete the care Angela Kovach, MDbegun in the hospital. This remains Catalina R. Negulescu, MDimportant not only for patient Darakhshan G. Wahid, MDsatisfaction, but for both quality AMIoutcomes and patient safety. This V. Antoine Keller, MDis why one of our priorities in the Lance C. Lamotte, MDBRG/Tulane Internal Medicine Evens Rodney, MDResidency Program is to foster and “ s physicians it is important A “ ur patient satisfaction scores O Venkat R. Banda, MDdevelop better communication for us to foster a team reflect not only our patient Amir H. Ausef, MDskills among physicians, nurses approach to patient care in outcomes but also provide Subhakar Gummadi, MDand other staff members, and the hospital. Working together valuable feedback that helps uspatients,” said Dr. Robert Kenney, to increase transparency and understand how well we educateMedical Director, Quality Care communication can help us our patients and measure our “Following evidence- Patient Safety, and Clinical improve patient safety and effectiveness in communicating based practiceAssistant Professor of Medicine provide the highest quality of care with our patients about their recommendations iswith Tulane University School of for our patients.” disease process and care important to ensuringMedicine. rendered.” the quality and safety Dr. S. Raju Vatsavai, Internal Medicine Service Chief at of surgical care for Dr. Louis Minsky, Baton Rouge General Minsky Carver Medical Center for our patients,” notes William Boedefeld, MD Personal Wellness Dr. William M. Boedefeld.
  7. 7. Physician Matters – page 7 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of Medicine MD Spotlight Vincent Shaw, MD Family and Sports MedicineEver wonder what it takes to wake up before dawn, gear up and hit thepavement for a 13 mile run on a cold January morning? Meet sportsmedicine specialist Vincent Shaw, MD, who recently ran the LA half- Dr. Vincent Shaw with (from left) Andrew Li-Yung Hing, MD; Brenda Brown, RN and LorettaMarathon in under 2:00… and from the finish line, non-chalontly changed Pourciau who volunteered medical support for the Louisiana Marathon in downtown Batoninto his red, medical team t-shirt, to take over the race’s medical support tent. Rouge January 16, 2012.Not only is Dr. Shaw passionate about his fitness regimen, he carries that Recently appointed Director of Baton Rouge General’s Sports Medicinepassion wherever he lands. Off the pavement, Shaw seems to run a mile Fellowship program in November 2011, Shaw now has the opportunity toa minute – seeing patients with doctors Derek Anderson, Vicki Munson share his passion for wellness and athletics. His staff and colleagues alland Vincent Nguyen at their O’Neal Lane Baton Rouge General Physicians remark on his boundless energy and zest for, and mentoring Baton Rouge General sports medicine fellows in “ e are very fortunate to have Dr. Shaw as a member of the Wthe clinic and on the field through LSU Athletics as an associate teamphysician. But his day doesn’t end there. Volunteering his expertise as a Baton Rouge General family. He is an invaluable asset tofamily physician for the U.S. Army Reserve 7232nd Installation Medical our hospital system and is always willing to lend a hand toSupport Unit in New Orleans, Shaw oversees physical fitness for the help his colleagues,” remarks Dr. Derek Anderson, Familyunit. He also serves as a team physician for the East Baton Rouge Parish Medicine physician and partner in O’Neal Family Practice.Sherriff’s Office S.W.A.T. team. “Dr. Shaw is an outstanding mentor and colleague. His dedication toDr. Shaw’s love of fitness began at an early age. He ran cross country his work is inherent in his positive attitude, excellent clinical skills, andthroughout middle and high school and continued as a long distance comprehensive knowledge base,” said Dr. Andrew Li, 4th year Familycollegiate runner during his time at Southern University. After medical Medicine Resident who begins his Sports Medicine Fellowship in, Shaw’s interest in physical medicine was piqued while on rotationswith sports medicine physician Dr. Jeffrey Burnham and Dr. Derek Congrats to Dr. Shaw on his many successes on and off the race course!Anderson during his BRG family medicine residency, and he went on to To inquire about the General’s Sports Medicine program or to contact Dr.complete a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at LSU HSC in Shaw, email him at nNew Orleans.
  8. 8. Physician Matters – page 8 A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineBRG Initiates New Research Management Dr. Albert Sam, BRGOpportunities for Medical Staff Vascular Surgery Chief,Based on direct input from the medical staff, investigational therapies,” comments Edgardo to Lead Local CarotidBaton Rouge General is launching a new, more Tenreiro, Executive Vice President and Chief Stent Clinical Trialcomprehensive clinical trials initiative. We Operating Officer. “With that commitment, Albert Sam, MD, Chiefhave formalized a relationship with GuideStar we wanted to ensure that clinical research of Vascular Surgery atClinical Trials Management, a company solely activities were top notch and to that end, we Baton Rouge Generalfocused on building and managing hospital engaged the expertise of GuideStar.” and partner of Vascularresearch programs. The research structure Specialty Center,created will allow physicians new opportunities “ uideStar has helped Tulane G was recently namedfor conducting independent research withsupport from Baton Rouge General. The reorganize its research program Principal Investigator post-Katrina. We are very hopeful of the CANOPY® Postoperational support available to physicians is Approval Clinical Trial. Albert Sam, MDcustomized based on the physician’s specific that as a result of working with The CANOPY Trial is designed to assess theneeds and interests, thus allowing access GuideStar we can draw the performance outcome (death and stroke rate) ofamong all patient groups, as well as datasharing. Additionally, a pipeline of clinical research activities of the New the RX Acculink Carotid Stent System with the Orleans and Baton Rouge RX Accunet Embolic Protection System in thetrials will be built to ensure physicians have treatment of atherosclerotic carotid artery diseaseaccess to the types of trials that align with their campuses more closely together,” in the patients at standard risk for endarterectomy.interests. remarks Dr. Floyd Roberts, Chief Vascular Specialty Center is one of 100 study sitesThese mutually beneficial opportunities are Medical Officer. throughout the U.S. for the CANOPY trial, whichimperative in addressing the growing need will include 1,200 patients and will take place overfor hospital-supportive physician research a three-year period. Physicians interested in learning more aboutpractices; maintaining accreditation across new medical research opportunities and our The CANOPY trial is a follow-up to the landmarkmultiple specialty areas of the hospital; and partnership with GuideStar should contact CREST Clinical Trial, a major nationwide study forimportantly, providing patients access to Diandra Nuno-Salcido, Operations Manager, people at risk for stroke, led locally at Baton Rougeleading-edge trials locally. BRG Clinical Trials Office at (504) 799-4400 General by Principal Investigator Dr. Albert Sam,“We’ve made a commitment to our physicians at ext. 4408, or email dnuno@ which indicated the overall safety and effectivenessand our community to introduce opportunities of two medical procedures designed to preventto participate in innovative and cutting edge future strokes. The CREST trial results show that 2011-2012 Medical Executive Committee physicians now have more options in tailoring treatments for their patients at risk for stroke.Andrew Olinde, MD Members-at-Large Non-Voting Members The CANOPY trial will build upon research fromChief of Staff James Craven, MD Albert Alexander, MD the CREST trial, which found that at approximatelyJohn Jones, MD Everett Bonner, MD Tonya Eichelberger, MD* 69 years and younger, stenting results wereVice Chief of Staff John Lopoo, MD Louis Minsky, MD slightly better, with a larger benefit for stenting, S. Raju Vatsavai, MD*Son Dang, MD the younger the age of the patient. Conversely, for Kenneth Smith, MD * New MemberSecretary of Staff patients older than 70, surgical results were slightly Lance Lamotte, MD superior to stenting, with larger benefits for surgery,Venkat Banda, MD Christopher Thomas, MD* the older the age of the patient. The CANOPY trialChairman, Medical Michael Puyau, MD aims to enhance these findings by evaluating howServices Division Niels Linschoten, MD younger, healthier patients who are at standard riskJeffrey Littleton, MD Tonya Jagneaux, MD of adverse events from carotid endarterectomy, willChairman, Surgical Henry Dixon, MD benefit from this procedure.Services Division Melinda Franz, MDFloyd Roberts, MD Comments? Story ideas? Email us at with questions or to let us knowChief Medical Officer what’s happening in your practice. Physician Matters Editorial Committee Dr. Andrew Olinde, Chief of Staff • Dr. Floyd “Flip” Roberts, Chief Medical Officer • George Bell, Sr. Vice President of Physician Relations Michelle Capone, Medical Staff Services • Nicole Kleinpeter, Marketing and Communications Director Maryann Rowland, Communications and Public Relations Specialist
  9. 9. Physician Matters – Insert A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of Medicine The Administration and the Board of Trustees of Baton Rouge GeneralNew Leadership cordially invite you and your guest for an evening inAppointmentsBaton Rouge General recently announced several newleadership appointments that will bring exciting new Appreciation of the Medical Staffdirection to our cardiovascular and surgical departmentsas well as enhanced resources for our physicians and and Retiring Physiciansmedical staff. Thursday, April 19, 2012George Bell 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.Senior Vice President of Physician Relations Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol CenterIn his expanded role, Bell serves as 201 Lafayette Street, Baton Rouge, Louisianaadministrative liaison to both employed and Cocktail Attirenon-employed medical staff. He serves as an RSVP by April 9th, (225)381-6244advocate and resource for physicians andworks more closely with our valued membersof the medical staff, Dr. Andrew Olinde, Chiefof Staff, and Dr. Flip Roberts, Chief MedicalOfficer. Bell’s new position represents ahighly visible role charged with providing continuous, two-waycommunication with medical staff and community physicianpractices, including Hospital Medicine Group, as well as othermedical affiliates. Previously limited to the BRGP medical staff, Bell’sappointment to a system level position provides the opportunity forbroader impact. Join us March 30th for Doctor’s DayNaomi NelsonAdministrative Director of Cardiovascular Services Join us for a special lunch to celebrate Doctor’s Day on Friday, March 30, 2012 fromIn her new role, Nelson is responsible for 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Doctor’s Day is observed nationally to recognize physicians whostrategic planning and development for the carry on the work of healing each day in communities throughout the United Statescardiology, vascular and thoracic program, and to honor the physicians who pioneered medical research that has shaped theincluding development and coordination of the practice of medicine today.daily and strategic operations for the heart andvascular program. Nelson has most recently Door prizes will be given away at the event. You can also pick up a Benny’s carwashbeen with Vascular Specialty Center in the coupon at Medical Staff Services now through May 30.position of Chief Operating Officer. She has vastexperience in healthcare and cardiovascular services and has been • Bluebonnet – MD Lounge • Mid City – Conference Rooms 1 2highly successful in directing and overseeing daily and strategicclinic operations as well as recruiting new physicians. Nelsonpreviously served as System Director of Medical Staff Administrationfor the Ochsner Clinic Foundation. Prior to her role at Ochsner,Nelson was Baton Rouge General’s Director of Medical Staff Services Father/Daughterfrom 1999 to 2008. Sweetheart DanceStephen Mumford, RN, CNORDirector of Peri-Operative Services Baton Rouge General Foundation hosted theIn his new role, Mumford is responsible for 19th Annual Father/Daughter Sweetheartthe strategic planning, direction and overall Dance on January 29, 2012 at the Crowneaccountability for the Mid City and Bluebonnet Plaza in Baton Rouge. More than 1,100OR’s, Endoscopy, Central Sterile Processing, fathers and daughters attended the event,SDS and PACUs. Prior to this appointment,Mumford served as Practice Management raising more than $47,000 that willDirector for Baton Rouge General Physicians’ support Baton Rouge General patients andsurgical practices. Previously, he has served as their families. A special thank you to ouran RN on PCU4 and also in the OR, where he also held the charge physicians and all who supported this eventnurse position. Mumford’s experience as a leader in the operating through purchasing raffle tickets and joiningroom and in surgical practice management, and as a Lean SixSigma Green Belt has, in turn, enabled him to cultivate positive us for the event!working relationships internally and among our valued medical staff Pictured above Dr. Steven Kelley, Chief of Cardiology, dancingover the years. with Kai-li Thomas, daughter of Mr. Oliver Thomas. Pictured at right, Dr. Brad Gaspard, Baton Rouge Family Medical Center, pictured with his daughters Aynsley and
  10. 10. Physician Matters – Insert A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineBRG’s Best Kept Secret — BRG Offers TEDMEDLiveMedical Library 2012 Simulcast Event forBet you didn’t know that Baton Rouge General has a wealth of data and literature Physiciansavailable to you for all your health research needs. Meet Melissa Fahrmann, MLIS,AHIP, and Wendy T. Pesch, MLIS, AHIP, medical librarians at Baton Rouge General, We will be hosting a viewing of the TEDMEDLive 2012who pour over robust data sources in their quests to answer any clinical question, simulcast on April 10-13. TEDMED is a national conferenceresearch or literature need. Medical library services are available Monday through that gathers 1000 thinkers and doers, from a wide array ofFriday at Mid City on the main hall of the hospital from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and at medical and non-medical disciplines, to explore the ideas,the Bluebonnet campus in the area next to the gift shop from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. The innovations and challenges that will help shape the future ofHealth Sciences Library service is free and available to anyone in our Baton Rouge health and medicine. Simulcast viewing tentative schedule:General community. April 10 – MC BW2 4 – 6pm April 11 – BB CR2 8am – 5:30pmHere’s what one of our physicians and long time BRG library user thinks about this April 12 – MC BW2 8am – 5:30pmbest-kept secret: April 13 – BB CR2 8am – 12pm“For 40 years, the General’s Medical Library has been my source for medical topicsearches and procurement of medical journal articles and the librarians have Speakers include:always served me well. In supporting my knowledge base, BRG’s medical library Francis S. Collins, MD, PhDservices have made me a better physician – for my past patients and now for my Director of the National Institutes of Healthresidents and students by helping me provide more informed and safe care,” Otis W. Brawley, MDremarks Dr. Trenton Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer SocietyJames, retired familyphysician and preceptor Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPHat BRG’s Family Health Director of the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenter.Visit www.BRGMD.orgor call 225-387-7012 TEDMEDto submit a research Kenneth Perry, BRG/Tulane LEAD Medical student studying at the Mid City Library. 2012BRG Foundation’s Donor AppreciationHighlights New Technologies, ORExpansion PlansBaton Rouge General’s Foundation hosted a donor appreciation event on Wednesday, January 25,2012 at the Bluebonnet campus, where physicians and community members were invited to learnabout the General’s OR expansion plans and hybrid technology. The event focused on the futureof health care and featured demonstrations of daVinci,BRG’s new robotics technology, and the C-Mac VideoLaryngoscope, which Foundation donordollars helped purchase for the hospital.Dr. David Carver with Minsky Carver Medical Centerfor Personal Wellness, was in attendance and notedafter the event, “This was a great opportunity to sharethe General’s vision for growth and innovation ofour surgical care space and services with communitystakeholders and physicians as well as showcase the Pictured left to right: Diane Bourgeois, Baton Rougeinvestments in leading edge technologies that donor General Director of Business Development; Bill Holman, Dr. John R. Godke demonstrates the C-Mac Video Laryngoscope. Baton Rouge General President and CEO; and Dr. Jimmysupport is helping make possible.” Morris, Baton Rouge Urology Group Robotics Steering Committee Chair.