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Targetaudiencepowerpoint 120327063701-phpapp01

  1. 1. TargetAudience
  2. 2. Age• The film is a 15 so the age would be from about 15 to 24.• The main cast are teenagers so teenagers would be more attracted to this film than an older audience.
  3. 3. • As the film is a 15 people may think that it looks too young for them or doesn’t contain much violence which attracts some people to certain films
  4. 4. Gender• The film could be aimed at either male or females but due to the amount of action in the film it may appeal more to males.• However it is not supposed to be overly violent so will mostly appeal to most genders.
  5. 5. Above is main character in ouropening : Tovia- who would bea suitable age for people whowould watch it.
  6. 6. Teenagers will watch this film as it containsa lot of action and chase sequences and itis not overly violent so will appeal to mostteenagers aged 15 and above of bothgenders. The film is quite modern so theaudience who would like it would like quitemodern and recently released music andwill possibly watch television more thanthey read books as the film is very visualand not as psychological.
  7. 7. Appealing to the audienceWe could appeal to our target audiencethrough television advertisementshowever this would be costly and we maynot directly be shown to our targetaudience.We could advertise through socialnetworks such as Facebook and twitterwhich are used a lot by teenagerstherefore reaching the target audience.
  8. 8. Technological convergenceUse of websites with interactive features topromote the film as teenagers would liketo play games online.Also an iPhone app available for downloadand also the ability to download the filmon your iphone through iTunes wouldenhance the audiences experience(Synergy).
  9. 9. • Our audience is people aged 15 and above but mainly 15 to 24. We have the main character in our opening as a teenage girl who would be a similar age to our target audience; so that people watching it can identify with her and also feel sorrier for her than if they were a younger or older audience.
  10. 10. The opening is a starts off calm and then turnsinto a chase scene which is common in thrillersand it matches audiences expectations to haveone in the film; however having it in the openingis quite unusual and creates a unexpected twistat the end of the opening which is the idea of ared herring. This attracts our audience as itcreates an element of mystery and makeseverything more tense as the audience cannotpredict what is going to happen.
  11. 11. MusicThe music we have used creates tensionand mystery and increases in volumetowards the end as the real victim of ouropening is revealed which creates a twist inthe story to keep the audience uncertain ofwhat is going to happen.
  12. 12. Unique selling point of our productionAlthough a film may be similar to one we havealready seen, each film has something differentabout it, something unique. This may be the staror the director, or it could be something aboutthe story or where it is set.Our film has a interesting narrative and storylinewhich creates lots of mystery and that mysterywould attract the audience.