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John fiske


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John fiske

  1. 1. Emily JessonJohn Fiske
  2. 2. His areas of interest include popularculture, mass culture, and televisionstudies. He is the author of eightbooks, including Power Plays, PowerWorks (1993), Understanding PopularCulture (1989), Reading the Popular(1989), and the influential TelevisionCulture (1987). Fiske also acts as a mediacritic, examining how cultural meaning iscreated in society, and how debates overissues such as race are handled in differentmedia
  3. 3. Fiskes books analyse television shows as"texts" to examine the different layers ofmeaning and sociocultural content. Fiskedisagrees with the theory that massaudiences consume the products that areoffered to them without thought. Fiskerejects the notion of "the audience" whichassumes an uncritical mass. He insteadsuggests "audiences" with various socialbackgrounds and identities enabling themto receive texts differently.