Introduction to project 4


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Introduction to project 4

  1. 1. Introduction to Project 4PART A – Internet RadioGo to three radio stations which you can listen to their programmes live.List them below: 1. 1 2. 2 3. 6What sort of audience does each station appeal to?(e.g. fans of a certain style of music, young people, middle aged people, peopleinterested in News/Current Affairs, sports fans etc.)Station 1) fans of a certain style of music or young peopleStation 2) people interested in newsStation 3) middle ageWhat are the similarities and differences between the stations?Similarities:Each station have different topics because one radio is news and another is musicand national news and the similarities is they all in the radio and newsDifferences:The different between the radio is the different stations each part. there are
  2. 2. music and news and lives HomeworkPart B Podcast TerminologyWatch this video is a list of new words that you will need to use in Project 4. Complete the two missing definitionsafter watching the videoPodcast terminologyWord DefinitionPodcast i think some kind of thing that we can put something into our iphone orMP3 player or ipad or ipods.Blogcasting a diary type podcast with regular installmentsPodcatcher something media so we can download things into other thing that we canuse it?Mediacasting any distribution of podcasts using RSSMMS Podcast podcasting to mobile phonesmp3 Blog podcasting single song downloadsNarrowcasting a podcast that is aimed at a minority audienceiTunes holds the largest podcast directoryRSS one of the software programs used to download podcastsRead the following list of Radio production Terms.Word DefinitionSFX Sound effects (single sounds)Jingles Theme tune of the station or a short burst of musicBeds Music that is played quietly under chat, discussion or a reportLoops A repeated sound or piece of music (used for comic
  3. 3. effect)Crossfades when two separate sounds are merged together with one fading out and one fading inTracks any song or singleMic short for microphoneVocal Effects using effects to distort the voice for comic effectAnchor the main presenterSupport presenters people who act as foils or ‘buddies’ for the anchorDJ Disc Jockey, name for a presenter who mainly plays musicVoiceover used when a voice is dubbed over musicPart CChoose one radio station from Part A and identify the different use of the aboveconventions and terminology. Write notes in the table below Convention AnalysisSFXJinglesBeds Classical music is played under the presenter and co-presenter’s voiceLoops A piece of classical music is repeated several timesCrossfadesTracksMic
  4. 4. Vocal EffectsAnchorSupportPresentersDJ The DJ Chris Moyles sounds enthusiastic and is very talkativeVoiceover