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Shin Ah M.

  1. 1. Johnny’s FaceBook WallJohnny’s status: Those Socs beated me up until I couldn’t sit up.Thanks Soda and ya’ll. You guys helped me a lot.Sodapop’s response: Sure thing. Our gang needs you to stick withus. We should’ve looked for you earlier.Two-bit’s response: Yeah. Next time I see those Socs, I’m gonnabeat them up ti’ll they run away calling uncle!Ponyboy’s response: What happened Johnny? I wasn’t there. Sorry. Ionly saw you beaten up and walking weirdly and I didn’t botherasking what happened.Johnny’s response: It’s okay. You wouldn’t know.Ponyboy’s response: Could ya’ll tell me about it?Johnny’s response: It hurts me even talking about it. Anyways, I waslooking for our football to practice a few kicks when a blue Mustangpulled up beside the lot. There were 4 Socs. I got scared. Theycaught me and one of them had a lot of rings on his hand-that wasthe guy that cut me really bad. They hurt me. I could stand that. Butthey scared me. They threatened me with everything they couldname.Ponyboy’s response: Whoa. You must’ve been really scared. I’msorry Johnny. I know it’s a hard topic to talk about. But thanks fortelling me.Johnny’s response: No problem. And I’m over it. A little. :)Johnny’s status: Cherry and Marcia was quite sweet weren’t they?Ponyboy’s response: Right. I’m glad we had a chance to meet them.Cherry’s response: You guys are bluffing. We aren’t that sweet.
  2. 2. Johnny’s FaceBook WallPonyboy’s response: Oh boy. Well, you are nice. We have some incommon. We watch the sunsets don’t we? You still do, right?Cherry’s response: Yeah I do...Marcia’s response: I see you guys do have a lot in common. Oh yahand Pony, hows Two-bit?Two-bit’s response: I’m quite fine, Marcia. How’re you?Marcia’s response: I’m good too. :)Dally’s response: U guys are givin’ me goosebumps. Go on Ichat andtalk.Two-bit’s response: What’s so bad about talking on facebook?Dally’s response: Stop talkin bak. You know what Im talkin’ about! Ifyou don’t, you’ll get a punch from me tomorow. :PTwo-bit’s response: Easy easy.Ponyboy’s response: So how are you guys? The Socs? Any news?Cherry’s response: Nothing special. Daily routine. It’s just that Bob’sbeing a jerk when he’s drunk. You should try not to fight with himokay? I just can’t stand fights.Johnny’s response: Pony and I’ll try.Johnny’s status: I can’t believe I killed the Soc.Two-bit’s response: It’s okay buddy. Cheer up. Dally does it most ofthe time.Ponyboy’s response: Johnny! I heard that if you murder someone,the police would put you in a electric chair!
  3. 3. Johnny’s FaceBook WallDally’s response: It’s okay Jonny, we’ll think of somthin.Darry’s response: Ponyboy. You should cheer him up not put himdown. Johnny. It’s gonna be okay. You have the gang and Dally.They’ll help you.Johnny’s response: Thanks ya’ll. But, I ought to think I should runaway from this disaster. I don’t want the gang getting hurt becauseof me.Ponyboy’s response: No, Johnny. The gang cain’t live without you.You shouldn’t. And it’s all my fault you killed Bob. You shouldn’t runaway. I should. It’s all my fault.Darry’s response: Ponyboy. You can’t run away. You need to do yourschoolwork and the trackteam is relying on you. You can’t run away.I’ll stop you.Ponyboy’s response: You always worry about my grades and school,Darry. Can’t you think of what Johnny did? It’s all because of me. Ifit wasn’t me, Johnny won’t even have to worry about sitting on aelectric chair or running away! You don’t care about me do you? Youonly care about the grades and all. You don’t even care about me!Dally’s response: Pony... That ain’t it. He desn’t only care about yougrades...Johnny’s response: Ponyboy. That’s not true... Dally’s right.Ponyboy’s response: Whatever.Johnny’s status: I’m glad we saved those kids in the church that wason fire :DDally’s response: Yah. You and Pony was great! How ya’ll saved thekids were awesom!
  4. 4. Johnny’s FaceBook WallPonyboy’s response: But Johnny! You’re in the hospital because ofthat! How can you say that? It’s making me gloomy to think your init right now...Johnny’s response: It’s okay Pony. It’s not gonna be that bad. Andanyways, are you okay? The burn.Ponyboy’s response: I’m fine. How bout you? And you Dally?Dally’s response: I’m k’. But being in the hospital is bad too.Johnny’s response: Yeah. It does kind of suck. And I’m fine Ponyboy.Jerry’s response: I appreciate you kids saving my children. I didn’tknow children these days were brave enough to save another’s live.Thanks so much, kid.Johnny’s response: No problem.Ponyboy’s response: Sure. It was nothing. So Johnny, hows it in thehospital?Dally’s response: It suks. Awful, terrible, dreadful, I cain’t even thinkof other ajectives!Ponyboy’s response: Oh boy. That’s bad. I’ll visit you guys later.Dally’s response: Sure.Johnny response: Thanks! And don’t be too depressed when youcome into my room. Okay?Ponyboy’s response: Sure thing :)Johnny’s status: The rumble is such a waste of time.
  5. 5. Johnny’s FaceBook WallDally’s response: No it wasn’t. It was great. We beat the Socs andran them throuh till they went straight to there houses callinmomma!Johnny’s response: That still doesn’t sound that good. I really don’tlike fights.Ponyboy’s response: But Johnny, it was pretty good.Darry’s response: No it wasn’t Pony. I thought you were dead! Whydidn’t you tell me that you were sick? You should’ve been careful.Two-bit’s response: Sorry. I’m guilty. I was suppose to take care ofhim and stop him from going. I knew he was sick but he said he’lleat some aspirin. Sorry Darry. I’m sorry. I know your upset.Darry’s response: It’s okay Two-bit. It’s not all your fault. And Ishould’ve known...Randy’s response: I heard you slept for almost a week!Ponyboy’s response: Yeah. I was pretty tired. But we won therumble! Oh and thanks Soda. You knocked the guy who kicked mereal hard.Sodapop’s response: No prob, bro. Anytime :)